Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

May 302014

Among the many talented hidden gems in electronic music, Cormak has gifted his listeners with the privilege of absorbing a wave of a phenomenal electronic productions ranging from electro-house, dubstep, nu disco, and glitch-hop. The greater privilege of following Cormak has been witnessing the development and advancement of his sound and production skills, respectively. The latest release from the Swedish prodigy comes in the form of a remix of Aloma Steele’s ‘Neptune Man’, where Cormak masterfully creates a riveting drumstep production inspired by the original. Embellishing ‘Neptune Man’ with a compelling emotive backbone, moving melodic passages, a beautiful use of the original vocals, and a massive, speaker-rattling breakdown, Cormak compliments the original with a golden touch.

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