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Mar 262014

With so much recycling of sounds and ideas in electro-house, you might feel inclined to pass on this track during after the first few seconds of play, but be warned. To omit this track from your playlist of current releases would be a grave mistake as Electric Joy Ride arises from the shadows reminding those who forgot his name why he is still one of the most exciting figures and sounds to emerge in recent stream of electronic music, specifically electro-house.

‘Origin’ surfaces as his latest release and if you’re familiar with the EJR sound, you’ll be more than pleased to indulge in yet another melodically rich, shuddering, and galvanizing electro-house production from gifted and ever-evolving UK producer. In a routine EJR fashion, ‘Origin’ is available for free download offering up a five minute musical adventure through an instantly energetic, blissful, radiant and harmonious electro composition.

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Dec 232013

Earlier in the month, in a conversation we had with Electric Joy Ride, the producer mentioned that we should expect to hear some new sounds from him arising from a new region of electronic music. ‘I’m Still Alive’ contrasts Electric Joy Ride’s electro-house catalog with a chilling and heavy dubstep backbone though the release is adequately balanced with a gripping melodic undertone, a signature aspect of the UK producer’s sound.

‘Download ‘I’m Still Alive’ Here’

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Dec 012013

For those who constantly dig through the archives of electro-house, it is easy to get flooded with a cascade of tracks that for the most part hit with same sounds and musical ideas. But with an undying hunger for electro-house that hits home in very unique way comes a persistence to keep digging, and for those diggers who are continuously sorting through mounds of electro-house to find gems, if you have not discovered Electric Joy Ride, get ready to reel in a baskets worth of musical treasure.

Armed with an expansive and glistening catalog, EJR has supplanted the current stream of 128bpm with an exuberant style, animating his productions with colorful, explosive passages, purifying harmonies, and invigorating bursts of sweeping electronic frequencies. In the wake of his’Arcade Asylum EP‘, EJR sat down with us to talk about recent releases, his forensic science focus, future sounds, and the new year.


If a stranger approaches you, strikes up a conversation, asks you what you do, and Electric Joy Ride comes up, what would you say to them if they asked you to tell them what EJR is all about?

This has actually happened quite a few times and at first I was uncomfortable actually talking about EJR, but now it’s fine. I just kinda do a “oh yeah I just make dance music or whatever I feel like at the time” and then try and change the subject.

When you open up your DAW, what exactly are you trying to fulfill and accomplish? Are you simply producing for fun or do you feel like you are driven by a certain purpose when producing?

At first, it was definitely for fun and for the love of music. Now though, there’s something else in there. In the year and a bit I’ve been doing the EJR project, it’s become more than a hobby. There’s been some great opportunities so far, like remixing for Universal and such. Sometimes I’ll open it up and just write a piano piece or I may go straight for “I want to start a new track,” it’s all dependant on the day I guess!

You’ve had a very active year. What is currently motivating you to keep producing and churning out tracks? Is it something in particular, like a handful artists that inspire you to keep improving and evolving your sound and production abilities, or is it more a combination of things, musical and non musical, that you experience daily?

This year has been pretty crazy, yeah! I have loads of sources of motivation. I’d say the biggest now is the listeners. I’m the kind of person that when I see loads of positive comments about a track I’ve made, it feels good, but I forget them shortly after. But when I see a negative comment, especially from somebody who likes my other stuff, it sticks with me for a while. It’s a feeling that you’ve let down some of the listeners and that acts as motivation for the next track. I have a very diverse taste in music and so I try and use little characteristics from many genres in my songs.

Are you still using FL Studio? Have you ever thought of switching to Ableton?

Yeah, still all FL studio. I did try Ableton for a while and I do love some of the native Ableton plugins and the pitch shifting abilities within it. Reason is also great for sound design and sampling. Each DAW has their own pro’s and con’s and jumping ship after fully learning one seems a little counter-intuitive to me. Use whatever DAW suits you and you feel comfortable with. A lot of DAW hate actually comes from the people that spend more time bashing other programs than actually making decent music.

Where are you going to school right now and what exactly are you studying? How much of it pertains to your life as a producer?

I’m in my fourth and final year at University studying Forensic Science. So things can be tough. But my manager, Alex, keeps everything in check. I’m very “this track is finished now, LETS RELEASE IT!” But Alex will then do some crunching and realise we’re coming up to a busy academic part of the year where production may slow to a crawl so he’ll hold onto a track for a month or two to keep the releases spread out. I do try and strike a happy medium, but it can be difficult.

How did you hook up with Frisber for the recent ‘Azure’ collab and for ‘For You’? Do you two sit in the same room and bounce off each-other’s ideas or are you collaborating electronically?

I like to get to know the people I collaborate with. I’m not the “bounce ideas back and forward, release a track then never talk again,” type of person. I like to talk to people over facebook for a few weeks/months then get started on a collaboration. It just creates a much better atmosphere. We had talked about doing another track together after the first collab, but we quickly realised we were both too busy. Once my EP, Arcade Asylum, was released on MrSuicideSheep’s label, we got back in contact and that was that. Number 3 might be in the works. Frisber is from Kazakhstan, while I’m in Scotland, so it was purely a digital collaboration. All my collaborations have been this way, so it would be interesting to see how different it is to sit in a studio with somebody and make a track.

Any chance you might get together with a Monstercat artist for a collab like Soulero? I feel like that could come out very nicely.

There are definitely a few Monstercat artists I’d love to work with, but nothing in the works as of yet.

‘Arcade Asylum’ has been out for almost a month now. How long had you been sitting on those tracks before you compiled them for the EP?

Some of them I’d been sitting on for quite a while. I think Power-up was around the 9 month mark. Right Now and Autopilot were made within a 2 week span and Coco was about a week with Fusk.

How has the reception been for the EP and is there a personal favorite off the compilation that has more sentimental value to you than the others?

The reception was crazy. After 2 days we reached number 16 on the beatport top 100 releases and topped 3 genre charts. I was quite surprised at how well people reacted to Autopilot and Right Now, I was very expecting a “This isn’t EJR style,” barrage of comments. I don’t really get ‘attached’ to songs. I’m maybe inspired by certain events or people, but then if something bad happens I’ll end up resenting that track and not wanting to hear it again. Each track was an equal part of the EP for me and I’m really happy with all of them. Additionally, Fusk was great to work with. Been a fan of his work for a long time and I’m really happy with how people received Coco.

Do you anticipate that some of your future releases might incorporate more bass influence, maybe some EJR dubstep, mid-tempo, or sounds along the lines of the second breakdown in ‘Power-Up’?

Funny you should ask that at this stage. There’s quite a variety of new tracks coming soon. Spanning from very uplifting progressive trance, to more radio-friendly vocal tracks along with some heavy dubstep. I’m sure the influences in each track will become apparent quite quickly on the first play through.

With the new year rolling in, are you planning to release at the same pace or at a greater or lower frequency? How do you plan to reach and attract a larger audience to what you’re doing in the future?

For the first half of the year, I imagine it will be very much the same. After I graduate from university, we might see an increase as I plan to focus a lot more on music. I’m diversifying my sound now too, I listen to a lot of Calvin Harris and Arty right now, which is starting to show in some of the new stuff I’m making. Some will like it, some won’t, but I won’t keep recycling the same ‘EJR-style’ over and over.

As 2013 comes to a close, people are going to start looking back on some of the best releases of the year. Can you pick a favorite electro-house track of ’13 so far and if you had to to choose one of your original releases that dropped this year to describe EJR, which one would it be?

Oh that’s a tough one. There’s been some great releases this year. Even though it’s more trance, I’d have to say Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie – This Is What It Feels Like. Amongst all the monotone drops that have saturated the EDM market this year, Armin just absolutely smashed through all of them with this great melodic track. It’s a very uplifting track and it’s the type of sound I’m trying to move towards.

For my own release, not musically speaking, but structurally, I’d probably have to say “Every Day.” While it was totally different than anything I’d made before, I felt it captured what I do quite nicely. The tempo changes from 140, to 128, to 140 and then up to 160. I don’t like to give myself boundaries of constantly starting a track at 128 bpm with a 4 to the floor beat. Being able to use various bpm’s in one track was, for me, a nice breath of fresh air.

Many thanks to Jonny from EJR for taking the time for this. Be sure to show some support for ‘Arcade Asylum‘ and pick up all his free download on Facebook.

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Oct 292013

If you were left with anticipation after the releases of this EP’s teaser video back in the summer, then today you’ll find that your patience, or impatience, has been met with an immensely rewarding work of music from Electric Joy Ride. For many listeners certain electronic genres are often drowned in stale productions that lack genuine creativity and technique. What Electric Joy Ride has been able to do – with tremendous success – is hook listeners with an irresistibly heartening and uplifting electro sound. ‘Arcade Asylum’ puts forth some of his finest productions, all illustrating his capacity to flawlessly combine cascading, glistening melodies and moving harmonies with anthemic electro breakdowns and passion filled vocal clips. The EP offers a ride through three savory original productions and one inspiring collaboration that combined, amount to an enchanting and unqiue 128bpm experience.

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Apr 182013

Continuously pushing some of the most eclectic and jovial sounds through the speakers, Electric Joy Ride has become an unwavering source of brilliant and uplifting electronic releases. Collaborating with Frankk Loony in his latest release, the two put together a moving and melodically enlivening production with the help of vocalist Iain Mannix. Fueling the listeners with incredibly high-spirited vibrations, ‘Forever’ is a perfect track for elevated your mood in every situation.

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Mar 292013

The long anticipated ‘Dynamite Moon Zombies’ finally hit the shelves earlier this week on Beatport. Available now via Prime Dub, Electric Joy Ride and Galaski’s latest collab immediately jumps into a gripping auditory explosion of dazzling synths that quickly carries the listener into a grueling, grinding, and exhilirating electro-house breakdown. Tastefully merging heavy and shuddering sounds with gleaming and crystalline melodicism, Electric Joy Ride & Galaksi synthesize a celestial themed electro masterpiece that resonates with a majestic quality. Check out the release in its entirety below and be sure to show some support by purchasing a copy on Beatport.

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Mar 202013

In celebration of the approaching one year anniversary of the birth of Electric Joy Ride, Jonny Thomson, the mastermind behind one of the most scintillating sounds in electro-house, released a new freebie for his fan-base. Driving his sound into the hearts of listeners with radiant, spirited, and emotive melodies mapped over uplifting and thrilling electro tempos, Electric Joy Ride is undeniably one of the most consistent sources of heartening and moving electro-house. If you’re not familiar with the name, be sure to give a listen to his latest freebie, check out his remix of ‘Set Me Free‘, and be on the lookout for his upcoming release ‘Dynamite Moon Zombies’ which hits the shelves on the 26th of March.

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Mar 032013

Bringing some of the most uplifting sounds to electro arena, Electric Joy Ride, the musical vision pioneered by Jonny Thomson, is a name who should not be absent from the library of any ardent electronic music connoisseur. Released earlier in the year via Subtone Records, Thomson’s remix of ‘Set Me Free’ strikes down to the deepest bone, vibrating the core with pure and unadulterated electronic bliss. With captivating and emotionally-laden melodies, Thomson manages to bring enlivening ingredients and electro power to a balanced medium, creating an uplifting anthem that leaves the listener intoxicating with glee. The track is out now on Beatport and if you enjoy the remix, be sure to pick up a couple of free downloads below.

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