Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Mar 302014

Reakte, AKA Max Schatz, a producer based in Berlin, Germany, has been producing with Ableton Live for two and a half years. Reakte’s musical scope is massive. His work as a whole is clean and endearing. Between his drum & bass and melodic house, rich savory rolling bass lines, pulsating syncopated keys and classic house percussive drive, Reakte persists in creating his own unique experience. For a producer to have such an extensive pallet and ability is inspirational and addictive. Berlin is a garden for brilliant and groundbreaking electronic music. Reakte is no exception; an artist who actively evolves the sound of todays most progressive genres.

Ice cold lemonade for the soul.

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Aug 162013

Gracing the Monstercat label with another phenomenal compilation, the dexterous Aussie producer PIXL has brought to life a diverse and incredibly savory EP, ‘Sugar Rush’. Cycling through three powerful productions, with the aid of Dead Robot & Nessakay, PIXL crafts a polished medley of sounds, providing delectable vibrations for electro, dubstep, and drum & bass listeners alike. Check out the EP in its entirety below and be sure to snag up an official copy on Beatport.

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Jul 302013

Time and time again, Austin Collins, the brainchild of the multi-talented Au5, manages to give rise to unparalleled productions that are flawless fusions of melody and filth ridden soundscapes. His forthcoming Monstercat EP, ‘Blossom’, could not demonstrate his ability to line scintillating and glistening melodies with roaring bass-heavy productions any better. In a two track release, Au5 brilliantly delivers a monstrous dubstep and drum and bass production, each hitting with a gruesome, mind-blowing force that is complimented by immaculate melodic leads. A truly gifted producer in his field, Au5 never ceases to stun and amaze. ‘Blossom’ is only another testament to his ever-growing musical talents, which currently tower and rival the likes of his contemporaries.

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Jul 152013

A now seasoned producer in the industry, KATFYR, pronounced “catfire”, has surfaced to bring us his first debut EP ‘Here We Go’. Filled with three melodically explosive tracks, KATFYR pushes some unique tracks through the speakers in his new EP, each hitting with a different flavor. Cycling through an incendiary dubstep production, a bouncy and grueling glitch-hop tune, and a thrilling drum n bass track, KATFYR’s ‘Here We Go’ EP tosses up a diverse collection of tracks each complimenting each other with a different twist yet with the same underlying ferocity. Stream some previews below and snag up a copy on Beatport.

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Jun 182013

One of the most musically driven electronic styles in the industry at the moment, MitiS has successful and indefinitely distinguished himself from his contemporaries. Flooding the market with melodically rich yet explosive productions, MitiS has cultivated a following with emotive, moving, and exhilarating compositions. While most of his releases have been put out for free, the Philadelphian visionary has recently been putting out music for purchase. So for those who understand how much it means to an artist when their fans give back after so much free music, be sure to cop MitiS’s latest album, ‘Open Window’, a scintillating compilation flavored with that sensational melodic MitiS touch.

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Feb 222013

Originally set for a March 1st release, MitiS decided to give-away his most recent single ‘Innocent Discretion’ in celebration of breaking the 30K like marker on Facebook. Adding to his collection of unparalleled productions, the Philadelphian native has once again delivered an incredibly uplifting, stimulating, melodically brilliant, and exhilarating composition, one that any MitiS fan, or any electronic music enthusiast for that matter, can absorb piece by piece, second by second, to elevate themselves to state of harmonic rapture and enchantment.

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Dec 082012

Just the other day, to kick the weekend off, Schoolboy, the iconic producer hailing from the City of Angels, released this unsuspected freebie which is part two of a track he dropped very early on in the year, ‘Zombies Ate My Neighbors’, an absolutely monstrous 110bpm hit from his ‘The Science Project EP‘. If you have yet to hear this track’s predecessor, ‘Zombies Ate My Neighbors’, give it a play below. Back when it came out it was easily one of the heaviest Schoolboy tracks, and to top it in intensity seems like a bit of a daunting task but Schoolboy’s ‘Zombies Ate My Homework’ is still an excellent and massive drumstep follow. Be sure to snag it up for free below.


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Dec 062012

Free music is always great, but when it’s coming from one of the most sensational acts out there, non other than the Pegboard Nerds, that “great” feeling turns into an overwhelming feeling of exultation. Earlier today, in celebration of breaking the 20K like marker on their Facebook , the Scandinavian duo dropped yet another incredibly colossal hit that blasts with a fierce and ferocious drumstep flow. They pick the most excellent and perfect sample for the occasion, one that you should recognize from a timeless Paramount movie classic. As with all their FB like milestone releases, this track is up for free so hear it out, and be sure to grab a copy; you just can’t ever go wrong with these guys.

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Dec 042012

Youthful Texas native, Chris Garcia, the face behind the musical project known within electronic community as Distantt, recently dropped his latest creation where he’s taken Californian pop band Maroon 5’s ‘One More Night’, and transformed it into an explosive, thrashing drumstep hit, pounding with a fierce and heavy flow over the preserved reggae undertones of the original. You might hear some borrowed influence from another well known artist in this track but I wont throw out any dead give-aways. All in all, this a solid and powerful recreation of the original song which was desperately in need some real electronic energy. Give it play and see what you think. The track available for free if you wish to pick up a copy. ☺Enjoy☺

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Nov 212012

If you’ve haven’t been caught in the momentum created by the meteoric rise of Krewella, you have most likely be moved by some of their sounds at a festival or live show, or will in the future, and if you’ve followed our thread recently or any other music thread for that matter, you’ve picked up on the fact that everyone has been remixing Krewella, and for good reason. The trio has truly become a staple sound in the electronic dance community with their influence touching down in all realms of globe.

Earlier today they released their latest track, ‘Come & Get It’, an exhilarating, fast paced, and explosive drumstep/drum n bass hit that will undoubtedly be played and praised for months to come. The track is up for grabs on their Facebook free of charge so pick up a copy and if you’re still not familiar with the name, see why everyone wants a piece and taste of Krewella.

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