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2. marked by or showing good judgment.
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Dec 082014

This is no new name to this thread, though if you have yet to experience the pleasure and allure of Esbe’s musical creativity, here is a perfect venue to access it. The LA based producer has delivered a gripping amalgamation of tracks to the second installment of our Fall Mix Series, showcasing some of his favorite personal releases as of late.

As the fall temperatures dip further into the wintery digits, Esbe’s guest mix, which features a soothing, stirring and emotive blend of electronic beats seamlessly laced with trip-hop, downtempo, hip-hop, and soulful threads, will bring warmth to your bones and energy to your spirit in the face of cloudy days. The mix provides an adequate balance between lively, sultry, melancholic and introspective beats, giving you ample space to bounce back and forth between the various emotional soundscapes created within.


2. Pepe. – Only Lovers Left Alive
3. Freddie Joachim – Hours
4. Mabanua – Trap
5. Moods – Love Is Real
6. Matas & Edo Lee – Corcovado/I Like It
7. Machinedrum – Center Your Love
8. Deadbeats – You never know
10. Mokhov – Perfect Tomorrow.
11. Mokhov – Midnight Love
12. Defiant Kinetics – Epistate

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Dec 032014

Simon Green, better known as Bonobo, is one of those rare musicians who apparently can do no wrong when it comes to creating music. His latest release, the short but very sweet Flashlight EP is yet another example of why Green is arguably one of the most talented musicians in the world of electronic/ambient/downtempo music—the guy’s a legend! The EP begins with the lush, flowing title track “Flashlight,” which, like the opening tracks on his other albums, sets the perfect tone for what is to come. That is followed up by a spacier, more upbeat groove called “Pelican,” which takes the listener ever deeper into the sonic bliss of the EP. Everything is wrapped up (far too soon) with “Return To Air,” featuring soothing female vocal snippets and varied percussion over little electronic flourishes that reminds me of songs like “Kiara” or “Kong” off of the Black Sands album. Although it just makes me impatient for more Bonobo, the EP is most certainly worth the listen and the purchase. Enjoy!

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Dec 022014

I was first introduced to UK-based producer Ambassadeurs via his excellent remix of Odesza’s “Say My Name,” and I even had the pleasure to see him live while opening up for the duo in October. Though he has stayed relatively quiet in the States, it’s obvious that he has some tricks up his sleeve. As a part of his monthly free download series, his latest release, “From You,” is a sonic gem that fits right in with his other impressive tunes. Living somewhere between dubstep, trap, and ambient, “From You” is a chill, futuristic journey that is perfect for a brisk autumn day. Grab this free download and more from Ambassadeurs’ Soundcloud page. If you like it, you can purchase his previous EPs from iTunes. Enjoy!

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Nov 302014

Don’t be fooled by the title of ProleteR’s most recent EP, as the caliber of producer that is inferred by its name could not be further removed from the truth. ‘Rookie EP’ is the French beatmaker’s most recent compilation of tracks, stretching the greatest lengths and reaching peak heights of ProleteR’s polished abstract, jazzy hip-hop style.

Complimenting his previous line of musical works, ProleteR once again flawlessly blends the sounds of 20s and 30s jazz into the bouncy, hip-hop flavored beats. ProleteR’s powers clean but stomping percussion, layering his drums tastefully behind and in front of textured, lively, and savory brass and vocal samples. Be sure to snag up ‘Rookie EP’, on Bandcamp as this is surely one of ProleteR’s most energy-rich compilations.

Download Here

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Nov 302014

Those of you who have kept tabs on the The Cancel here on this thread and on other platforms, may have been slightly disconcerted at the announcement of the duos disbandment. The Ukrainian production team anchored themselves deep into the stream of jazzy hip-hop instrumentals and together delivered a vibrant stream of memorable singles and lengthy compilations. The fate of the project is, thankfully, not looking grim as one of the members will be continuing the advancement and expansion of the The Cancel’s musical catalog from now and well into the foreseeable future.

‘Criminal’ surfaces as The Cancel’s first full-length solo album since the split, and the nineteen track compilation will not leave any fan disappointment by any means. Packed with an array of musical essentials, the majority of releases featured on ‘Criminal’ cycle through a melancholic terrain, rooted with rich and gentle melodies, soothing vocal hymns and punchy gusts of percussive breaks; ideal for the upcoming cozy winter days. The Cancel albums always deliver a return greater than their monetary value, so if you’re in the mood for giving, snag up the newest installment in the latest phase of The Cancel musical history.

Download Here

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Nov 182014

Not much else can be desired from the Greek beatmaker mononome, a versatile musical craftsman who repeatedly delivers slates of lush and textured trip-hop/abstract hip-hop productions. Splicing and composing his musical narratives on an Akai MPC 2500, mononome swings a deep, emotive and melancholic groove into the base of his latest compilation ‘Tale Of The Phoenix’. The six track release comes filled with many of mononome’s signature drum sequencing patterns, warm basslines, dusty horn samples and vocal bits, as heard throughout ‘From The Ashes’. Pick apart the compilation in bits and pieces, or allow the rhythmic and emotive progression of the album carry you into a contemplative musical state.

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Aug 142014

Detroit-native GRiZ has been on a non-stop tour between shows and festivals for the past few months. He recently took some time before the HARD Summer Music Festival in Los Angeles to do a morning show for Jason Bentley who hosts a segment at KCRW titled Morning Becomes Eclectic. To start off his funky set GRiZ showed off one of his new songs that he hasn’t quite released for download just yet called “A Fine Way to Die”. His set continued with fan favorites such as “DTW to DIA” and of course “Gettin’ Live”. GRiZ also took a break in the middle of his set to answer some questions about his music and how he got into the industry. If your a GRiZ lover I highly recommend you check out the 45 minute segment below where he jams out on his saxophone and gives us a piece of his mind.


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Aug 122014

French beatmaker ProleteR has steadily flushed the musical banks of abstract, hip-hop instrumentals with fluid, cohesive and stunningly attractive creations. With a discography rich in quantity and lush with lively quality, ProleteR adds a new compilation to his shelves with ‘Tribute to the Masters Vol. 1’, a six track assortment of ProleteR tribute remixes that bring new life to decades old classics such as ‘Hello Dolly’ by the great Louis Armstrong, ‘That’s Life’ by The Sultan of Swoon, Frank Sinatra, and ‘Having a Party’ by soul music icon, Sam Cooke. ProleteR adds a flavorful and stirring hip-hop bounce into each and every tribute, leaving you duly pleased with the blend of sounds new and old. Stream the full release and pick up a copy free of charge via Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Jun 202014

Hailing from Aachen, Germany, FloFilz can be easily classed withing tier Europes talented and tasteful jazzy beatmakers. While he might not get a ton of rave and acclaim, the man is no doubt skilled at what he does, and that entails piecing together what he calls “jazz sample based oldschool” productions. ‘Nutzlast’ was allegedly recorded from a 30-year tape, and if you’re questioning the authenticity, just give the track an invested listen. It is an investment worth making as FloFilz creates a simple yet intriguing production that floods your ears with jazzy piano walks, soothing brass, and some relaxing drumwork all wrapped up in a ol’ soul flavor.

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Jun 182014

If you’re not familiar with the name, it is never too late to delve into the sounds and catalog of France’s remarkably talented and active duo, The Geek x Vrv. These two have  always been a breath of fresh, rejuvenating air in the midst of the often suffocating and muggy atmosphere of electronic music. Heavy contenders in their domain, The Geek x Vrv have established themselves as an immensely versatile and proficient combination with a touch and taste for masterfully blending inlfuences into a bubbling stew of soulful-electronic jazz-hop funk.

As you’d expect from the name, ‘B.T.O.S Volume 3’ is the third installation to their B.T.O.S series which has thus far been an indulging treat. B.T.O.S Volume 3 is nothing less with its offering of a musical remedy for any time, setting, or state of mind. From the mood-lifting, body-girrating anthems like ‘Around You’ and ‘Trumpet Dancing’, to the cashmere-soft and smooth interludes like ‘Midnight Thoughts’ and ‘Good Bye’, The Geek x Vrv’s knack for tastefully infusing electronic sounds and hip-hop stylings into the fibers of soul, funk, and jazz will leave no ear unsatisfied. ‘B.T.O.S Volume’ 3 is available for free or for a courteous donation via Bandcamp.

Download Here

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