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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Mar 032014

Never deny the possibility of an up-and-coming dusbtep producer making a name for themselves in the genre. Even though dubstep may lack some ingenuity and originality in some respects, there are still producer putting out some top-notch productions like EH!DE. The solo producer based out of Spain has been unleashing a flood of tracks that leave nothing standing in their tracks. Capable of delivering monstrous productions in numerous electronic music style, EH!DE’s niche undoubtedly rests in the realm of dubstep, evidence by his destructive remix of Protohype & 12th Planet’s ‘Like This’. The original track stands strong on its own but EH!DE puts his own, savory bass swing to it giving it some new life and appeal.

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Feb 192014

If you reside in or near a major city in the North American continent, you’ve most certainly felt the waves created by the SMOG City Tour; a full scale show circuit headlined by bass music icon 12th Planet alongside 2014’s number one artist to watch according to the BPM Network, Protohype. Earlier in the month they were kind enough to sit down with us to discuss a host of topics ranging from their recent collaborations and age restrictions at shows, to their thoughts on instruments’ role in the future of electronic music and Star Wars that they live through vicariously.

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Dec 042013

In recent times, Pretty Lights Music seems to be plagued with leaks of releases, from ‘So Bright’ to ‘ACMOTS’ and now with the official ‘ACMOTS’ remix album. This album leaked sometime last week at the fault of an online distributor and while efforts have been made to keep it under wraps there is still a ton of people are have heard this or are getting their hands on it. If you are on of those individuals who has yet to hear this album, Pretty Lights uploaded a full stream on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. The album is out for free download on December 10th via PrettyLightsMusic.com or for purchase through iTunes, Beatport, and Amazon.

Oct 232012

DIM MAK is steadily doing big things in the electronic music scene. If you haven’t noticed their growing presence, expect to see them sticking around for a while. Earlier today they distributed the highly anticipated release of Dirtyphonics‘s ‘Dirty’ track, packaged in a compilation of remixes from Darth & Vader, 12th Planet, Metrik, and Nicolas Malinowsky. The EP is a diverse package of tracks, equally amazing in their own regard, featuring some heavy Dirtyphonics dub, a little bit of that filthy Brazilian electro-house from Darth & Vader, some electrifying drum n bass from Metrik, and some trapstep trapstyle from Nicolas Malinowsky and the one and only, 12th Planet. Check out a few personal favorites from the release and head over to Beatport or iTunes for a copy of the EP, it’s worth every penny. ☺Enjoy☺


Aug 242012

Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, most celebrations seem to be set for the weekend before or after the spooky holiday. If you live in or near the central east coast, you might be tempted to make a trip out to Tennessee for the weekend of October 26 & 27th.

For a two day event in Southern Nashville, ‘With Your Friends Fest‘ is hosting performances from some of the biggest names in EDM. Headlining acts include Pretty Lights and Skrillex with support from artists like 12th Planet, Nas, Santigold, Michal Menert, Dillon Francis, and Tokimonsta. Tickets go on sale next week on the 29th so mark the dates, get your costume, and grab your friends for an event that will be one of the most memorable Halloween celebrations yet.☺☺☺