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Feb 242014

Release after release, we’ve had the pleasure of reveling in the incredibly flavorful sounds of Canada’s emerging producer, Flavours. Harboring a sound that is hard to formulate into a verbal description, Flavours’s musical style brings a whole new listening experience to electronic music consumers. In his latest musical creation, Flavours tackles Adina Howard’s ‘Freak Like Me’ and flips it into a galvanizing mid-tempo groove, vibrating eardrums with bouncy percussion, seductive vocal clips, atmospheric sounds, and an overflowing dose of funk-laden passages. As always, Flavours has tossed up this release for free, and if it leaves you craving more, be sure to snag up his ‘Juice EP‘ if you missed it.

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Feb 222014

Need a little excitement in your life? I’ve got you covered on that front. If you aren’t familiar yet, let me introduce you to MitiS. Trained as a classical pianist, this Philadelphia producer/DJ is one of those rare talents that creates his own mold and sticks to his creative guns. Producing in genres ranging from dubstep, drumstep, drum & bass, trance, and electro-house, MitiS has a sound to fit just about anyone’s tastes. Basically, if Seven Lions, Subfocus, and Mat Zo miraculously had a baby together, that baby would be named MitiS. Since I first heard his Change Will Come mix a while back, I‘ve always been pleased with what hear coming from this guy, and this new mix for his upcoming Touch Tour is no exception. Epic, blissful, and dripping with musicality, this mix, which is packed with original tracks and a variety of genres, is definitely worth the download. Turn it up and enjoy!

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Feb 142014

The Big Apple has been and will forever be a melting pot of innovative and profoundly talented music makers. Branchez is one of many NYC’s emerging artists, though he has been quickly moving up the ranks and into the limelight with a steady stream of inspirational electronic productions. His latest creation takes the form of a remix for fellow a New York music group, WET. If you caught his remix of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ and enjoyed it as much as we did, this is right up your alley. Branchez picks up the pace of the original while preserving the gripping, passion filled undertone of the original vocals to create a moving and uplifting rendition.

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Feb 142014

In their second collaborative work, ‘Just Sayin”, France’s CloZee and Scarfinger unleash a production that seamlessly fuses their respective talents into one spellbinding composition. With Scarfinger on the MPC and CloZee on the electric guitar, the two syphon a thought-provoking blend of electronic soundscapes through the speakers. If you’re interested in seeing the piece performed live, check out the video put together that showcases exactly how each of them contributes to the expression of the release on the fly.

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Feb 142014

Earlier in the year we had the pleasure of highlighting some recent productions from one of Norway’s emerging electronic artists, Bearson. Our interest was peaked upon hearing his remix of Franki Love’s ‘Make Love‘ original, and he has since kept us eagerly waiting for subsequent releases. Bearson has made another appearance, bringing us another emotive and stimulating electronic remix, this time of SOHN’s ‘Lessons’. The remix is up for grabs and if you’re in search of soothing, melodic electronic production with enlightening vocals, this remix is offering you just that and more.

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Feb 132014


The Bust Free 15 compilation mixes some slow jazzy tracks with several electronic vibes. None of them are lacking in a strong melody and there is a fair amount of attitude to be found here as well. An infusion of hip hop tracks ensures that there is something for everyone. We love to see great lesser known producers like Es-K getting some love and this collection has plenty of those to offer. The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a big collection of high quality tracks you might have missed at release, Cold busted has got you covered.

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Feb 102014

A young mind breaking out of Italy’s electronic music scene, Le Nonsense brings us the latest flavors percolating through the 4×4 realm of electronic music, namely, what he calls, poolside house. Winter is still in full effect for the majority of the country but releases like this remind you that spring and summer are not too far away, and that it is never too early to begin crafting your playlist for that time of year. If you’re not familiar with Le Nonsense, but are longing for more releases of the flavor, do make sure to pick this up for free and check out his entire catalog on SoundCloud.

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Feb 082014

In celebration of reaching five-thousand likes on their recently founded Facebook, France’s magnificent electronic duo The Geek x Vrv have unleashed a new freebie onto the plates of their exponentially growing fan base. ‘Greece Sunrise’ once again showcases their capacity to create a finely tuned, crisp and heavy hip-hop influenced electronic production. The release hits with some vocals that are probably not understandable to your ear but that is what makes the release that much more impressive. The Geek x Vrv can throw something your way that is not even in your native language and it’ll get you up and moving with it. Definitely be sure to snag this up, and if you missed it, check out our brief interview with the duo that we ran earlier in the year.

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Feb 052014

I have to be honest: I’m not the biggest trap fan in the world. So if a couple of trap songs get my toes tapping enough to want to share them, I think that says something to their credit. Here are a couple of great tracks from Colorado-based beat-crafting duo, BearsOhMy. Comprised of John ‘Be Good’ Mabie and Ryan ‘WeiszGuy’ Weisz, BearsOhMy has definitely surpassed what I have come to expect from a typical trap song. While a lot of other trap songs can sound a bit formulaic, “Collapse” is anything but average. Injected with a healthy dose of bass and a wicked fun, party-ready vibe, this one is sure to burn up dancefloors and house parties left and right. If you’re looking for something a bit more laidback and hip-hoppy (but still full of hard-hitting bass) be sure to check out their remix of “Goldie” by A$AP Rocky. But be careful if you play these around your girlfriend because she may just start twerking in public. Turn these puppies up and enjoy the free downloads!

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Feb 022014

Though the season is long gone, the passing of Christmas can’t prevent you from enjoying some savory treats from “your friendly neighborhood beatmaker’, Favor. ‘Christmas Stories’ is Favor’s debut EP, a small collection of well-crafted jazzy beats that can be cycled onto your playlist regardless of the season. A instant mood-modifying and uplifting release, Favor indeed does us a good deed with these timeless hip-hop instrumentals marinated with some invigorating jazz soundscapes.

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