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Sep 302013

Hailing from France, Pixaliz is another testament to fact that France’s spews out electronic producers with incredible talents and spectacular musical imaginations. Forthcoming via Audiophile Live, Pixaliz is bringing four funk-filled grooves to the table with his ‘One EP’. Lined with glistening melodies and an endless source of enlivening musical passages, Pixaliz’s “French house” dubbed compilation is going to fill October 2nd with a proper dose of funk and soul. Check out some previews and snag up Pixeliz’s remix of Daft Punk’s ‘Give Life Back To Music’.

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Pixaliz: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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Sep 132013

Known for pulsing and destructive electro production, Canada’s Chris Poirier has switched it up a bit to bring us a spellbinding progressive house creation, ‘Do You’. Out via Audiophile Live, Poirier crafts a soothing production, one polished with tranquilizing drumwork, euphoric vocal cuts and celestial harmonies. Out for free download soon.

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Jul 292013

If you need an immediate rush of raw, unadulterated, filth-driven energy, you can never go wrong with Eliminate. Pushing some of the heaviest sounds through the speakers, the Washington state producer is continuously breaking the sound barrier with monstrous, gut-wrenching productions. His most recent remix of Blaster & Bypass Bandits’s ‘Ghosts’, which hit the shelves earlier in the month via Audiophile Live, is another destructive production, exploding with an immeasurable ferocity that is nothing short of bass music at its finest. Seasoned with deep, growling vibrations, sizzling breaks and chops, and complimentary melodic leads, Eliminate concocts a tremendous remix for the Audiophile Catalog.

Eliminate: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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Jul 192013

As we wait for their forthcoming releases, ‘Ghosts’, set to hit the shelves on July 22nd via Audiophile Live, peep Blaster & Bypass Bandits’s new freebie ‘Saxogrowl’. A dark, sinister, and staggering releases, Blaster & Bypass Bandits put forth a brutal onslaught of swooshing, pounding, and filth-driven soundscapes, elevating the hype and anticipation for their releases next week. Snag up ‘Saxogrowl’ for free and be on the lookout for when ‘Ghosts’ drops as it will include some massive remixes from Eliminate, King Kornelius, and We Bang!.

Blaster: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter
Blaster: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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Jun 102013

One of the many talented musical minds coming out France, Nicolas S. has been steadily pushing his sound further under the spotlight. With a train of recent releases that have been crafted in a diverse and phenomenal fashion, his forthcoming album on Audiophile Live only further establishes himself as one of the more versatile figures in the electronic music arena. ‘Complexus’ is set to hit the shelves on June 12th, and if you’re looking for a compilation that spans across various electronic sounds and styles, Nicolas S. has put together an extraordinary assortment of delectable productions that’ll satisfy your musical cravings, be it for dubstep, some mid-tempo madness, a powerful, complex electro tune, or a funk driven nu disco groove; ‘Complexus’ has it all.

Nicolas S.: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Jun 062013

Another talented producer coming out of Brazil, Becca steadily releases mint and high-quality productions. While there have numerous electro artists born from that region, Becca is gifted in synthesizing hits not only in the 128 bpm region but also in the 140 bpm of dubstep. You might recall us sharing his dubstep original ‘Cat Hanged‘ a while but if you missed it be sure to check it out in addition to his recent electro-house remix of Still Alive’s ‘Sunscream’. Out now via Audiophile Live, Becca works in his own powerful and crisp electro-house flavor into the ‘Sunscream’ while preserving the uplifting melodic undertone of the original. Check out this remix and be sure to peep the original mix of ‘Sunscream’.

Becca: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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