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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Dec 082014

This is no new name to this thread, though if you have yet to experience the pleasure and allure of Esbe’s musical creativity, here is a perfect venue to access it. The LA based producer has delivered a gripping amalgamation of tracks to the second installment of our Fall Mix Series, showcasing some of his favorite personal releases as of late.

As the fall temperatures dip further into the wintery digits, Esbe’s guest mix, which features a soothing, stirring and emotive blend of electronic beats seamlessly laced with trip-hop, downtempo, hip-hop, and soulful threads, will bring warmth to your bones and energy to your spirit in the face of cloudy days. The mix provides an adequate balance between lively, sultry, melancholic and introspective beats, giving you ample space to bounce back and forth between the various emotional soundscapes created within.


2. Pepe. – Only Lovers Left Alive
3. Freddie Joachim – Hours
4. Mabanua – Trap
5. Moods – Love Is Real
6. Matas & Edo Lee – Corcovado/I Like It
7. Machinedrum – Center Your Love
8. Deadbeats – You never know
10. Mokhov – Perfect Tomorrow.
11. Mokhov – Midnight Love
12. Defiant Kinetics – Epistate

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Jun 112014

The City of Angels’s talented betaking virtuoso is showcasing sounds from his forthcoming album, ‘Bloomsday’, and they are not to be missed. ‘Intimate’ is exactly what the title sounds like; a sensual excursion through a deep, harmonic, soulful, and sultry musical soundscape. There isn’t much detail on the type or scope of release that ‘Bloomsday’ will be but we can get a savory taste of what to expect with this smooth and seductive instrumental delight.

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Jun 212013

It has been a while since we last shared an Esbe track, but you might recall when we shared his peerless downtempo/trip-hop compilation ‘Late Night Headphones Vol.3‘. For those of you who enjoy sounds that flood the senses with instrumental beauty and percussive delicacies, Esbe has continuously crafted sounds of this nature and should not escape the ears of any listener with a keen desire for discovering for relaxing, euphoric, moving, hip-hop influenced, and downtempo instrumental productions.

Esbe’s latest release, ‘Reverie’, which was featured on ‘Friends & Family 2 Compilation‘ by Cult Classic Records, is a vocally soothing and instrumental emotive composition, perfect for expunging your mood of any unwanted dispositions and filling it with serenity. Snag it up for free and be sure to check out some other Esbe releases if you’re not familiar with the name.

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Dec 142012

If you find yourself listening to electronic dance music daily, by the hour, or every moment that time permits, by the end of the day your ears might be in need of something a little different. For those of you who like to inundate your senses with tranquilizing, chilled-out vibes, allow yourself to be captured by Esbe’s latest twenty-six track compilation packed with irresistibly fresh, mind enlightening beats and samples that all resound with relaxing melodies, harmonic vibrance, and spellbinding sounds that make an ultimate, pleasing auditory experience for your late night endeavors. So whether your on your way to falling into another restful night of sleep, or if your night is far from over, pacifying your mood with Esbe’s ‘Late Night Headphones Vol.3’ release, a set of productions that could not be more perfectly suited for the late night atmosphere.

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