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Apr 172014

The weekend is just about here, and I’ll bet everyone needs a little something heavy to get the party started. Colorado based producer Shock Therapy has just what the doctor ordered. “Shock!” is a brutal dub/drumstep jam with some elements of trap snuck in there for good measure. Dripping with bass, this one will definitely get your heart beating a little faster. If you ask me, I think it sounds sort of like some old school Doctor P (think “Sweet Shop”), but that’s just me. I would recommend bumping this one at a high volume on big speakers. If you like what you hear and are in the area, you can dub out with Shock Therapy and Figure at the Fox Theater in Boulder tomorrow night (Friday, April 18). Grab the free download, turn up, and enjoy!

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Oct 052013

Not exactly sure how he does it but Spag Heddy keeps tossing up new releases, originals and remixes, at a relentless rate, never failing to brew and deliver a gruesome, bass rattling production. The latest sounds shared by the Dutch juggernaut is a forthcoming remix of Bone N Skin’s ‘On Fire’. Picking up the pace of the original, Spag Heddy beautifully flips ‘On Fire’ into a nuclear drumstep remix. No official release date has been announced but we’ll be keeping an eye out for this to hit the shelves.

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Oct 022013

An incredible outlet for the sounds of aspiring and greatly talented electronic producers, Simplify Recordings has brought a new artist under the spotlight for the release of a refined EP from Serenity. Available now on Beatport, Serenity’s ‘Miasma’ is a fascinating combination of melody and drumwork, bringing a spellbinding and thrilling drumstep production to the table. ‘Elixer’ brings you down in tempo to engulf you in a shadowy mid-tempo groove, carrying you through bouncy, shuddering soundscapes grown with growling frequencies and celestial melodies.

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Sep 302013

As we wait for the arrival of their forthcoming album, France’s highly skilled electronic music duo has released a brand new freebie to hold us off until the arrival of their new album. The duo has repeatedly shown that they are capable of producing in variety of genres with finesse to create a massive production in a respective style. This time they have taken Karmin’s ‘Acapella’ and ignited it to create a fiery and brutal drumstep remix. Not a huge fan of the original but if you want to check it out, peep the official video below. The Noisy Freaks remix is available for free download via Facebook.

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Aug 262013

Equipped with a devastating arsenal of explosive electronic sounds, Phrenik has continuously pushed new and bone-rattling production onto the electronic music platform. Out now via JD4D records, the San Diego’s latest drumstep remix showcases his knack for drafting and polishing riveting productions that resonate with a destructive and compelling sound. Peep a preview below and snag up an official copy on Beatport.

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Aug 102013

With the recent release of the official music video for Ellie Goulding’s ‘Burn’, as one could have suspected, there have been a flood of remixes for the track from producers of all types. And while some have set the bar high, there are some that have pushed it even higher, and Razihel’s ‘Burn’ remix has done just that. Creating a sizzling combination of entrancing melodies, Goulding’s catchy vocals leads, and a fiery and destructive drumstep breakdown, Razihel seasons the the remix with a delectable flavor that adds a thrilling and explosive feel to the original.

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Jul 302013

Two figures whose musical thoughts blend in perfectly with one another, Au5 and Fractal’s recent collaborations have hit with an immaculate and celestial quality. You might recall when we featured their incredibly moving remix of Singularity’s ‘Alone’ or their Monstercat collab, ‘Halcyon‘, two releases that have seen wave of support and acclaim. If you missed either of those, be sure to check them out in addition to their latest remix of BT’s ‘Surrounded’, a passion filled remix built off a blueprint of riveting melodies, heartfelt vocals, powerful drumwork, and snarling, bass cradled soundscapes.

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Jul 302013

Time and time again, Austin Collins, the brainchild of the multi-talented Au5, manages to give rise to unparalleled productions that are flawless fusions of melody and filth ridden soundscapes. His forthcoming Monstercat EP, ‘Blossom’, could not demonstrate his ability to line scintillating and glistening melodies with roaring bass-heavy productions any better. In a two track release, Au5 brilliantly delivers a monstrous dubstep and drum and bass production, each hitting with a gruesome, mind-blowing force that is complimented by immaculate melodic leads. A truly gifted producer in his field, Au5 never ceases to stun and amaze. ‘Blossom’ is only another testament to his ever-growing musical talents, which currently tower and rival the likes of his contemporaries.

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Jul 092013

While it may be a surprise to many, Mexico is a heavy consumer and contributor to the electronic music industry. Paramyth, a rising star from Guadalajara, Mexico is a testament to the kind of production talent that is coming out of that country. ‘Heavy’, featured on his debut EPh that recently hit the shelves via Simplify Recordings, is packed with a pouding and bouncy drumstep grime, flushing a stream of grinding, booming, and bone-rattling sounds through the speakers. Peep a preview of the release, and check out some of the other tracks on the EP, each offers a different flavor of mechanized sounds and heavy bass.

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Jun 172013

Continuously surpassing listener expectations, MitiS has risen above the confining boundaries of genres and has given birth to a style that is undeniably his. Gifted in generating scintillating melodic passages, the Philadelphian music guru has flooded the electronic community with unparalleled and melodically entrancing compositions. Out now with his latest remix, MitiS reworks Dope Arcade’s ‘Ascension’ in to a glistening drumstep freebie, hitting with both power and beauty, cultivating a sound of immaculate quality.

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