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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Feb 242014

Erupting out of their musical archives, Klaypex has updated their SoundCloud with their year old Epic Meal Time collaboration, ‘Sauce Boss’. Brace yourself as this is an energy-intensive track on every level, from beginning to end. Cycling through shuddering and explosive electro-house influences, ‘Sauce Boss’ will leave you staggering for balance with its devastating growls, booming drums, and grinding synths. The track is available on iTunes for those looking to get their hands on this massive production.

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Follow Klaypex On: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Official

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Dec 162013

While they are not widely known, the Peruvian duo making up Hot Shit! has been steadily putting out some first-rate releases in the 128bpm region. ‘Laser Attack’, their latest single which has arrived via Digital Complex Records, is a right up your alley if you enjoy that aggressive electro-house sound that is tastefully balanced with melodic backbone. They have a pretty stacked catalog that you can check out on Beatport if you want to get a better feel for what kind of sounds they bring to the table.

Download ‘Laser Attack’ Here

Hot Shit!: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Beatport

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Aug 302013

One of the many talented producers hailing from Brasil, E-Cologyk has amount a wave of support and respect for his steady input of massive productions to the stream of electronic music. Known for his explosive electro and complextro productions, the Brazilian powerhouse is returning to Peakhour Music with a powerful EP that cycles through the sounds of complextro and glitch-hop in a monstrous fashion. Check out a preview below and be on the lookout for when it hits the shelves on September 3rd.

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Jul 192013

Some of the fastest rising names in electronic music arena, SirensCeol and the UK duo Culture Code have been rapidly piling on remarkable tracks onto their catalog of widely successful releases. Working together in a new collab, ‘Code of the Siren’, SirensCeol and Culture Code put together an incredibly powerful electro-house production, tactfully flavored with explosive melodic segments, a thrilling electro backbone, and a complex assortment of growling, monstrous sounds, all working together in a symphonic fashion to power an irresistible sound through the speakers. The track is available for free on both SirensCeol’s & https://www.facebook.com/culturecode2/app_220150904689418 Facebook, but wherever you get it from, be sure to show them both some support for this astounding, electro chef d’oeuvre.

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SirensCeol: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Beatport

Jul 122013

Cormak has yet to release a track that doesn’t explode with raw and gruesome energy. Regardless of genre, the youthful Swedish producer is continuously pushing the boundaries to develop new ways of crafting explosive and ground-shattering productions. The latest addition to his catalog, is a monstrous electro remix of ak9’s recent hit, ‘Ye’. As always the track is up for free and if you’re not familiar with Cormak, peep a bunch of freebies below.

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Jul 082013

Serving as one of the foremost sources for electronic music, Audiophile Live has consistently provided the community with first-rate productions from under the radar producers with tremendous talent. Gathering artists whose sounds fall into a variety of genres, the label caters to electronic tastes of all sorts, be it for something heavy or something light. The latest freebie from the label comes from Norwegian producer H3Y!, a virtually unknown name but one that shows promising potential. An explosive and seismic complextro tune, H3Y!’s ‘Cool Drinks’ rattles with brutal and electrifying breakdowns that are balanced by crystalline melodic bursts and high-pitched synths, delivering a mint and intricately detailed composition that grab the attention of those who enjoy thrilling electro productions.

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Jun 102013

One of the many talented musical minds coming out France, Nicolas S. has been steadily pushing his sound further under the spotlight. With a train of recent releases that have been crafted in a diverse and phenomenal fashion, his forthcoming album on Audiophile Live only further establishes himself as one of the more versatile figures in the electronic music arena. ‘Complexus’ is set to hit the shelves on June 12th, and if you’re looking for a compilation that spans across various electronic sounds and styles, Nicolas S. has put together an extraordinary assortment of delectable productions that’ll satisfy your musical cravings, be it for dubstep, some mid-tempo madness, a powerful, complex electro tune, or a funk driven nu disco groove; ‘Complexus’ has it all.

Nicolas S.: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Apr 092013

To no ones surprise, Au5 & I.Y.F.F.E submission to the Monstercat remix contest for Stereotronique & Sebastian Ivarsson’s ‘Tonight’ took the win. A combo that has delivered some of the most grueling, monstrous, and melodically explosive electronic productions, Au5 and I.Y.F.F.E collaborations always hit with an immeasurable ferocity. We previewed this remix back in February upon its entry to the remix contest but if you have yet to hear it, delve into a absolutely massive and staggering complextro remix. Peep the release below in its entirety and be sure to show some support; purchase a copy on Beatport.

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Feb 262013

Charting a path for inevitable success, SirensCeol repeatedly stuns and amazes with each successive release. Armed with an unceasing drive and talent for creating immaculate productions, the Californian native has brought us another radiating original. Traversing through a complex arrangement of electro sounds, embedded with entrancing vocals, sensational build-ups, and quaking breakdowns, ‘Whiplasher’ is a journey through exhilarating soundscapes that leaves the listener enamored and mesmerized in a pure energetic bliss.


Feb 122013

Scintillating to the core, Au5, I.Y.F.F.E, & Auratic have once again defied all that what once thought possible from an electronic trio with their latest release, ‘Sweet’. Out now on Monstercat, ‘Sweet’ is brilliant addition to the impenetrable trio’s catalog of recent releases, blasting with a musical prowess, embedded with jazzy soundscapes to induce a melodic hypnosis with emotionally-laden keys and enlivening synths, only to delicately transition into what is arguably one of the heaviest and most explosive compelxtro drops to be expelled from the speakers this year. As they strike perfect once again, one can only anticipate the finest and most profound sounds to come from the trio in the weeks to come. For electronic music listeners of all tastes, ‘Sweet’ is sweeter than sweet, more savory and unlike anything you’ve ever sampled before.

Buy on Beatport

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