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Nov 082012

Every now and then an artist comes along that you know will be touring the world, blasting that bass music from stadium to venue, all across the world. I am pretty confident that RotBott is one of those artists. Heady Tunes always looks forward to any brand new track that is produced by him. Constantly dropping ill Moombahton tracks and now venturing into the trap game with just as much quality and hard hitting bass that we have come to expect from him. We were lucky enough to have some time for questions from the LA native, as well as a free download of a moombahton banger that would be a crime not to get. I also hear he makes some pretty dank tamales.

HT: Who are you?
I am Jesse A.K.A RotBott. I’m a 20 year old producer/Dj from Los Angeles, CA.

HT: How did you come up with your name?
haha, its actually a funny story. Before I was a producer I used to be a painter. Some of my paintings were being displayed and a girl was talking about my paintings. She said “this one’s really cool! It looks like a melting robot, a rotting one! it looks like a uummm… rotbott haha” I thought it sounded cool so I stuck with that.

HT: When did you start producing music?
I actually started producing at the end of last years September! I was always really involved with music my whole life. I used to be in a band before starting my solo project as RotBott. When the band broke up I still wanted to make music but I didn’t know anyone as committed to music as much as I was. I then started getting more and more into electronic music and finally decided that I should give it a try since I still wanted to make music.

HT: Who were some of your biggest influences?
My biggest influence has to be Designer Drugs by far. They are the main reason why I started making music. Some of my other influences are alvin risk, Diplo, Skrillex, and Wolfgang Gartner.

HT: Who are a few artist you think are doing big things currently?
2 artists that are on the rise right now and I’m good friends with are Aylen and Dotcom. Both of them are extremely talented and I see them going really far in music. Love those dudes! Shoutout to Ricky Cervantes swell!

HT: What is your current setup?
When I play live I currently on Serato, looking to switch over to CDJ’s as soon as possible.

HT: How long do you usually spend making a track?
It can take from 2 weeks to 6 months! There are a bunch of tracks just sitting in my laptop nowhere near finished as well. It all depends on how much I like the track to tell you the truth.

HT: What is your favorite genre to produce?
My favorite genre to produce is moombahton by far. Everything about it is fun to make from the drums to the synths. It just overall has a really good feel to it.

HT: Any collaborations/shows coming up in the near future?
haha, I can’t really say any names right now but a HUGE collab is in the works!
As for shows I currently getting dates for an upcoming tour! If any promoters wanna get me in their town email RotBottMusic@Gmail.com

HT: Anything else you would want to share?
I have a 3 track E.P coming out on my Birthday! It’s coming out on December 3rd! It’s an E.P that I have been working on for a while thats going to feature 2 moombahton tracks and a Trap tune aswell. You guys are the First to hear about to E.P so I hope you guys are as stoked as I am!

RotBott: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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