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Oct 222013

We’ve consistently had the pleasure of sharing releases from Belgium’s talented producer R.O. This one is coming out of the vault for those who have not heard it. Available for free download, R.O works Balkansky’s ‘A Storm’ in deep and romantic remix, balancing the original with emotion and stomping beats and quivering bass lines. Snag it up for free below.

Free Download

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Oct 222013

It has been a while since we shared something from Skeewiff, but we have not forgotten about his now now dated release, ‘Bull In A China Shop‘. The UK producer recently returned with an incredibly tasty compilation, appropriately title, ‘Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom’. If your imagination can’t give a representation of what that might sound like it, Skeewiff serves up the ultimate embodiment of latin sounds with a dirty attitude and some ballroom flavored harmonies that worked brilliantly over together over crisp and pounding beats. ‘Blue Crystal’ is one of the many freebies released off the album in instrumental form where Skeewiff gorgeously combines latin strings and horns with hypnotizing beats and electronic soundscapes. Snag it up for free and for more of this style, check out some of the other instrumentals released from the full album.

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Oct 212013

Released in celebration of Most Addictive Records hitting fifteen thousand followers, Serbia’s Bone N Skin has let loose a gruesome electro freebie, ’15K’. You might recognize the name when he featured ‘Spag Heddy’s remix of ‘On Fire’‘ and his freebie collab with Skrux, ‘After Dark‘, but if you missed either of those, give ’em a play and don’t miss out on his latest original.

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Oct 142013

Hailing from the DMV, but bridging culture and influence from as far south as the Sunshine State and as far north as the Keystone State, Trill Edgar brings us an extended and tactfully crafted EP that resonates with sounds of a musical engineer driven by an unwavering motivation to move up the ranks with style and a fidelity to musical originality.

Fresh from his digital archives, Edgar’s ‘MARAUDER EP’ spans nine absorbing compositions, each seasoned with an expansive selection of musical flavors. From piece to piece, the EP encompassing a range of frequencies, some rooted in the foundations of soul and funk, others in hip-hop and bass, tastefully blending them together in a brew that gives rise to successive hits that percolate through the speakers with an enveloping vibe. From the smooth, vocally backed groove of ‘Change Your Ways’ and the shuddering gritty grind of ‘Overflow’, to upbeat anthems like ‘Cant Give Up’ and the deep, emotive, and demolishing sounds of ‘Gets Down’, ‘Marauder’ serves up an irresistible assortment of productions that are balanced with power, harmony, and elegance.

Crafted in the span of four months, Edgar’s latest EP foreshadows a pending onslaught of releases that are bound to unleash a new and ever-improving sound, one whose vibrations hit with a full, crisp, and bold musical aroma. ‘MARAUDER EP’ merely scratches the surface of his true potential and while this is a full length EP, it is simply the predecessor for his forthcoming album, a compilation that is expected to bring his latest creations to the table in a storm of musical finesse.

Download the ‘MARAUDER EP’ Here

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Oct 142013

If you have been aching to get a taste of GRiZ’s long awaited sophomore album, ‘Rebel Era’, brace yourself before you feast on one of the best releases on the album. ‘Hard Times’ was tossed up on SoundCloud earlier today and gives us a glance into the greatness that the entire album embodies. Packed with musical emotion, soulful vocal cries, an explosive guitar solo mid-way, GRiZ’s signature bass lines and the leading vocal hook of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Gimme Back My Bullets‘, ‘Hard Times’ primes us for tomorrow’s ‘Rebel Era’ release, a day that will go down as one of the most memorable days in 2013 for electronic music. Snag it up for free and check out the official music video for the single.

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Oct 142013

Protostar’s ‘Scorpion Pit’ was a widely successful release for the rising producer from the UK. The original rapidly received tens of thousands of views and continues to receive support and praise form listeners across the globe. A recent Monstercat compilation was put together containing a VIP mix and three fresh original takes on ‘Scorpion Pit’ from Madorli, Disprove, and Audeka. The EP caters to those who revel in deep and grueling glitch-hop productions, the kind with a dark and murky ambiance. If you missed the original check it out below in addition to the remixes on the compilation. The EP can be snagged up for free via Monstercat’s Facebook.

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Oct 142013

Towards the end of the summer we had the pleasure of sharing a few releases from Cypria’s ‘The Sunday Soul Sessions’ compilation. If you missed them but enjoy those smooth, soul, funk, and hip-hop flavored instrumentals, the kind that hit with a soothing and enveloping groove, be sure to check them out in addition to his latest freebie, ‘Movements’. A simplistic yet tranquilizing tune, Cypria fills his latest release with a pacifying vocal sample, calming percussion and mellifluous melodies.

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Oct 142013

Despite the fact that it has been said here numerous times in the past, Cormak is pushing a sound through the speakers that resonates with so much potential. Dexterous and versatile in almost every style of electronic music, the 18 year old producer continues to impress the electronic music community with each successive release. ‘One Night’ is his most recent single, an original that is powered with gripping, melodic composition and a clean but electrifying electro flow. As always the track is up for free, and if you’re not familiar with Cormak, keep on eye out for the name as he is bound to be snagged up by a label in the very near future.

Download ‘One Night’ Here

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Oct 142013

The Annie Nightingale Show never fails to bring talented electronic music figures onto the show for mixes. One of the most recent artists to make an appearance on the show for a guest mix was NYC’s DANK, a seasoned and prominent presence in the bass music arena. Aside from laying down a diverse selection and combination of massive productions, DANK confirms a new remix for Lazy Rich and some new originals forthcoming on Ultra Records. If you want to get to where the mix kicks off and pass the intro, skip to the 2 minute marker. Snag it up for free below if you’d like.

Track List:
1. Dank – New York Fuckin City (Original Mix) * {Funky Element}
2. Dank & Frankie Bones – My House (Original Mix) * {Ultra}
3. Dank – Wonder Child (Dank’s Festival VIP Mix * {Ultra}
4. Dank – Julia (Original Mix) * {Ultra}
5. Dank – Renegade (OriginalMix) * {Ultra}
6. Dank – Wonder Child (Original Mix) * {Ultra}
7. Avicii & Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One (Dank Remix) * {Le7els}, {Ministry OF Sound}
8. Dank – New York Fuckin City (Dank’s NYC Trap Edit) * {Funky Element}
9. Donati & Amato – The Way It Goes (Dank Remix) * {Ultra}
10. Martin Garrix – Animals (Victor Niglio & Martin Garrix Remix) * {Spinnin}
11. Kanye West – Homecoming ft. Notorious B.I.G. & Jay-Z (Dank’s Rump Wit Me Remix) * {Funky Element}
12. Dank – Blow Me (Calvertron Remix) * {Funky Element}
13. Sammy Adams Ft. Mike Posner – LA Story (Dank Remix) * {RCA}

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Oct 102013

Among others, R.O. has dominated the recent stream of glitch-hop productions with incredibly powerful releases. While he adept at producing in regions across the electronic music spectrum, R.O has given rise to some of the most gut-wrenching glitch-hop concoctions, never failing to sink you into your seat with a stomping, bass cradled release. His latest release, comes in the form of a much too short but immeasurably forceful remix where R.O gorgeously combines swing and funk with a deep, head-bobbing beat and splashes of fierce, snarling soundscapes.

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