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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

May 042014

As most of you know, I appreciate beauty, creativity, and originality when it comes to any music, and any artist that has these three traits and sticks to them is all right in my book. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock (or aren’t a fan of dubstep), I’m willing to guess that Seven Lions is someone whose invaded your eardrums at some point. About a week ago, the long-haired bass god released a stunningly poignant EP called Worlds Apart, and it is everything you would expect from him and more. Despite having only five songs, Seven Lions has managed to pack this EP full of his signature big bass sound in addition to some departures from dubstep—like his collaboration with Myon & Shane 54—that fall more on the trance/progressive side of the spectrum. True to his style, this EP is about as powerful and moving as you can get with bass music featuring songs with big builds and drops, incredible female vocals, and consistent high-quality production. Stream the EP below or grab your copy from iTunes. Enjoy!

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Mar 032014

So far, 2014 has been a pretty banner year for reclusive and mysterious electronic producers all over the place. First it was the Glitch Mob releasing a long-awaited album. Then Madeon, the French whiz-kid, graced our eardrums with some freshness about a week ago. And now the man behind the legend, Porter Robinson, has made listeners throughout the world incredibly happy by releasing an incredibly moving single from his forthcoming album ‘Worlds.’ The single, ‘Sea of Voices’ is characteristically epic and euphoric, but if you are expecting a banger like ‘Spitfire’ or ‘Say My Name,’ you’d better change your expectations before playing this one. Instead of a thumping big room track, Porter has changed things up a bit to create a sweeping and beautiful track that burns slowly and cuts to the core of anyone’s soul. Enjoy, and pick up the song on iTunes.

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Feb 222014

Need a little excitement in your life? I’ve got you covered on that front. If you aren’t familiar yet, let me introduce you to MitiS. Trained as a classical pianist, this Philadelphia producer/DJ is one of those rare talents that creates his own mold and sticks to his creative guns. Producing in genres ranging from dubstep, drumstep, drum & bass, trance, and electro-house, MitiS has a sound to fit just about anyone’s tastes. Basically, if Seven Lions, Subfocus, and Mat Zo miraculously had a baby together, that baby would be named MitiS. Since I first heard his Change Will Come mix a while back, I‘ve always been pleased with what hear coming from this guy, and this new mix for his upcoming Touch Tour is no exception. Epic, blissful, and dripping with musicality, this mix, which is packed with original tracks and a variety of genres, is definitely worth the download. Turn it up and enjoy!

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