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Mar 272014

No one can dispute the fact that The Geek x Vrv are at the top of their game when it comes to producing hip-hop instrumentals with a touch of electro flavor. The duo hailing from France is always tossing up something that fits the mood, whether you’re looking for a casual, easy-listening experience or if you’re in the mood for a funk-laden groove that is going to get you up off your feet. ‘She’s Gone Now’ has been circulating for a bit and arrives as we wait for the arrival of B.T.O.S Vol. 3, the successor to the widely played B.T.O.S Vol. 2.. In typical The Geek x Vrv fashion, ‘She’s Gone Now’ is available for free via Facebook.

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Mar 262014

With so much recycling of sounds and ideas in electro-house, you might feel inclined to pass on this track during after the first few seconds of play, but be warned. To omit this track from your playlist of current releases would be a grave mistake as Electric Joy Ride arises from the shadows reminding those who forgot his name why he is still one of the most exciting figures and sounds to emerge in recent stream of electronic music, specifically electro-house.

‘Origin’ surfaces as his latest release and if you’re familiar with the EJR sound, you’ll be more than pleased to indulge in yet another melodically rich, shuddering, and galvanizing electro-house production from gifted and ever-evolving UK producer. In a routine EJR fashion, ‘Origin’ is available for free download offering up a five minute musical adventure through an instantly energetic, blissful, radiant and harmonious electro composition.

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Mar 222014

Over the past year, 21 year-old Australian producer, Paisley, has created an array of tracks illustrating the true beauty of simplicity. Paisley’s new song, “With You” features some funky jazz clarinet samples perfectly laid over a solid beat. This producer definitely knows how to make a beat, as the arrangement beautifully highlights the strong rhythmic quality of the song. If you like this track you can download it for free by following this link -> Free Download. You should also check out Paisleys new EP “Beach Holiday” now partially released on SoundCloud.

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Mar 212014

Following a few months of inactivity on SoundCloud, Bay Area producer Rudebrat has bestowed upon us another gripping production. Stamped as a trap, soul-infused electronic composition, Rudebrat devours any hint of mental negativity with a sweeping flood of though-provoking sound waves, all resonating with and rooted in melodic finesse, percussive hypnosis, and vocal liveliness. Offering a series of musical passages to envelop you in realm of musical bliss, ‘Never Sweet, Never Bitter’ should be the next thing you inundate your senses with.

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Mar 062014

“Beautiful” and “moving” aren’t usually the first words that comes to mind when I think of a Deorro song; quite the opposite really, as I generally think of booty-popping, two-stepping, and fist-pumping in relation to the Melbourne bounce guru from California. However, the NY-based producer/DJ Visionaire has accomplished what I thought was highly unlikely and created a beautifully moving remix of Deorro’s recent single ‘Five Hours.’ I’m not trying to say that the original is a bad song—in fact, it’s pretty damn good and different from Deorro’s usual flavor—but I am saying that Visionaire’s remix takes it to the next level by making it a sweeping, euphoric stunner while still maintaining the infectious electro flavor of the original production. And the best part is that you can download it (and most of Visionaire’s other work) for FREE. If you want to compare, I’ve also included the original ‘Five Hours,’ released on Avicii’s LE7ELS Records. Which do you like better?

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Mar 032014

The stream of releases from I.Y.F.F.E has been pretty stagnant since the original duo split back in 2013. The group was reassembled and is now comprised of two of Brazil’s revered electronic music producers, Alex Mind and Darth Vader. After months of very little activity, I.Y.F.F.E has emerged with a new freebie titled ‘Mermaids’, in which the duo showcase a splendid assortment of electronic styles fused to create incendiary original production in which they categorize as “moombahglitchplextro” – a mouth full but you’ll grasp the idea once you give it a listen.

Download ‘Mermaids’ Here

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Mar 032014

Late last year, Rhodz gifted the electronic music community with a phenomenal electro-house EP, , which captured the attention of thousands upon thousands of listeners. For those electro-house fiends always in search of a new, enlivening fix, be sure to check out ‘‘ if you missed it and follow up with a double dose with his latest Funky Panda Records EP ‘Madness’. Rhodz latest six track EP cycles through all the vital electro-house elements that one could possibly to be delivered in one sitting. Whether your in need of a steady stream of uplifting, heartening melodies, crunchy baselines, shuddering synth work, or crisp and punchy drum work, Rhodz has it all arranged for you to devour for free.

Download ‘Madness EP’ Here

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Mar 032014

Never deny the possibility of an up-and-coming dusbtep producer making a name for themselves in the genre. Even though dubstep may lack some ingenuity and originality in some respects, there are still producer putting out some top-notch productions like EH!DE. The solo producer based out of Spain has been unleashing a flood of tracks that leave nothing standing in their tracks. Capable of delivering monstrous productions in numerous electronic music style, EH!DE’s niche undoubtedly rests in the realm of dubstep, evidence by his destructive remix of Protohype & 12th Planet’s ‘Like This’. The original track stands strong on its own but EH!DE puts his own, savory bass swing to it giving it some new life and appeal.

Download Here

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Feb 252014

Solidifying himself as one of Russia’s most talented beatmakers, Mr.KiD has consistently delivered a supply of fresh and musically rich productions, primarily hovering around the realms of trip-hop and jazz-hip-hop influenced productions. ‘After August’ is the most recent compilation put forth by the Surgut producer and while all of the release fall short of three minutes in length, each production on album gives you a satisfying dose of chilled beats, sedative melodies, and emotive vocal samples that combine to create a juicy assortment of stirring jazz and downtempo infused hip-hop beats.

Download ‘After August’ Here

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Feb 252014

Currently residing in the Big Apple, Edo Lee shines among his contemporaries as talented beatmaker with an ear for making productions that strike with a soothing yet stimulating musical vibrance. ‘Black Coffee’ is the opening track off his most recent EP, ‘Sleepwalker’, and while it has been circulating for several weeks now, the track is yet another testament to music’s timeless properties. For anyone looking to be wooed into a realm of euphoric melodies, serene vocal bits, and pacifying percussive elements, ‘Black Coffee’ offers the perfect vehicle to slip into a mesmerizing musical abyss.

Download ‘Black Coffee’ Here

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