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Jun 182014

Spain has quite a few bass music producers that are coming out with top of the line productions. Dubsidia, Save The Rave, and EH!DE might ring a bell if you loosely follow bass music coming out of that country. Our recent discovery of Different Heaven adds yet another promising producer to the list of talented Spanish bass music virtuosos.

Different Heaven is a 20-year-old music producer and DJ originating from Seville, Spain. He has a slew of productions ranging from electro-house and glitch-hop, to drumstep and progressive house. But today, Seville’s based producer brought something slight different to table: a monstrous dubstep original titled ‘Save Rhinos’. Instantly luring you into its musical structure with a punchy and upbeat intro, the original production breaks into a poppy, euro-synth backed build up around the forty second mark setting the stage for an unsuspected but immensely powerful and gritty dubstep breakdown. The perfect track to test the true capacity of your speakers, Different Heaven has generously offered up this monster for free.

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