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Dec 292014

Fresh off the release of a collaborative EP with Texas funkmeister Blunt Force, Denver-based electro-soul producer Kinetik Groove is back at it with a little Christmas present. The single, “First Draw,” builds on the already impressive list of productions from the talented artist who has a sharp ear for funky ass beats. Perfectly chopped samples, groovy vibes, hip-hop influences, and intricate, bumping breakdowns make this one a delightfully layered and funky track. As a point of comparison, “First Draw” sounds pretty similar to old school Pretty Lights (Taking Up Your Precious Time era), which, if you ask us, is an absolutely timeless and essential sound. Grab this free download and enjoy!

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Dec 292014

In the spirit of looking forward to the New Year, here’s another name to put on your Watch List. Coming straight out of Russia, Moscillate has pumped out a stunningly smooth remix of “What’s Your Poison” by the sultry and soulful English singer Celeste (another name to note). Deep bass, chill trap percussion, and ambient soundscapes underline every word of the already sultry song to create a deep, dark futuristic tune that is just about perfect as the days get shorter and colder. Be sure to check out the excellent original track while you are scooping up this free download. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is the beginning of a successful year for Moscillate. Enjoy!

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Dec 222014

Lost Kings

As the first installment of the Looking Forward series, we bring to you a pair of cheeky whippersnappers from LA who are putting a tasteful spin on the big-room sounds that we all know and (sometimes) love. Lost Kings, comprised of Robert Gainley and Dr. No, have been hard at work the past several months, releasing a string of superb remixes for the likes of Dirty South, Disclosure, Oliver Heldens, Hayley Kiyoko and many more. Each remix they put out seems to be even better than the one before it. And even though it may not seem very groundbreaking at first, each Lost Kings remix carefully toes the line between a progressive/electro sound that is big but not too big. Featuring powerful builds and drops, highlighted vocals, and infectious, uplifting vibes, Lost Kings are on the right track to a major breakthrough in 2015. Take some time to visit their Soundcloud page and enjoy plenty of their remixes and few DJ sets, most of which are available for free download. Happy listening!

Similar to: Galantis | Dirty South | Gareth Emery

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Steve James

Move over, Madeon—there’s another adolescent prodigy nipping at your heels, and his name is Steve James! At the tender age of 16, James has an undeniably bright future ahead of him especially if he keeps pumping out tunes of the same caliber as the ones on his Soundcloud page. Brought up with training in piano and musical theory, James’s musical know-how is evident in his well-crafted, euphoric remixes of big names like Kaskade, Dillon Francis, and ZHU. Like Lost Kings, Steve James carves his own place in the EDM world by crafting flawless tracks with big sounds and plenty of feels but never to the point of being cheesy or overdone. Even though he’s barely old enough to drive, don’t be surprised to hear a lot more noise coming from his corner as a talent like this won’t stay quiet for very long. Check out the Wunderkind’s Soundcloud page for free downloads of most of his remixes as well as a couple of DJ sets. Enjoy your goose bumps and spread the word!

Similar to: Audien | Dash Berlin | Dirty South | Tritonal | Kaskade

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Although LA-based producer Elephante has been pumping out superb remixes for the likes of Lorde, Clean Bandit and Dirty South for a while, he definitely seems ready to up the ante by releasing some promising original tunes. About a month ago he dropped his first official single, “Shake the Earth ft. Lyon Hart,” and it is a certified banger. Opening with a heart-wrenching piano melody, the song blends the soaring vocals of singer/songwriter Lyon Hart with thrilling builds and massive, euphoric drops to create a truly uplifting electro/progressive house gem. Even more recently he released a groovy, euphoric cover of Bag Raiders’ hit “Shooting Star,” to which the multi-talented producer lends his own voice (which happens to be excellent). Keep your ears open for more beautiful noise coming from Elephante because this guy is going have a good year. Check out Elephante’s Soundcloud page for tons of free music, and remember to spread the love. Enjoy!

Similar to: Madeon | Dirty South | Vicetone

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Dec 222014

Free n Losh

We’ll say it once, we’ll say it a thousand times: Canadians know their electronic music. And the Toronto-based production duo Free n Losh, comprised of Lee Freedman and Myles Schwartz, is certainly no exception to that rule. The pair started out making hip-hop beats before branching out into more electronic territory where their sound has since flourished and evolved. Whether it’s a superb remix or one of their impressive EPs, every sound from these guys is silky smooth and masterfully produced. Incorporating influences from trap to tropical, every Free N Losh track shows off their hip-hop roots while defying genres at every turn. Free N Losh have a knack for keeping the tempo down and the vibes chill, perfect for a rainy day or a little afternoon delight for your ears. We were first turned on to the pair after hearing their spot-on remix of “Press Pause” for Pretty Lights’s Color Map of the Sun Remixes and have since grown quite fond of their work. Recently they released yet another spectacular remix of Odesza’s hit “It’s Only ft. Zyra” which is just about perfect in every way. Do your soul and your ears a favor by checking out their Soundcloud page where you can dig into singles, remixes, and EPs, most of which are available for free. As their tagline on Soundcloud says, “The best is yet to come,” and we couldn’t agree more. Enjoy!

Similar to: Odesza | Cashmere Cat | Trippy Turtle

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Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds (the objects) are bad. Blood Diamonds (the producer) is fucking excellent. Known in the real world of Los Angeles as Michael Diamond, this incredibly talented and versatile artist definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Between his collaboration with the sultry vocalist Grimes, his remixes of artists ranging from Kiesza, Pretty Lights, Sky Ferreira, and his OWSLA-released EP Osaka, Blood Diamonds has made it abundantly clear that his musical talent knows no limit. Clearly the man is not a fan of genres as evidenced by the eclectic range of sounds in his catalogue in which he works with glitchy indie dance, ethereal downtempo beats, laidback deep house, and some bass-heavy trap and hip-hop for good measure. Musically, Blood Diamonds is all over the place, but one thing that remains constant about his music is the incredible attention to detail in every intricate song. Of course, you have to appreciate an artist who clearly goes the extra mile to create something special rather than churning out the same sound as everyone else. Take some time to get to know Blood Diamonds and his diverse array of music by visiting his Soundcloud where you will find something for every vibe as well as plenty of free music.

Similar to: Zhu | Alvin Risk | RL Grime

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Big Wild

If you like bumping futuristic beats and genre-defying grooves, then you will most certainly enjoy LA-based beatsmith Big Wild. Combining upbeat synths, laidback melodies, unconventional beats, and futuristic soundscapes, Big Wild easily sets himself apart from just about everyone in the electronic music game. His catalogue is as eclectic as one might expect from a producer whose genre on Facebook is “Everything.” Some of his tracks are pretty bass-heavy and trap-like, while others are closer to the broadly-defined “future” category that has been emerging lately. Apparently the best way to avoid having labels put to your music is to make music that doesn’t fit into a category at all, and that is exactly what Big Wild has is doing. Call it whatever you want; the fact remains that Big Wild makes some damn fine music. Take some time on his Soundcloud page, and get acquainted with his superb remixes and originals as well as some long mixes that go a bit deeper. As always, big ups to a guy who graciously gives his music away for free! Enjoy.

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Dec 222014

Steez monks

One of the latest flavors of the week in the EDM world is tropical/melodic house. Guys like Thomas Jack and Kygo have taken the niche (almost novelty) genre to insane new heights. Although EDM’s resident dick, Deadmau5, compares the genre to elevator music, there is no denying that the exotic instrumentation, melodic beats, and fun-loving vibe of tropical house is infectious to say the least. Granted, some tropical house can get a bit repetitive at times, but the sounds coming from Paris-based duo Steezmonks are promising and uniquely funky. Their latest release, a remix of hip-hop classic “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugar Hill Gang, is a shining example of their sound as well as the groovy potential of tropical house in general. To be fair though, these guys aren’t just one-trick ponies making the same tropical beat each time they release something. Whether it’s a sax-infused melodic track or jazzy little number that is closer to electro-swing, each song has a unique flavor that is sure to keep listeners interested. Even though it’s in a growth phase at the moment, check out their Soundcloud page where you’ll find some excellent remixes, promising originals, and groovy DJ mixes to get your toes a-tappin’. Keep an eye on these guys as the tropical house scene continues to gain steam around the world.

Similar to: Kygo | Thomas Jack | Klingande | Bakermat

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One of the easiest (and most commendable) ways to think outside the box when it comes to dance music is to simply think beyond the decks, and the South African live electronic duo Goldfish is doing just that. Made up of Dom Peters and David Poole, both talented instrumentalists and producers with long musical backgrounds, Goldfish is capitalizing on the surge in popularity of chill, vibey dance music (brought on by the tropical/melodic house boom) and pushing it several steps further by including live instrumentation in addition to their well-crafted beats. Listening to their music reveals influences from all kinds of house music (deep, tropical, melodic, etc.) as well as electro-swing, indie/pop and live jamtronica, all united by mellow vibes and infectious grooves. The addition of a smooth sax, lighthearted keys, and a jazzy double bass sets their sound apart from other tropical/melodic house producers and makes it uniquely theirs. Though they don’t visit the States very frequently, they will be joining Gramatik and super-stacked lineup for one of two gigs at the Best Buy Theater in NYC in Januray. If you’ve become a little bored with the tropical house thing, we suggest you give Goldfish a try to freshen things up.

Similar to: Klingande | Bakermat |Thomas Jack | Gamper & Dadoni

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Dec 222014

Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf has had a big couple of months at the end of 2014. Beginning with his viral remix of Skrillex’s “Ease My Mind” and continuing with an incredible remix of Dirty South’s “With You,” NYC’s Jai Wolf has been making a good impression on EDM VIPs left and right. Whether it’s his Skrillex remix, a massive trap thumper, or his lighter futuristic touch on Dirty South, Jai Wolf is a master of his craft. Ultra-clean and incredibly detailed, each of his songs showcases some of the most intricate percussion you’ve ever heard in addition to glitchy and euphoric synth work, excellent use of the original track, and perfect additions of effects. Given his incredible amount of raw talent and his ability to please some serious tastemakers, don’t be surprised when start to see the name Jai Wolf everywhere in 2015. Check out his Soundcloud page for some free downloads and several awesome DJ mixes. Enjoy!

Similar to: Flume | Porter Robinson | ODESZA

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Patrick Lee

Musical ADHD doesn’t even begin to describe the next artist in the Looking Forward series. Patrick Lee is a Denver-based musical “renaissance man” with more than 30 original albums in his portfolio. “Prolific” seems to fall short with a resume like that. Lee’s list of work is not only extensive, but it is by far one of the most diverse that we’ve ever seen. Whether it’s his latest LP The Limberlost, “a mix of intricate pianos, footwork-inspired hip-hop, and live taiko drumming,” or his EP Museum Ships, a glitchy futuristic gem, Lee rarely covers the same territory twice. Straight hip-hop, ambient, glitch, bass, footwork, techno, and (literally) everything in between seems to have a place in Lee’s music. It’s easy to assume that such a prolific artist who releases material so frequently would end up doing the same thing over and over (like plenty of the “artists” on festival stages), but Lee is in a league of his own as he releases material that is intricately detailed and masterfully produced. Oddly enough, his following is still pretty limited, so if you are a hipster and/or love the underground like we do, be sure to check out Patrick Lee because he won’t remain unknown for very long.

Similar to: ODESZA | Chrome Sparks | Blockhead | Little People

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Marvel Years

There are a lot of producers making electro-soul/jazz/hip-hop beats out there these days, but Vermont native Marvel Years is definitely one to keep your eye on in 2015. To date, Marvel Years, whose real name is Cory Wythe, has released two stellar EPs, Dream Big and Nowhere But Up, as well as a slew of groovy mash-ups, remixes, and singles. He was even commissioned by Pretty Lights, the Godfather of electro-soul, to remix the track “Where I’m Trying To Go,” for the Color Map of the Sun Remixes LP. Not only is Marvel Years a deft sampler with an ear of piecing together classic tunes with modern twists, but he is also a talented guitar player as you can hear in plenty of his productions. His most recent release, “Just Within Reach,” is a soulfully smooth groove that’s light on the bass, but heavy on the good vibes. Currently, Wythe is hard at work on a fresh new EP which he says “completely sample free and all original material,” and is “some of [his] best work yet.” Like plenty of others in the same musical arena, Marvel Years gives away all of his music for free on his Soundcloud page or website. Be on the lookout for more new music from Marvel Years in 2015, and spread the word about this up and coming talent. Enjoy!

Similar to: Pretty Lights | Gramatik | Defunk

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Dec 102014

The latest installment to the Fall Mix Series originates from our Canadian neighbor, trog’low. The Vancouver based producer touts a vast catalog of productions sourced with a fervid appreciation for jazz, classical and hip-hop. With several compilations already under his belt, trog’low appears to be in the preliminary stages of releasing additional material, suggested by the title of the mix, ‘Sparkling Adventures 2’, a would-be successor to his previous ‘Sparkling Adventures‘ debut. The mix finds itself laced with a horde of unreleased content, upbeat in rhythm and colorful in melody, serving as a superlative tracklist for daily adventures.

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Dec 092014

He’s baaaack! The man, the myth , the Mad Liberator, Griz, is back to grace your eardrums with yet another masterful production off of his upcoming album which is due out in Spring 2015. Featuring Orlando Napier on vocals and keys, the single “A Fine Way To Die” is about as funky as it gets. From the groovy opening guitar riff to the layers of original instrumentation (mostly played by Griz himself in addition to several other musicians), this one is a certified electro-funk heater. The bass-heavy breakdowns and jazzy horn sections—including some of the finest sax around—highlight this track as yet another signature Griz masterpiece, loaded with good vibes and layers of intricate production. As is his way, this one (along with his entire catalogue) is available for free download. Keep your ears open for more Griz tunes in the coming months. And if you’re in the Detroit area, you can still grab tickets for Grizmas (with support from ODESZA, Will Sessions and Gosh Pit) at the Masonic Temple. Enjoy!

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Dec 082014

This is no new name to this thread, though if you have yet to experience the pleasure and allure of Esbe’s musical creativity, here is a perfect venue to access it. The LA based producer has delivered a gripping amalgamation of tracks to the second installment of our Fall Mix Series, showcasing some of his favorite personal releases as of late.

As the fall temperatures dip further into the wintery digits, Esbe’s guest mix, which features a soothing, stirring and emotive blend of electronic beats seamlessly laced with trip-hop, downtempo, hip-hop, and soulful threads, will bring warmth to your bones and energy to your spirit in the face of cloudy days. The mix provides an adequate balance between lively, sultry, melancholic and introspective beats, giving you ample space to bounce back and forth between the various emotional soundscapes created within.


2. Pepe. – Only Lovers Left Alive
3. Freddie Joachim – Hours
4. Mabanua – Trap
5. Moods – Love Is Real
6. Matas & Edo Lee – Corcovado/I Like It
7. Machinedrum – Center Your Love
8. Deadbeats – You never know
10. Mokhov – Perfect Tomorrow.
11. Mokhov – Midnight Love
12. Defiant Kinetics – Epistate

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Dec 052014

More sweet sounds are coming from Denver! This time the noise is coming from the aptly-named Vibe Street who is putting out some seriously tasty electro-soul jams on his latest EP, She Makes Me Feel. Starting off with “Something From Outer Space,” a bluesy little number covered featuring some shredding guitar, the EP features five songs, each with its own distinct flavor. Ranging from groovy and soulful to smooth and sultry, these supremely crafted beats make for an eclectic listen with vibes for days. In addition to the masterful and diverse sampling, each track is loaded with ample bass, smooth vocals, and psychedelic soundscapes. Perhaps the best song of the EP is the closing track “Down, Soft and Low,” which incorporates more acoustic sounds, creating a pleasant, summery feel and setting Vibe Street apart from other musicians in the electro-soul-hip-hop-etc. realm. Do yourself and your weekend a favor by grabbing this EP along with a host of music for free on Vibe Street’s Soundcloud page. Then go spread the word about this notable talent. Enjoy!

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