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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Nov 302014

Don’t be fooled by the title of ProleteR’s most recent EP, as the caliber of producer that is inferred by its name could not be further removed from the truth. ‘Rookie EP’ is the French beatmaker’s most recent compilation of tracks, stretching the greatest lengths and reaching peak heights of ProleteR’s polished abstract, jazzy hip-hop style.

Complimenting his previous line of musical works, ProleteR once again flawlessly blends the sounds of 20s and 30s jazz into the bouncy, hip-hop flavored beats. ProleteR’s powers clean but stomping percussion, layering his drums tastefully behind and in front of textured, lively, and savory brass and vocal samples. Be sure to snag up ‘Rookie EP’, on Bandcamp as this is surely one of ProleteR’s most energy-rich compilations.

Download Here

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Nov 182014

Not much else can be desired from the Greek beatmaker mononome, a versatile musical craftsman who repeatedly delivers slates of lush and textured trip-hop/abstract hip-hop productions. Splicing and composing his musical narratives on an Akai MPC 2500, mononome swings a deep, emotive and melancholic groove into the base of his latest compilation ‘Tale Of The Phoenix’. The six track release comes filled with many of mononome’s signature drum sequencing patterns, warm basslines, dusty horn samples and vocal bits, as heard throughout ‘From The Ashes’. Pick apart the compilation in bits and pieces, or allow the rhythmic and emotive progression of the album carry you into a contemplative musical state.

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Oct 132014

A sufficient allotment of time is needed to unravel the marvels crafted and hidden within Frequent’s most recent EP, ‘Fluidity EP’. A fast and impatient listen renders one incapable of immersing themselves in the undulating pools of musical textures and ambiances. The four-track compilation rises and falls through a billowing storm of deep, hypnotic hymns, trembling, vibronic baselines, swirling vocals verses, and tumultuous glitch-hop breakdowns, offering delight to those that find solace in musical compositions that cultivate a symbiotic relationship between the heavy and the blissful. ‘Fluidity EP’ is available available for free download or for purchase.

Download ‘Fluidity EP’ Here

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Aug 122014

French beatmaker ProleteR has steadily flushed the musical banks of abstract, hip-hop instrumentals with fluid, cohesive and stunningly attractive creations. With a discography rich in quantity and lush with lively quality, ProleteR adds a new compilation to his shelves with ‘Tribute to the Masters Vol. 1’, a six track assortment of ProleteR tribute remixes that bring new life to decades old classics such as ‘Hello Dolly’ by the great Louis Armstrong, ‘That’s Life’ by The Sultan of Swoon, Frank Sinatra, and ‘Having a Party’ by soul music icon, Sam Cooke. ProleteR adds a flavorful and stirring hip-hop bounce into each and every tribute, leaving you duly pleased with the blend of sounds new and old. Stream the full release and pick up a copy free of charge via Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Jul 122014

After what seems like an eternity, Toronto’s finest export, Zeds Dead, is back with 8 incredible, diverse tracks on their recently released Somewhere Else EP. After being hyped across the twitterverse for months, I can say with confidence that this one was definitely worth the wait. In true Zeds Dead fashion, DC and Hooks have brought the fire while transcending genre boundaries and serving up tastes of everything from hip-hop beats, to bassline house, to dirty dub and drum & bass—all of which have that signature heavy bass that the duo is known for. From start to finish, the EP is an absolute gem, but for my money it doesn’t get much better than thumpers like “Lost You” and “Bustamove,” both of which make me want to cut up a damn rug. But if you prefer a traditional ZD banger, “Hadouken” will literally make you tremble (and possibly have a seizure). Buy the EP below and get ready to get down. Enjoy!

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Jun 172014

We’ve known Party Ghost to be incredibly well-versed in producing electronic music, but his latest compilation just might be the greatest testament to that statement. Once a steady crafter of explosive and exhilarating productions ranging from electro and dubstep, to mid-temp and mash-ups, Party Ghost has flipped the script with the delivery of his recent EP, ‘VPR’.

Spread over four productions, ‘VPR’ is an idyllic example of how a producer can evolve and transform their style and sound to create works of music that still have the capacity to grab and engage their listeners. While ‘VPR’ doesn’t quite have your typical Party Ghost electro stompers, it is nonetheless filled with moving, emotionally rich and lustrous arrangement of electronic sounds from emotive vocal bits, stirring hi-hats, and punchy snares to deep kick drums, burst of spirited melodies and anthemic breakdowns. Whether this is a new direction for Party Ghost or an simply experimental EP, we’ll take it either way, with pleasure.

Download Here

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Jun 172014

Featured here upon the release of his ‘We Still Reminisce EP’ EP, YLWFRND (pronounced “Yellowfrind”), the Swedish solo-produced has returned with a new compilation for our ears. Released in conjunction with the celebration of his recent birthday, ‘MusicBox EP’, is a musical fairy tale that washes your mental state clean with waves of dreamy melodies, silky smooth drum fills, mesmerizing music box tricklings, all splashing to create all-absorbing misty cloud of harmonic hypnosis.

Download Here

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May 212014

Brazil’s seasoned beat-maker NeguimBeats recently debuted a sultry new EP on Darker Than Wax titled ‘Six Days of Love’. The six track compilation has been catching speed throughout the week among downtempo, trip-hop, hip-hop and bass music listeners alike. ‘Side Classic’ is stand-out track from the EP with its priceless, enveloping vocal sample, jovial, bouncy piano riffs and polished beat. The release is up for free and if you’re left yearning more, delve into the full scope of the EP below. ‘Six Days of Love’ can be picked up for free of charge if you’d like to secure its place in your music library.

Download ‘Six Days of Love’ Here

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May 152014

Without fail, Millennium Jazz Music continuously delivers some of the most pristine and sultry assortment of instrumental productions, intricately laced with fibers of hip-hop, downtempo, trip-hop and of course, jazz. The latest release to fall into the MJM catalog is a tasty installment of The Jazz Jousters’s new compilation, ‘Digging Deep’. Every Jousters compilation surfaces as a tribute to a particular jazz icon, and ‘Digging Deep’ gorgeously pays homage to the great jazz pianist John Hicks. With contributions from Esk-K, Mr. Moods, Pawcut and many other talented beatmakers, ‘Digging Deep’ is truly a gold mine of savory, jazzy flavored beats, all dripping with a smooth and relaxing yet stimulating tonality – best served with a balanced and ample sound system.

Download Here

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May 062014

Time to blast off again! This time we’re going on a sonic journey with Colorado-based producer illMotive and his debut EP Higher Existence. If you are into the weirder side of bass/electronic music like Bluetech, Govinda, Random Rab, Ott or anything like that, I’m fairly certain you’ll take a liking to illMotive. This EP showcases five unique tracks with varied vibes featuring smooth percussion and ethereal soundscapes overlaid with deep, rumbling bass. This one is guaranteed to make you feel a little lifted and mystical. If you’re out here in CO, it’s the perfect soundtrack for just kicking it or to take your relaxed smoke session to the next level. Grab the free download below, press play, and enjoy!

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