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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Dec 082014

This is no new name to this thread, though if you have yet to experience the pleasure and allure of Esbe’s musical creativity, here is a perfect venue to access it. The LA based producer has delivered a gripping amalgamation of tracks to the second installment of our Fall Mix Series, showcasing some of his favorite personal releases as of late.

As the fall temperatures dip further into the wintery digits, Esbe’s guest mix, which features a soothing, stirring and emotive blend of electronic beats seamlessly laced with trip-hop, downtempo, hip-hop, and soulful threads, will bring warmth to your bones and energy to your spirit in the face of cloudy days. The mix provides an adequate balance between lively, sultry, melancholic and introspective beats, giving you ample space to bounce back and forth between the various emotional soundscapes created within.


2. Pepe. – Only Lovers Left Alive
3. Freddie Joachim – Hours
4. Mabanua – Trap
5. Moods – Love Is Real
6. Matas & Edo Lee – Corcovado/I Like It
7. Machinedrum – Center Your Love
8. Deadbeats – You never know
10. Mokhov – Perfect Tomorrow.
11. Mokhov – Midnight Love
12. Defiant Kinetics – Epistate

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Nov 302014

Those of you who have kept tabs on the The Cancel here on this thread and on other platforms, may have been slightly disconcerted at the announcement of the duos disbandment. The Ukrainian production team anchored themselves deep into the stream of jazzy hip-hop instrumentals and together delivered a vibrant stream of memorable singles and lengthy compilations. The fate of the project is, thankfully, not looking grim as one of the members will be continuing the advancement and expansion of the The Cancel’s musical catalog from now and well into the foreseeable future.

‘Criminal’ surfaces as The Cancel’s first full-length solo album since the split, and the nineteen track compilation will not leave any fan disappointment by any means. Packed with an array of musical essentials, the majority of releases featured on ‘Criminal’ cycle through a melancholic terrain, rooted with rich and gentle melodies, soothing vocal hymns and punchy gusts of percussive breaks; ideal for the upcoming cozy winter days. The Cancel albums always deliver a return greater than their monetary value, so if you’re in the mood for giving, snag up the newest installment in the latest phase of The Cancel musical history.

Download Here

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Nov 182014

Not much else can be desired from the Greek beatmaker mononome, a versatile musical craftsman who repeatedly delivers slates of lush and textured trip-hop/abstract hip-hop productions. Splicing and composing his musical narratives on an Akai MPC 2500, mononome swings a deep, emotive and melancholic groove into the base of his latest compilation ‘Tale Of The Phoenix’. The six track release comes filled with many of mononome’s signature drum sequencing patterns, warm basslines, dusty horn samples and vocal bits, as heard throughout ‘From The Ashes’. Pick apart the compilation in bits and pieces, or allow the rhythmic and emotive progression of the album carry you into a contemplative musical state.

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Jun 202014

Hailing from Aachen, Germany, FloFilz can be easily classed withing tier Europes talented and tasteful jazzy beatmakers. While he might not get a ton of rave and acclaim, the man is no doubt skilled at what he does, and that entails piecing together what he calls “jazz sample based oldschool” productions. ‘Nutzlast’ was allegedly recorded from a 30-year tape, and if you’re questioning the authenticity, just give the track an invested listen. It is an investment worth making as FloFilz creates a simple yet intriguing production that floods your ears with jazzy piano walks, soothing brass, and some relaxing drumwork all wrapped up in a ol’ soul flavor.

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Jun 182014

The Jazz Jousters have returned with nothing short of what you’d except from one of the most active and classy, jazz, hip-hop fusion music community. The Jazz Jousters fall under the wing of Millennium Jazz Music and ‘New Genesis’ emerges in celebration of The Jousters two-year anniversary together and the thirty-fourth compilation release, all in tribute to jazz music. You’ll find that the fifteen track album is packed with some delicious jazz-flavored releases from some talented producers like Pawcut, Esk-K, Mr. Moods, SmokedBeat and many more. The Jazz Jousters, yet again, successfully pack a new compilation with some classy, flavorful, and colorful jazzy samples and fashioned beats.

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Jun 172014

Featured here upon the release of his ‘We Still Reminisce EP’ EP, YLWFRND (pronounced “Yellowfrind”), the Swedish solo-produced has returned with a new compilation for our ears. Released in conjunction with the celebration of his recent birthday, ‘MusicBox EP’, is a musical fairy tale that washes your mental state clean with waves of dreamy melodies, silky smooth drum fills, mesmerizing music box tricklings, all splashing to create all-absorbing misty cloud of harmonic hypnosis.

Download Here

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Jun 162014

It is without question that Kill Emil has risen to become one of more talented beatmakers fromGreece. We have had the pleasure of featuring several of his releases on this thread, and this month we take that pleasure once again as Kill Emil is celebrating the release of his third album, ‘Lights & Shadows’.

Out now on Beatquick, ‘Lights & Shawdows’ is a multi-faceted compilation that delicately illustrates a captivating musical narrative, cycling from dark and melancholic moods to uptempo and elated grooves. Hashfinger and Kill Emil’s fellow Greek countryman mononome make an appearance on the album, adding a two complimentary and tantalizing releases to the solo-album. Arguably one of Kill Emil’s most manicured and well-crafted release, ‘Lights & Shawdows’ provides a new, life-enriching elixir for the downtempo, trip-hop community to guzzle up for an eternity,

Download Here

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Jun 122014

Heavy sleeper when it is time to wake? ‘The Track Of Dawn’, is exactly what is sounds like and will come in handy the next time you have to wake up early in the morning for a commitment. Precisely as the title implies, Yellowjacket’s contribution to Cold Busted’s ‘Busted Free 16‘ is a rich and fruitful way to start the morning. While the opening segments of the song resonates with the cacophony of an alarm clock ring, Yellowjacket beautifully transitions the noise into a harmonious, uplifting instrumental production that graces your auditory cavity with gentle melodies, refreshing percussion, and a radiant brass solo that’ll warm up your blood.

Download Here

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Jun 112014

On July 2nd, Darkside and Virtual Recess will be releasing their collaborative ‘Extra Dimentional Concepts EP’ on Nuages Records. The album is excepted to bring us a dense compilation of chilled and sedative instrumental productions, laced with an intoxicating coolness. ‘Hap Turas’ was released courtesy of Nuages Records to give us a taste of the forthcoming installment to the US trip-hop, downtempo and jazz label’s catalog. Gear it up and allows yourself to be carried away by the dusky keyboard walks, vinyl scratches, and brass bursts.

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Jun 112014

The City of Angels’s talented betaking virtuoso is showcasing sounds from his forthcoming album, ‘Bloomsday’, and they are not to be missed. ‘Intimate’ is exactly what the title sounds like; a sensual excursion through a deep, harmonic, soulful, and sultry musical soundscape. There isn’t much detail on the type or scope of release that ‘Bloomsday’ will be but we can get a savory taste of what to expect with this smooth and seductive instrumental delight.

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