Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Dec 102014

The latest installment to the Fall Mix Series originates from our Canadian neighbor, trog’low. The Vancouver based producer touts a vast catalog of productions sourced with a fervid appreciation for jazz, classical and hip-hop. With several compilations already under his belt, trog’low appears to be in the preliminary stages of releasing additional material, suggested by the title of the mix, ‘Sparkling Adventures 2’, a would-be successor to his previous ‘Sparkling Adventures‘ debut. The mix finds itself laced with a horde of unreleased content, upbeat in rhythm and colorful in melody, serving as a superlative tracklist for daily adventures.

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May 212014

Narrating one of the richest musical dialogues in the chambers of downtempo and trip-hop, The Moderator has returned to Cult Classic Records with a new, flooring LP, ‘As The Lights Fade‘. The album arrives as a new addition to his “MODulations” series and is packed with a deluxe assortment of remastered and reworked productions. From the melancholic guitar licks and soothing beat of ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘Feeling Blue’, to the seductively smooth and jazzy swing of ‘Soothing Night’ and ‘Mod’s Jazz’, The Moderator’s latest compilation offers an infallible cure for daily stresses with pacifying and psychologically uplifting vibrations. Courtesy of Cult Classic Records, ‘As The Lights Fade’ can be pick up for free or for a generous donation.

Download Here

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Feb 112014

Cult Classic Records has steadily filled the stream of music with enveloping productions from some of the underground’s most talented musical minds. The latest compilation to hit the label comes from Canada’s gifted beatmaker, trog’low. ‘Late Night Travels’ embodies his experiences traversing through his city’s late night environments, which have resulted in the formation of a series of intricately crafted instrumental productions that stimulate your senses with serene harmonies, soothing percussion, and a flood euphoric vibrances. The album builds off some of his previous releases like ‘Goodnight Eskimo‘, and can be picked up for a price you name.

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Feb 022014

Belgium’s Monkey Marginal Art recently put together a twenty-two track beat tape of productions from beatmakers across the European continent and beyond. The compilation encompasses a range of releases from some sample-based acts who may have caught your eye in some of our previous threads, namely The French Touch Connection’s albums. Names like SmokedBeat, Diabi, Soade, and MMA’s very own, Costa and Skull, pack the release with an exquisite assortment of trip-hop flavored sounds, fusing samples, melodies, and hypnotizing percussion into first-rate productions.

Download ‘Art Jacking’ Here

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Jun 212013

With the electronic music arena overflowing and over-saturated with womps, wobbles, and high intensity sounds, its easy and often refreshing to find solace in vibrations that resonate with a different flavor and feeling. What NYC based producer Biro has brought to the table with his latest album is a finely crafted assortment of sounds that caters to an ear in need some refreshing and soothing productions.

In his eight track compilation, Biro puts forth an array of short and sweet instrumentals beats all seasoned with soulful carries, emotive melodic leads, gentle yet moving percussive elements, and a flood of sedative, thought-provoking soundscapes. A release to be played from beginning to end with out interruption, ‘beets 2’ is glowing release calling out to music listeners of all tastes.

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