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Oct 072014

As if they ever needed it, the Colorado-based live electronic duo, Big Gigantic, received the coveted Diplo Stamp of Approval this past weekend by putting together an hour-long mix for the Mad Decent boss’s BBC show Diplo and Friends. In true Big G fashion, the mix starts off with a bang and continues at full throttle for the full hour, incorporating beloved Big Gigantic songs—both new and old—as well as bangers from the likes of Oliver Heldens, DJ Snake, Flux Pavilion and more. On the whole, the mix stays true to the Big G’s signature, genre-defying style of bass music, and every piece of it is dripping with the jazzy sounds of Dominic Lalli’s incredible saxophone. Tried and true, Big Gigantic is one of those rare acts in electronic music that is able to stay relevant (almost effortlessly) while still marching to the beat of their own drummer (literally). This one is essential listening for your next weekend pregame—just make sure the neighbors are gone. Now turn your speakers WAY up and enjoy!

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Aug 232014

After the successful release of their latest album The Night Is Young in February, the funkiest electronic duo in the land is back at work with a very fresh remix of Zhu’s smash hit ‘Faded’. I know what you’re thinking: enough with the ‘Faded’ remixes already! I promise this one is worth the listen. It’s always a risk to remix a song that is steadily becoming a bit played-out; however Big G superbly maintains the deep, sultry vibe of the original and manages to put their own saxy spin on the track. Although they are known for a more dubbstep/bass/etc. sound, Big G has taken a step towards the current flavor-of-the-week sound—so-called “future house”— and created a track that reminds me a bit of Oliver Heldens or Tchami. Of course, I’m not knocking the guys for following the trend as they are known for branching out into various genres with plenty of success. Plus, it doesn’t really matter because a funky track is a funky track no matter how many times it’s been remixed. And if you know what’s good for you, I’d recommend checking out Big G on their Touch the Sky Tour this fall. Enjoy!

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Feb 182014

Fresh off their latest album release, ‘The Night Is Young‘, Colorado’s prolific duo, Big Gigantic, is powering through the remaining stops on the current Winter Tour in full force. With history of igniting venues and crowds with their explosive electronic style, if you yet to catch the duo live, now is a good time to capitalize on the opportunity.

Big Gigantic will be taking over the House of Blues in Boston, MA, on Thursday, February 20th, with opening support from gLAdiator and Dark City Agent. Enter below for a chance to win a pair of tickets for you and a friend. Entries can be increased by supporting Big Gigantic on Facebook with a like. Winners will be randomly selected and announced at 1PM EST on the day of the show.

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Dec 182013

Big Gigantic will be kicking off a new winter tour in 2014 in the weeks surrounding the release of their forthcoming album ‘The Night Is Young’. Starting on February 12, the Colorado duo will be hitting up twenty location around the country, heavily concentrated on the eastern part of the United States. Pre-sale tickets are available now for very reasonable prices and with their latest lighting production and a fresh new album, this is definitely an act to mark onto your calendar of shows for next year. Check out one of the singles from the album, ‘Touch The Sky‘, which dropped last week. Ticket prices go up on Saturday, December 21st.

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Dec 042013

BassLights is making its way back to Hampton, VA for its fourth resurgence. Tickets are still available via Ticketmaster but with the recent round of additions, tickets sales are sure to spike. Big G is returning again for their second time at BassLights at the Coliseum, and will be accompanied by Michal Menert, Keys N Krates, and Datsik.

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Oct 032013

Will take a guess that most people wont expect a groove like this when they check out Big Gigantic’s latest ‘Love Letters’, featuring the vocalist Sabina Sciubba from Brazilian Girls. A very different sound than what we’re used to hearing form Big G, ‘Love Letters’ penetrates the airspace with transcendental waves and steady, clean drumwork. Some people have commented saying it has a Disclosure sound through, and while Lalli’s sax riffs can sometimes get repetitive and unvaried from track to track (personally), they come up from underneath the layers of the intro to add the perfect touch the song.

If you’re into getting a new Big G flavor, or just like hearing new and different sounds from artists in general, check out GRiZ’s recent bootleg if you missed yesterday; its stand apart stylistically from the majority of the songs he’s produced.

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Oct 012013

New York City is always a prime location to be around come New Year’s Eve. Events of all sort are taking place beyond count, and the Big Apple has been particularly spoiled the past few years with some sensational New Year’s Eve electronic performances, especially the historic Roseland Ballroom. With Steve Angello’s 2011 NYE performance and last year’s Pretty Lights NYE double header, Roseland is getting hit again, this time with a two-night run from Colorado’s Big Gigantic.

Pre-sale tickets went on sale earlier today and in a matter of a couple of hours, GA Floor 2-day passes & GA Floor for NYE tickets sold out. Tickets will be going fast and its more than likely the entire event will sell out in the months to come. Snag up GA Floor tix for 12/30 & VIP packages for both nights here. If you missed it check out Big G’s remix of ‘Can’t Hold Us’, up for free download.

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Dec 112012

If you happened to find yourself at Electric Forest this past summer, then you most likely witnessed the convergence of three styles that could not have been more perfectly suited for one another, GRiZ, Gramatik, and Big Gigantic, a convergence that led to the rise of what instantly became the talk of the weekend, Big Grizmatik.

Since, we have seen seen the surge of Grizmatik, an oracular and now revered presence in the music community whose ‘Digital Freedom Is Mad Liberation‘ release is arguably one of the best and most ground-breaking electronic productions to surface in recent times. And while GRiZ and Gramatik have shared their glory together with Grizmatik, you cannot forget one of the biggest highlights on Mad Liberation, which was hands down, aside from every other masterpiece, ‘Mr.B’, the heavy, electronic funked based collab between Dom Lalli and GRiZ with saxophones galore.

Given the success of ‘Mr.B’ and the fervent demand for a subsequent follow-up collaboration, it was only a matter of time before the two musical prodigies reunited to fuse their prophetic knowledge of music to create a riveting and explosive new creation that would shoots waves of exhiliration through the ears of listeners. ‘Power’, the latest and soon to be viral release from GRiZ and Big Gigantic could not harbor the sound of excellence and perfection any more than it how it was originally manifested. The track stands flawless on every level, hitting with deep, forceful, and floor-shaking electronic-dub vibrations infused with invigorating and enlivening elements that resound with funk, musical sophistication, and prowess, creating a groove that could only have been crafted by the minds of GRiZ and Big Gigantic themselves. Naturally, this collaboration could only be complete in nature with some sexy and juicy saxophone leads, and that is exactly what we are given in a masterful and succulent fashion.

This release will certainly initiate a massive wave of excitement for those of you living in the Midwest as Chicago will be hosting what is easily going to be one of the most sensational New Years Eve blowouts, a GRiZ plus Big Gigantic headlining performance, something that has a jaw dropping effect upon merely reading of its upcoming occurrence. Tickets officially sold out but for those who are attending, know that you are envied by many. For those of you who just can’t bear the thought of missing out on this soon to be legendary moment in music history, tickets are still available via StubHub and Ticketnetwork but be warned, they will cost a you pretty penny. However, for a show that will undoubtedly be a night to remember for a lifetime, the charge for a priceless event will be worth every last dollar you pay, 3-fold.

To anyone who missed GRiZ’s live Beatport set, don’t continue to starve yourself of what was easily one of best performances to be hosted at Beatport’s Denver headquarters. Snag it up for free below in addition to Big G’s latest tribute to Colorado for their legalization of the green leaf if you missed it. And of course, be sure to pick up ‘Power’, a track whose names speaks for itself and one that will undoubtedly be filtering through countless outlets in the days, weeks, and months to come.

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