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Dec 292014

Mt. Eden and Blackmill—need I say more? If you are a dubstep fan or at least have a dubstep station on your Pandora, surely you’re aware that Mt. Eden and Blackmill are both masters of big, beautiful, melodic dubstep in their own right, but together they create pure aural magic. Recently, they paired up to release “Now,” a magnificent, hauntingly beautiful single that is more melodic than dubstep, but is just as moving as one might except from the collaboration. As if it weren’t enough that the two powerhouses have teamed up, the single is available for free download, so you can listen to it on repeat and cry as much as you want. Grab the tissues and enjoy!

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Oct 072014

As if they ever needed it, the Colorado-based live electronic duo, Big Gigantic, received the coveted Diplo Stamp of Approval this past weekend by putting together an hour-long mix for the Mad Decent boss’s BBC show Diplo and Friends. In true Big G fashion, the mix starts off with a bang and continues at full throttle for the full hour, incorporating beloved Big Gigantic songs—both new and old—as well as bangers from the likes of Oliver Heldens, DJ Snake, Flux Pavilion and more. On the whole, the mix stays true to the Big G’s signature, genre-defying style of bass music, and every piece of it is dripping with the jazzy sounds of Dominic Lalli’s incredible saxophone. Tried and true, Big Gigantic is one of those rare acts in electronic music that is able to stay relevant (almost effortlessly) while still marching to the beat of their own drummer (literally). This one is essential listening for your next weekend pregame—just make sure the neighbors are gone. Now turn your speakers WAY up and enjoy!

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Jul 122014

After what seems like an eternity, Toronto’s finest export, Zeds Dead, is back with 8 incredible, diverse tracks on their recently released Somewhere Else EP. After being hyped across the twitterverse for months, I can say with confidence that this one was definitely worth the wait. In true Zeds Dead fashion, DC and Hooks have brought the fire while transcending genre boundaries and serving up tastes of everything from hip-hop beats, to bassline house, to dirty dub and drum & bass—all of which have that signature heavy bass that the duo is known for. From start to finish, the EP is an absolute gem, but for my money it doesn’t get much better than thumpers like “Lost You” and “Bustamove,” both of which make me want to cut up a damn rug. But if you prefer a traditional ZD banger, “Hadouken” will literally make you tremble (and possibly have a seizure). Buy the EP below and get ready to get down. Enjoy!

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Jun 182014

Spain has quite a few bass music producers that are coming out with top of the line productions. Dubsidia, Save The Rave, and EH!DE might ring a bell if you loosely follow bass music coming out of that country. Our recent discovery of Different Heaven adds yet another promising producer to the list of talented Spanish bass music virtuosos.

Different Heaven is a 20-year-old music producer and DJ originating from Seville, Spain. He has a slew of productions ranging from electro-house and glitch-hop, to drumstep and progressive house. But today, Seville’s based producer brought something slight different to table: a monstrous dubstep original titled ‘Save Rhinos’. Instantly luring you into its musical structure with a punchy and upbeat intro, the original production breaks into a poppy, euro-synth backed build up around the forty second mark setting the stage for an unsuspected but immensely powerful and gritty dubstep breakdown. The perfect track to test the true capacity of your speakers, Different Heaven has generously offered up this monster for free.

Download Here

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Jun 032014

A couple of weeks ago we featured California producer Seven Lions’ impeccable new EP Worlds Apart, and if you still haven’t taken the time to listen, you are truly missing out—seriously, get on it soon! Right now I’d like to draw your attention to the title track from the EP, featuring the other-worldly vocals of Estonian singer/songwriter Kerli. Released as a single today on Ultra Music, ‘Worlds Apart’ blends Seven Lions’ typically massive dubstep style—complete melodic builds and bone-rattling, euphoric drops—with a more progressive/trance-like vibe brought on by Kerli’s ethereal voice and super smooth synth work. In keeping with the rest of the EP, this single is yet another moving masterpiece from the long-haired bass god. Pick up your copy from iTunes or Beatport now—turn it up and enjoy! But be warned, this song is just about guaranteed to cause a few rave tears, so be sure you have the tissues ready.

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May 042014

As most of you know, I appreciate beauty, creativity, and originality when it comes to any music, and any artist that has these three traits and sticks to them is all right in my book. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock (or aren’t a fan of dubstep), I’m willing to guess that Seven Lions is someone whose invaded your eardrums at some point. About a week ago, the long-haired bass god released a stunningly poignant EP called Worlds Apart, and it is everything you would expect from him and more. Despite having only five songs, Seven Lions has managed to pack this EP full of his signature big bass sound in addition to some departures from dubstep—like his collaboration with Myon & Shane 54—that fall more on the trance/progressive side of the spectrum. True to his style, this EP is about as powerful and moving as you can get with bass music featuring songs with big builds and drops, incredible female vocals, and consistent high-quality production. Stream the EP below or grab your copy from iTunes. Enjoy!

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Apr 172014

The weekend is just about here, and I’ll bet everyone needs a little something heavy to get the party started. Colorado based producer Shock Therapy has just what the doctor ordered. “Shock!” is a brutal dub/drumstep jam with some elements of trap snuck in there for good measure. Dripping with bass, this one will definitely get your heart beating a little faster. If you ask me, I think it sounds sort of like some old school Doctor P (think “Sweet Shop”), but that’s just me. I would recommend bumping this one at a high volume on big speakers. If you like what you hear and are in the area, you can dub out with Shock Therapy and Figure at the Fox Theater in Boulder tomorrow night (Friday, April 18). Grab the free download, turn up, and enjoy!

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Mar 222014

Vanic-Skinny love

Last week, Vancouver-based producer, Vanic, released his newest track, a remix of Birdy’s cover of “Skinny Love” (Original song by Bon Iver). Although this song stays true to Vanic’s usual dub-style roots, it also exposes a whole new dimension of Vanic’s sound. In his remix of “Skinny Love”, Vanic demonstrates patience and restraint, while still sustaining the usual energetic dynamic nature of his music. Based on this track, it is evident that Vanic’s quickly maturing sounds are capable of greatly influencing the future of EDM.

You can download Birdy – “Skinny Love” (Vanic Remix) for free by following this link: [Free Download]

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Mar 202014

Earlier in the year we commented on the phenomenal quality and talent showcased in Astronaut’s Monstercat EP ‘Quantum’. The compilation received a wave of support from existing fans and certainly garnered the support and appreciation from new listeners as well. To revive the essence of the EP, Monstercat recently compiled a remix EP featuring renditions by some equally talented and gifted producers in the electronic music arena.

Serving as the opening remix on the compilation is Virtual Riot’s take on ‘Quantum’, where the German reworks the original electro-house gem into a dreamy and moving yet exhilarating dubstep anthem. Slicing clips of the the original vocals in a melodic fashion, Virtual Riots compliments the original production with stirring and galvanizing breakdowns linked tastefully with a flood of brilliant and celestial harmonies. Virtual Riot’s remix can be purchased on Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Mar 032014

Masterfully remixing their fellow countryman, Spaniard trio Funk4Mation has flipped EH!DE’s ‘Big Adventure’ in a colossal dubstep remix. EH!DE posses tremendous talent when it comes to dubstep so is it quite the feat to hear Funk4Mation spin the original track, which already possesses tremendous power and allure, into an absolutely gruesome and bone-rattling remix. Funk4Mation and EH!DE have collaborated on numerous occasions (see ‘Get Circus‘) and given rise to some sultry productions. Check out Funk4Mation’s SoundCloud for a taste of those collabs and be sure to snag up their latest remix for free.

Download Here

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