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2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Sep 302013

Rising through the ranks as a multi-talented mid-tempo duo, Falcon Funk has elevated its presence in the industry with a series of impressive and staggering hits. Powering their releases with heavy, gut-wrenching beats, crunchy soundbites, and irresistible flood of funk-driven, dance-inducing basslines, the duo has created a new and destructive sound in the glitch-hop arena. Their latest creation comes in the form of a Falcon Funk flavored mashup that combines the sounds of Zapp, Habstrakt, & Digitalism into a bouncy and shuddering yet savory bass cradled groove. Snag it up for free and check out their recent free EP, ‘Falcon Punch‘, if you missed it.

Zapp – Dancefloor
Habstrakt – Mantis
Digitalism – Electric Fist

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Sep 052013

It is without a doubt that Monstercat has provided the electronic music community with a stream of new and impressive sounds from a pool of extremely talented producers that are often overshadowed by industry giants. Their fourteenth mixed artist compilation ‘Discovery’ recently hit the shelves via iTunes and provided a mouth-watering assortment of thirty astonishing tracks from the label’s hottest producers. Featuring names like Au5, Favright, Televisor, Soulero, Fractal, Tut Tut Child, PIXL, Haywyre, Pegboard Nerds, Rameses B, Falcon Funk and so many more, ‘Discovery’ is a perfect collection of tracks for the avid and open minded electronic music listener.

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Jul 312013

Since they first made their introduction to the electronic music community, Falcon Funk has lived up to its commitment to deliver gut-wrenching funk infused glitch-hop productions. Following up on their huge ‘Punch EP‘, available for free download, and their recent self-titled Monstercat EP, ‘Falcon Funk‘, the duo has returned to add another pounding and grueling mid-tempo tune to Karetus’s ‘Entrudo Remixes’ compilation.

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Jun 172013

A while back you might remember us sharing an incredibly deletable EP from Falcon Funk titled ‘Punch‘. If you missed it, be sure to treat yourself to the sounds of the newly established glitch-hop duo Flacon Funk, an act whose name could not be any more appropriate for the sounds they put out.

Pushing grueling and rowdy yet funk infused mid-tempo productions through the speakers, Falcon Funk has quickly risen to the forefront of the glitch-hop movement with their powerful, masterfully crafted, and intoxicating productions. Their debut EP finally hit the shelves via Monstercat earlier in the month and be streamed in its entirety. Be sure to check it out in addition to their free EP that they released to give us a taste of what the ‘Falcon Funk EP’ has in store: mid-tempo finesse and galore.

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