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May 302014

Among the many talented hidden gems in electronic music, Cormak has gifted his listeners with the privilege of absorbing a wave of a phenomenal electronic productions ranging from electro-house, dubstep, nu disco, and glitch-hop. The greater privilege of following Cormak has been witnessing the development and advancement of his sound and production skills, respectively. The latest release from the Swedish prodigy comes in the form of a remix of Aloma Steele’s ‘Neptune Man’, where Cormak masterfully creates a riveting drumstep production inspired by the original. Embellishing ‘Neptune Man’ with a compelling emotive backbone, moving melodic passages, a beautiful use of the original vocals, and a massive, speaker-rattling breakdown, Cormak compliments the original with a golden touch.

Download Here

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Dec 242013

This has been floating around for a bit and we wanted to get this out before is gets buried under the current stream of new releases. If you follow this thread regularly then Cormak should not be a new name to your eyes. The young and incredibly talented Swedish producer has been releasing incredible tracks one after the other. His catalog spans a range of styles and ‘Golden Dust’ only adds another crisp and crunchy electro freebie to his list of delectable releases.

Download ‘Golden Dust’ Here

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Dec 162013

We’ve had the pleasure of following the sounds of Cormak for a while and with each successive release the young Swedish producer reminds us why there is so much talent trembling beneath the surface of mainstream electronic music. This is Cormak’s submission to Adapted Records’s remix competition for Fractal’s ‘Urchin’ off his ‘Avare EP‘. If you haven’t heard the original production, ‘Urchin’ is a phenomenal and fiery dubstep production that Cormak masterfully reworks into a grueling electro tune. As more and more remixes surface, they will have to rival the caliber of renditions like this.

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Nov 112013

There have been a bunch of ‘Vancouver Beatdown’ remixes emerging since the remix competition was launched. Even with the winner announced, there are still several takes on Zomboy’s original hitting the web. Cormak, the talented Swedish producer, recently teamed up with The Phat Crew, a dexterous Swiss duo, to put a new and incredibly polished electro-house spin on the original. Piecing each musical element together to give rise to textured and detailed production resounding with power and flavor, the three minds behind this remix have opened our ears to another meritorious rendition of ‘Vancouver Beatdown’.


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Oct 142013

Despite the fact that it has been said here numerous times in the past, Cormak is pushing a sound through the speakers that resonates with so much potential. Dexterous and versatile in almost every style of electronic music, the 18 year old producer continues to impress the electronic music community with each successive release. ‘One Night’ is his most recent single, an original that is powered with gripping, melodic composition and a clean but electrifying electro flow. As always the track is up for free, and if you’re not familiar with Cormak, keep on eye out for the name as he is bound to be snagged up by a label in the very near future.

Download ‘One Night’ Here

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Jul 122013

Cormak has yet to release a track that doesn’t explode with raw and gruesome energy. Regardless of genre, the youthful Swedish producer is continuously pushing the boundaries to develop new ways of crafting explosive and ground-shattering productions. The latest addition to his catalog, is a monstrous electro remix of ak9’s recent hit, ‘Ye’. As always the track is up for free and if you’re not familiar with Cormak, peep a bunch of freebies below.

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May 212013

Continuously driving gut-wrenching sounds through the speakers, Sweden’s largely unknown electronic producer Cormak return with a short but super sweet remix of Skrillex’s ‘Syndicate’. Available now for free download, Cormak’s take on ‘Syndicate’ is a perfect display of his proficiency in taking massive tunes and morphing them into his own explosive gems. Pounding with a volatile and incendiary flow, Cormak’s recent remix carries with an aggressive and monstrous flow that tastefully compliments the original.

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Apr 072013

If you follow our thread regularly, Cormak should be a very familiar name to your eyes. Be it electro-house, complextro, drumstep, or dubstep, there isn’t any style the Swedish prodigy can’t grasp and synthesize a masterpiece in. Out with his latest release, Cormak has remixed Kairo Kingdom’s breakout hit ‘One Two’, brilliantly morphing the tune in a monstrous, aggressive, and ground-shattering dubstep remake. Packed with explosive, grinding, and staggering breakdowns, Cormak’s latest remix highlights his talent for producing absolutely massive and flawless electronic productions. As always, pick up the track for free and show some support by following him on Facebook or SoundCloud.

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Apr 022013

Easily one of the most talented up-and-coming producers infiltrating the electronic music industry, Swedish based producer Cormak has delivered another phenomenal hit with his most recent release. Taking Madeon’s unreleased track ‘Technicolor’, the remix maestro has crafted a brilliant tune. Resonating with glistening and emotive melodic leads, Cormak transports the listener through heartfelt soundscapes only to carry the track into an explosive and electrifting electro-house breakdown. As with all of his releases, this is up for grabs so give it a play below and snag it up for free if you’d like.


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Feb 262013

One right after the other, Swedish producer Cormak continually releases top-notch productions effortlessly, bringing something bigger and better to speakers with each subsequent release. In his latest remix, Cormak has taken one of Krewella’s now iconic hits, ‘Play Hard’, and somehow managed to morph the already massive tune into his own monstrous, heavy-hitting, and filthy electro remix. While the original may be old to many, be sure to give this one a play and snag it up for free below if you’d like.

Free Download

Cormak: SoundCloud

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