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Sep 302013

The fast rising duo that collectively pushed Culture Code under the spotlight has been reduced to one member: Chris Bains. However, the quality of production has not suffered so as the arrival of Bain’s remix of ‘Escape’ is a clear sign that Culture Code’s momentum will not taper off and that the productions are going to keep rolling in at a high caliber.

The original production has been getting a ton of attention, largely in part because of an ongoing Beatport remix contest. While this is not a submission, Bains knocks it out of the part by reshaping the original with that mesmerizing Culture Code sound which time and time again effortlessly bridges harmony with dubstep to give rise to a melodically entrancing bass production. Check out Seven Lion’s remix of Superbus’s ‘All Alone’ if you want something similar feel.

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Jul 262013

In recent times, UK’s young and profoundly talented electronic music duo Culture Code have created an accelerating momentum to stardom with their series of phenomenal releases. Introducing their sounds to the community only two years ago, the duo have amounted a large following by repeatedly releasing a train of superb hits in a variety of genres. Out now with their newest track, only eight days after their massive collab with SirensCeol, ‘Code of the Siren‘, the duo has brought us an incredibly moving, melodically rich, powerful, and anthemic dubstep take on Avicii & Project 46’s ‘Crime’, further decorating their name with an essence of musical finesse and sheer talent.

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Jul 192013

Some of the fastest rising names in electronic music arena, SirensCeol and the UK duo Culture Code have been rapidly piling on remarkable tracks onto their catalog of widely successful releases. Working together in a new collab, ‘Code of the Siren’, SirensCeol and Culture Code put together an incredibly powerful electro-house production, tactfully flavored with explosive melodic segments, a thrilling electro backbone, and a complex assortment of growling, monstrous sounds, all working together in a symphonic fashion to power an irresistible sound through the speakers. The track is available for free on both SirensCeol’s & https://www.facebook.com/culturecode2/app_220150904689418 Facebook, but wherever you get it from, be sure to show them both some support for this astounding, electro chef d’oeuvre.

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May 072013

Culture Code has experienced a meteoric rise to fame since their introduction to the electronic music arena just last year. With an impeccable catalog of remixes and originals, the youthful duo is quickly climbing the ranks to a class of top tier artists. In celebration of breaking forty-thousand likes on Facebook, Culture Code released a heavy yet entrancing and anthemic dubstep remix of One Republic’s ‘If I Lose Myself’, adding another gem to their list of musical treasures.

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Apr 142013

Possibly one of the fastest rising sounds to storm the scene in the past year, the youthful UK duo Culture Code has propelled themselves into the limelight with their impeccable catalog of productions. Equipped with the ability to manifest first-rate compositions in virtually every electronic genre, the duo has brought some of the finest hits to the electronic music community. Out with their latest remix, the duo has crafted another ground-shattering anthem that hits with an emotive cadence, mapped over a growling, thrashing, and shuddering dubstep flow. As always, pick up the release for free on their Facebook.

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Dec 312012

It’s been a while since we shared a Culture Code track, but you might remember when we featured their remix of Krewella’s ‘One Minute‘ a while back. The duo is certainly an act you should keep tabs on if you are not familiar with them as they’ve had an exceptionally big introductory year with numerous hits in the dubstep arena which have gained widespread recognition and support. This is their latest release, a heavy, powerful, and grinding dubstep remix of Above & Beyond’s infamous track, ‘Thing Called Love’. As always, the track is up for free so if you need some nasty dub vibrations to get you up and moving, be sure to head over to their Facebook for a copy.

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Nov 042012

From the duo who brought us one of the best remixes of Adventure Club’s ‘Wait’, Culture Code, the young and brilliant pair from Birmingham, UK, have come back with another incredible dubstep remix, this time of of Krewella’s infamous track, ‘One Minute’. After peaking the interest of so many listeners with their previous remix, Culture Code quickly became a recognized presence and continues to reap from the accolades of their ‘Wait’ remix. If you missed it, be sure to pick it up for free in addition to their most recent ‘One Minute’ remix, a deep, hypnotic, melodic, and trance like dubstep anthem, perfect for any evening involvements. ☺Enjoy☺


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