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Dec 032014

Simon Green, better known as Bonobo, is one of those rare musicians who apparently can do no wrong when it comes to creating music. His latest release, the short but very sweet Flashlight EP is yet another example of why Green is arguably one of the most talented musicians in the world of electronic/ambient/downtempo music—the guy’s a legend! The EP begins with the lush, flowing title track “Flashlight,” which, like the opening tracks on his other albums, sets the perfect tone for what is to come. That is followed up by a spacier, more upbeat groove called “Pelican,” which takes the listener ever deeper into the sonic bliss of the EP. Everything is wrapped up (far too soon) with “Return To Air,” featuring soothing female vocal snippets and varied percussion over little electronic flourishes that reminds me of songs like “Kiara” or “Kong” off of the Black Sands album. Although it just makes me impatient for more Bonobo, the EP is most certainly worth the listen and the purchase. Enjoy!

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May 302014

Following up on his massive spring tour, which was launched in support of his ‘Northern Borders’ album, UK’s beloved Bonobo is set to descend across the north american continent for a DJ tour in the fall of this year. His run will touch down in some major cities like Washington D.C., Boston, Miami, Denver, and Seattle. During the first leg of the tour Bonobo will be accompanied by his label mate FaltyDL. For those of you headed out to the latter half of shows on this run, Kastle will be joining the tour at the end of September. This has been deemed Bonobo’s “first proper DJ tour” so we wouldn’t be precarious in having high hopes; these shows will certainly be a treat to all. That said, Bonobo live is a feat to catch if you have the chance and change. If you still have yet to catch Bonobo and the acts he brings on stage for his live performance, you still have some opportunities to witness the sweetness in July during his last remaining US performances at events like Hudson Project Music Festival and Central Park Summer Stage, one of which is free.

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Aug 222013

With the start of Bonobo’s The North Borders album tour approaching, supporting acts have finally been announced for the North American dates. Beginning October 10th, the live band will be introduced by the likes of artists such as Paul Basic, Grey Reveren, Real magic, & Chet Faker. Tickets are still available for all tour dates and each stop in the North American run will be live set. *Buy Tickets*

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