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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Jun 172013

Another prime example of how much talent is currently circulating in the realm of electronic music, Oakland’s Dead Formant showcases the impressive musical quality that is the underground stream of electronic music. A massive submission to the remix contest for Tomorrow’s World’s ‘Drive’, Dead Formant intensifies the flow of the original and synthesized and grueling electro-house remake, hitting with incendiary and ground-shattering breakdowns, a mint and superb remix from the west coast producer.

Dead Formant: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Apr 022013

Celebrating his ten-thousandth ‘like’ on Facebook, German based producer Virtual Riot finally released his ‘Energy Drink’ single for free. While it hit the web over a week ago, hundreds of listeners were eagerly awaiting its free download. Adept at producing in a multitude of genres, Virtual Riot has put together a booming complextro piece.

Flooding the speakers with staggering complexity and an explosive wave of masterfully constructed sounds, ‘Energy Drink’ hits with a flow that is most appropriately explained by the track title. Geared towards those who revel in forceful and shuddering complextro soundtracks, ‘Energy Drink’ is the perfect fix for any dirty electro fiend. If you’re not familiar with Virtual Riot, be sure to check out some of his most recent hits, especially his ‘Idols’ track, which has to be one of the best mashups to date.

Free Download

Virtual Riot: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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Jan 192013

Earlier in the week the youthful French producer Shaun Angel took a stab at re-crafting his fellow countryman’s hit single, ‘The City’, and as an aspiring, up-and-coming producer, the quality of sound and creativity weaved into the mix is actually superb. It’d be surprising if this track doesn’t get some additional exposure as Shaun Angel does an amazing job of transforming the original flow of the track into a massive, energetically thrilling electro anthem, a sound he refers to as “complextro pop”. All in all, Shaun Angel has crafted a whomping, top-notch electro remix of an already golden tune ,and if this is any foreshadowing of what is to come, we can all expect big things from him in the future. Give it play below and snag it up for free if you’d like.


Jan 042013

A while back you might remember us sharing a track title ‘Ghost Party‘ from the underground Sweedish producer, Cormak. It was said then and it will be said again, Cormak has tremendous potential in the realm of EDM as every one of his releases is extremely crisp in sound, balanced, and polished in style. This is his latest release, a massive electro-house remix of Heady Tunes favorite SirensCeol’s ‘Raise The Floor’ and another flawless addition to his recent line of releases. If you appreciate that grungy, heavy, and dirty sounding electro sound, be sure to grab a copy of Cormak’s latest remix and check out some of his other work if you like what you hear and want some more.


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Oct 132012

On numerous occasions I’ve noticed that people get impatient with electronic music. They strain to sit through progressions, hear out the build up, and while I agree that you often need something that gets you hooked and moving immediately, hidden musical gems, in my experience, are found in tracks that are built to tell an auditory tale, the ones that cycle through unpredictable stages and sounds to keep your ears in a state of suspense. As we’ve previously stated, and as you might already know, no one does this quite as well as the young French virtuoso, BioBlitZ.

Distributed through Funk Sound Recordings earlier this week, BioBlitZ’s remix of Montee’s ‘Blow Up The Fest’ is a perfect example of how electro gems are created through detailed engineering. (This is just a side note, but if you ever listened to the French duo ‘Air‘, as I did, and are currently an ardent electro fan, BioBlitZ’s style is the perfect recipe for your liking.) BioBlitZ keeps the degree of complexity extremely high in his productions, you’re not going to call his next move. If you think you’ve heard the drop in this one, then you probably only made it two minutes through.

While the intro is carried by soft electronic keys, BioBlitZ brings about the first breakdown in a subtle fashion, adding fragments of sound that only hint at what is to come. After a growling brake, he clashes the bass leads and present melodies with electronic bleeps, glitchy crackles, vintage synths, vocal chops, and crunchy wobbles in harmony, with so much funk and so much soul, once again, creating a groove unlike any other and something that I like to call, a chef ‘oeuvre.

If you haven’t noticed, the French have an untouchable army of electronic producers strapped with a brilliant musical imagination. There is so much fresh and creative talent coming out of that country, it’s remarkable. Anyhow, head over to Beatport for a copy of BioBlitZ’s latest release, which has already been featured in Beatport’s Top 10 Must Hear Electro-House chart this week, and rightfully so. Such a great track and a perfect tune to set you off for your Saturday festivities. Stay tuned! BioBlitZ is soon to release a tribute track to all of his fans to thank them for getting him to three-thousand Facebook likes. A freebie is in works! But in the mean time, turn this one up, show some support, and pick up some freebies if you’ve missed out on them. Enjoy.