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Sep 292013

With the culmination of the remix competition for Televisor’s ‘Old Skool’ Monstercat release, the remix compilation for the track has finally been released and boy it has greatly exceeded expectation. Featuring five remixes from a range of producers including Alex Mind, Different Heaven, Fractal, Nitro Fun, and Aero Chord, the compilation is jam packed with a range of sounds that cater to almost every electronic music listener. Aero Chord and Nitro Fun’s remix stand with a delectable flavor however each release stands on its own plateau of greatness, masterfully crafted to contribute and complete an album of tremendous worth, more that what its price tag demands.

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Jul 032013

A true powerhouse in the realm of electro, Brazilian visionary Alex Mind has spearheaded the movement with explosive and ground-shattering productions. With a catalog of superb productions, any release from the Rio de Janeiro producer is always a phenomenal display of his masterful grasp on the electro-house genre. Fueling a new remix of Freakhouze’s ‘Universe’, Alex Mind tastefully balances uplifting melodic passages with shuddering electro breakdowns to deliver another impeccable hit for ever-growing fan base.

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May 132013

In celebration of their recent successes, the Belgian based label DUSTLA has put together an absolutely phenomenal compilation of bass cradled tracks that is suited for electronic music listeners of all tastes. Cycling through the sounds of electro-house, dubstep, drum & bass, and glitch-hop, ‘We Are DUSTLA’ is packed with electrifying sounds that hit with shuddering force and a filthy undertone that makes for a set of massive, gritty releases. As a token of appreciation for the support the label has received recently, ‘We Are DUSTLA’ is up for free featuring some major releases from the likes of Alex Mind, Zuri, Shirobon, Ak9, and many others. Stream the release in its entirety below and be sure to snag it up for free; this is a must have.

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Jan 182013

Brand new track stormed the web today from the Brazilian mastermind, and if you missed the old Alex Mind, rejoice in the fact that he’s taken back to the good ol’ days, complextro. If you’re not a complextro fan, then this might not be for you, but if you’ve always thoroughly enjoyed the genre that keeps it massive, grungy, ever-changing, and intensely detailed, Alex Mind’s latest freebie, ‘Wrong Monster’ will hit home. The track is up for grabs so give it a play, snag up a copy, and if you’re not aware, Alex Mind is currently behind one of the hottest duos around right now, I.Y.F.F.E. We’ve feature several of their release so once again, if you’re not familiar with them, now is a great time to get acquainted with what is bound to be one of the most talked about figures in 2013. Check out their explosive drumstep remix of Seven Lion’s ‘Days To Come’, which won the Beatport remix contest, in addition to I.Y.F.F.E’s latest funkstep, moombaton collab with Au5 & Auratic: a remix of Singularity’s ‘Breathe’.

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Dec 112012

Yesterday was big day for I.Y.F.F.E as they saw their first Beatport releases hit the shelves via Adapted Records. As many of you already know, the duo is currently competing to take the win in Seven Lion’s Beatport remix contest and they are firmly maintaining the second place possession. If you have yet to hear their remix, head over to Beatport and give a listen; I’d be hard pressed to believe if it doesn’t earn your vote.

I.Y.F.F.E’s official Beatport EP release, ‘Shining Vision’, is a two track compilation featuring an original dubstep mix from a remix from Brazilian electro icon Alex Mind, who takes ‘Shining Vision’ and transforms it into a absolutely massive and filthy sounding complextro jam, a signature trademark of Alex Mind that his fan base has grown to love and crave. His remix of ‘Shining Vision’ is up on Beatport in addition to original production from I.Y.F.F.E so give it a play and pick up an official copy if you’d like.

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Dec 032012

Brazilian electro-house maverick Alex Mind, known for his unconventional electro/complextro style, released a little December gift for us earlier today on his SoundCloud. Occasionally, he experiments with the various sub genres of EDM, apparent in his most recent release which is an official and huge dubstep remix of Danish pop-star Medina’s ‘Happening’. The track is up for grabs and couldn’t be anything less than a testament to his pristine production abilities.

For those of you who don’t know, Alex Mind is half of the collaborative project that makes up I.Y.F.F.E, the remaining half being Conrad Funk. The duo is currently striving to obtain the win in the Seven Lions ‘Days To Come’ Beatport remix contest. Be sure to check out their remix submission here, which we posted earlier today, that includes links to the voting url if you’d like to show some support. ☺Enjoy☺


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Oct 262012

For a while I.Y.F.F.E. has been teasing about releasing this track. And while so many people have remixed this song, the duo, comprised of Brazilian electro-house/complextro juggernaut Alex Mind, and Canadian veteran DJ/producer Conrad Funk, have brought us one of the heaviest and most filthy electro remakes to date.

I.Y.F.F.E. is a recent project, not more than a few months old, who came to our attention when they released their first original, ‘Hollywood v2.0‘. If you follow our YouTube, you might remember their huge dirty house remix of Adventure Club and Krewella’s ‘Rise and Fall’. This combo is currently bringing some of the biggest and powerfully driven electro-dub house to the scene, if I may call it that. Get on board, this track is massive, and stayed tuned as these guys are sure to be shaking shit up in the near future. ☺Enjoy☺


Sep 282012

How do you get some of the best sounding electro-house to come out of the speakers? You put two of the most unstoppable acts in the game in a studio together, with your end result being, exactly what you have right here before you.

Before all else, I have to restate the fact that Brazil has been pumping out some of the best electro-house contenders hitting the scene: Chrizz Luvly, Dirtyloud, FTampa, Eric Farias, and E-Cologyk, are only a handful of examples. Alex Mind and Darth & Vader add to that list with their tremendous influence in the genre and make that list of Brazilian artist even more untouchable. This is their dub mix of thier most recent collaboration ‘Give Me feat Jay Jacob’.

I will say that “dub mix” is a little deceiving. The song really isn’t dub at all. It’s the same massive electro-house tune as the vocal edit, the main difference being that there are no vocals. If you want, check out the original mix for a sample of what they sound like. Nothing else left to do here but to listen to two of the most talented acts in electro and complextro do what they do best. ☺Enjoy☺

Alex Mind: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter
Darth & Vader: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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Sep 112012

If you are not familiar with James Egbert or Alex Mind, then you probably didn’t share the same excitement I experienced with I heard this collaboration was in the works. Easily two of my favorite producers, James Egbert and Alex Mind have both served as innovative and influential figures in their field, pioneering first-rate electro sounds to an audience with a ravenous musical appetite. Alone, each of them has experienced an explosive rise in the Electro-House community after numerous Beatport chart toppers and with the release of highly anticipated Albums and EPs.

Naturally, it seemed fit for these two to come together to fuse their styles and talents, and to assemble a production that would send dance-floors quaking. They did just that and much more in their newest collaboration, officially released via Fuzion Muzik. Now available on Beatport, ‘Ghost Machine’ is a surprising but amazing departure from the Electro-House pace that Egbert and Alex Mind typically use. Instead, they construct a huge Moombah style Electro jam with a slower groove that will surely get your head moving and bobbin’. Snag a copy on Beatport and be sure to check out some original tracks from both artists.


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