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Nov 302014

Those of you who have kept tabs on the The Cancel here on this thread and on other platforms, may have been slightly disconcerted at the announcement of the duos disbandment. The Ukrainian production team anchored themselves deep into the stream of jazzy hip-hop instrumentals and together delivered a vibrant stream of memorable singles and lengthy compilations. The fate of the project is, thankfully, not looking grim as one of the members will be continuing the advancement and expansion of the The Cancel’s musical catalog from now and well into the foreseeable future.

‘Criminal’ surfaces as The Cancel’s first full-length solo album since the split, and the nineteen track compilation will not leave any fan disappointment by any means. Packed with an array of musical essentials, the majority of releases featured on ‘Criminal’ cycle through a melancholic terrain, rooted with rich and gentle melodies, soothing vocal hymns and punchy gusts of percussive breaks; ideal for the upcoming cozy winter days. The Cancel albums always deliver a return greater than their monetary value, so if you’re in the mood for giving, snag up the newest installment in the latest phase of The Cancel musical history.

Download Here

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Sep 142014

Like thieves in the night, Seattle-based duo Odesza has swiftly and silently snuck their way onto everyone’s radar over the past year or so. Although Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight have only been making beautiful music together since the 2012 release of their brilliant debut album Summer’s Gone, they are most certainly deserving of the hype that has surrounded their name recently. With props coming in from electronic bigwigs like Pretty Lights and the adoration of a steadily growing fan base, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect BIG things from Odesza in the years to come.

After two years in production, the world’s eardrums can now rejoice as their second album In Return is finally available for purchase. And if you were wise enough to pre-order your copy and received your download a week early, you already know that In Return is nothing short of a masterpiece. Combining the group’s signature upbeat drumming, light and dreamy synths, and perfect smatterings of bass overlaid by the hauntingly beautiful vocals from a number of collaborators, the album is equal parts uplifting and inspiring. Initially, I thought to do a track-by-track review of the album, but decided against it as the music really does speak for itself. For my money, though, it doesn’t get much better than “It’s Only” featuring the blissful and moving vocals of Zyra. Do yourself (and your spirit) a favor by ordering your copy of In Return right now; I promise you won’t regret it. Be sure to show your support as well by catching the guys on tour this fall (you won’t be disappointed) and by checking out the rest of their music including Summer’s Gone and My Friends Never Die EP, both of which are available for free download.

Now kick back , relax, and enjoy the refreshingly creative sounds of Odesza. Spread the word, and spread the love! Enjoy!

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Jun 182014

If you’re not familiar with the name, it is never too late to delve into the sounds and catalog of France’s remarkably talented and active duo, The Geek x Vrv. These two have  always been a breath of fresh, rejuvenating air in the midst of the often suffocating and muggy atmosphere of electronic music. Heavy contenders in their domain, The Geek x Vrv have established themselves as an immensely versatile and proficient combination with a touch and taste for masterfully blending inlfuences into a bubbling stew of soulful-electronic jazz-hop funk.

As you’d expect from the name, ‘B.T.O.S Volume 3’ is the third installation to their B.T.O.S series which has thus far been an indulging treat. B.T.O.S Volume 3 is nothing less with its offering of a musical remedy for any time, setting, or state of mind. From the mood-lifting, body-girrating anthems like ‘Around You’ and ‘Trumpet Dancing’, to the cashmere-soft and smooth interludes like ‘Midnight Thoughts’ and ‘Good Bye’, The Geek x Vrv’s knack for tastefully infusing electronic sounds and hip-hop stylings into the fibers of soul, funk, and jazz will leave no ear unsatisfied. ‘B.T.O.S Volume’ 3 is available for free or for a courteous donation via Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Jun 182014

The Jazz Jousters have returned with nothing short of what you’d except from one of the most active and classy, jazz, hip-hop fusion music community. The Jazz Jousters fall under the wing of Millennium Jazz Music and ‘New Genesis’ emerges in celebration of The Jousters two-year anniversary together and the thirty-fourth compilation release, all in tribute to jazz music. You’ll find that the fifteen track album is packed with some delicious jazz-flavored releases from some talented producers like Pawcut, Esk-K, Mr. Moods, SmokedBeat and many more. The Jazz Jousters, yet again, successfully pack a new compilation with some classy, flavorful, and colorful jazzy samples and fashioned beats.

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Jun 162014

It is without question that Kill Emil has risen to become one of more talented beatmakers fromGreece. We have had the pleasure of featuring several of his releases on this thread, and this month we take that pleasure once again as Kill Emil is celebrating the release of his third album, ‘Lights & Shadows’.

Out now on Beatquick, ‘Lights & Shawdows’ is a multi-faceted compilation that delicately illustrates a captivating musical narrative, cycling from dark and melancholic moods to uptempo and elated grooves. Hashfinger and Kill Emil’s fellow Greek countryman mononome make an appearance on the album, adding a two complimentary and tantalizing releases to the solo-album. Arguably one of Kill Emil’s most manicured and well-crafted release, ‘Lights & Shawdows’ provides a new, life-enriching elixir for the downtempo, trip-hop community to guzzle up for an eternity,

Download Here

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Jun 042014

Italdred has been steadily providing the trip-hop and hip-hop instrumental listening community with a dense selection of productions from producers that would likely not receive recognition without their efforts. The London based label recently released ‘Chronic Organicism Part 4.’, the final installment to their ‘Chronic Organicism’ series and rich and deluxe compliment to bundles 1-3. While the fourth installment to ‘Chronic Organicism’ is shorter than its predecessors, if you’re looking for a compilation filled with releases from obscure and unknown producers, that all harbor a smooth and relaxing musical undertone dive head first into the twenty-nine track package. ‘Chronic Organicism Part 4.’ is available for free download on Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Jun 032014

The latest release to hit the shelves on Paxico Records comes from Long Beach producer Ahwlee, who compiles his latest collection of beats in a nineteen -track beat tape title ‘1991’. Paxico Records, is among some of the last surviving labels that distributes releases in the form of cassette tapes. That said, you can take a guess that there is a vintage and ol’ school,  hip-hop instrumental flavor preserved in these releases, and there are plenty of salacious samples and snippets to keep you satisfied several times around.

Before you take a listen, here are some notable human achievements to peruse through, which might have forgotten took place in 1991…

• Internet is made available to unrestricted commercial use and number of computers on the net reaches 1 million
• Linus Torvalds releases first version of the Linux operating system kernel
• The American Galileo spacecraft makes its closest approach to 951 Gaspra, becoming the first probe to visit an asteroid
• Microsoft Releases MS Dos 5.0
• Blue Roses produced by Genetic Engineering
• Tim Berners-Lee introduces the web browser.
• Ahwlee uses current technology to start recording 1991


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Jun 032014

Hailing from Bradford, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, HashFinger has brought a his latest compilation to the table on a glistening, platinum-core platter. Spanning twenty-one sultry and succulent productions, HashFinger lures his listener into the auditory story of ‘Lessons’ with a mystical and enchanted combination of musical aromas, sounds, rhythms, samples, instrumental licks, and breaks. An all-encompassing album, capable of turning the heads of music listeners of all types, ‘Lessons’ stimulates the deepest neural networks of your brain with an immaculate fusion of musical origins, from jazz, trip-hop, world, and downtempo, to hip-hop, turntablism, lounge and soul. Music is timeless so if you’re late on the ‘Lessons’ upswing, do make sure to snag this one up for keeping. Digital and limited vinyl copies are available now through Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Jun 022014

The ever-talented, gallus masked beatmaker, Brock Berrigan, has surfaced with another treasure chest compilation filled to the brim with hip-hop instrumental gems. While Brock Berrigan’s facial features remain a mystery, there is nothing mysterious about the productions he crafts as they are delivered in full force and with no guise, just full, unadulterated, and savory beats. ‘Two AM’ is riddled with productions that drip with delicious, soul and funk-laden samples, bouncy melodic passages, feet shuffling beats, and occasional, delicate splashes of hip-hop flavoring. Those in search of summery, finger lickin’ anthems will find life in tracks like ‘High Steppin” and ‘Lost in Sound’, while those in search of a calming, classy and situated listening experience will find solace in ‘The Art of Small Talk’ and ‘Sunrise’.

Download Here

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Jun 022014

New York based producer NohaBeats first landed on our threads upon the release of his ‘Kosmos Intro‘ production, a release for which we complimented with tremendous praise. If you missed it, be sure to indulge and kicking off the month of June with NohaBeats latest, full-length compilation, ‘Cross Chatter’.

Arguably one of the most developed and matured release we have seen from NohaBeats thus far, ‘Cross Chatter’ streamlines a flood of jazzy, hip-hop influenced beats into your ears. Fragranced with soul, funk, and uplifting musical aromas, NohaBeats’ newest compilation is a incredibly savory treat for every crate-diggin, soul, hip-hop, jazz and electronic listening fiend.

Download Here

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