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Oct 152014


Péché Mignon is a collaboration between Parisian based artists working towards a common passion for “urban artistic expression”. To define Péché Mignon solely as a music production and DJ collective would fall short of what it actually is. In listening to the various EP’s, singles and live sets  from the artists within Péché Mignon label one cannot deny the dark and intimate sensuality that draws the listener ever deeper. In order for us to find out what Péché Mignon is and who is behind the music, the only logical action was to interview them:


HT: What is your name, what/where is your occupation, and how do you contribute to Péché Mignon?

Hi I’m Lorenzo, I am a co founder, producer and a DJ as well.


Hi I’m Ludwig, co founder of Péché Mignon, I am also a DJ and a producer.


I’m Pitport’, I’ve been working with Péché Mignon Records as an electronic music producer for a year now. I’m involved in all the events, and I also try to communicate about us as much as I can in order to find more opportunities to help the label improve.



My name is Emmanuel Russ I’m a Dj, I also produce tracks and that’s how I got involved with Péché Mignon. A friend of mine Pauline Konrad who I often collaborate with, introduced me to the crew.



HT: What does Péché Mignon mean?


Ludwig: It means “small forbidden pleasures”. Since street art and underground techno music are still considered as “forbidden” or “wrong” due to their association to vandalism or drugs, we wanted to play with that concept and consider our productions as visual or musical means for people to get away from the boundaries of reality. Essentially things that allow them to escape their everyday life in order to live a powerful experience.


HT: Why was Péché Mignon created?


Ludwig: It started from a close group of friends sharing a common passion toward urban artistic production. Some of us are street artists, some of us are DJs, however we are all evolved in the same environment with the same cultural background. We felt the need to unite towards a vision and a goal that would allow us to give a bigger impact to our productions as a collective rather than individual artists. We wanted to share something bigger and work together. Péché Mignon was born 2 months later.

Antoine : For me Péché Mignon began last year in 2013 when I met Lorenzo Lacchesi during my sound engineering studies in Paris. For me, it is a good way to share and create my music with people, improve my producing skills but also have the chance to be part of a young growing label.


HT: Who makes Péché Mignon?


Ludwig: There are 5 DJ’s: Lorenzo Lacchesi, Pitport’, Emmanuel Russ and Ludwig Spatz (producers) and Thomas S (DJ only). There are 3 Street artists: VOKSE, MASKE, HEAZER, 1 Graphic Designer: Thomas Soudan, our communication Manager (Alexis Girard) and our social media team  (Méline Wong, Théo Falciasecca, Pauline Durieux).

Antoine : Every body makes Péché Mignon. From musicians to graphic designers,  and of course all the people following us. Péché Mignon is an open minded label which doesn’t focus exclusively on music but on graphics and art in general.

Emmanuel : I think it’s all of us, those who represent. The graphists, the djs… It’s mostly a common spirit.


HT: How is Péché Mignon unique?


Ludwig : Our public does not come only for music but to live an artistic experience. We pursue differentiation rather than standardization in our productions (every kind of electronic music).We try to cultivate a small and exclusive aspect in what we’re doing.


HT: Talk a little about about the music and street art scene in Paris?


Ludwig : The perception of street art in Paris has been changing tremendously over the past 10 years and our artists entirely embraced this general change in attitudes toward graffiti. They started witnessing their favorite street artists exposed in the biggest art venues in Paris, and inturn more and more people started talking about it, even spending a lot of money on it. Social media outlets also promoted that in a way, and something that used to be a “hidden” group of people, a “secret” society is now becoming accessible to all and becoming more and more recognized and accepted. It became attractive very quickly. Our artists instead of refusing this change like many others, embraced it and used it as a way to expand the impact of their work.

Similarly, the world of underground dance music in Paris experienced an important shift in the past 10 years. We have witnessed the clubs getting more and more crowded, Djs being able to make a name for themselves much faster, new , events and clubs, and the creation of  tremendous amount of new concepts. As for graffiti, it used to be associated to the “wrong” things such as drugs and gang culture but has became attractive very fast before our generations eyes.

Antoine : The Music scene in Paris is very special, there have been and are many different artistic movements here. But if we talk exlusively about night scene, it seems that people are more and more open minded. The techno scene here is really growing up, but there still a lots of nightclubs that only focus on commercial music and the money that it brings.

Emmanuel : From my very little experience I’d say that the music scene in Paris has been growing up fairly substantially the last few years. Allot of international artists keep on coming to clubs like Concrete or Rex, and this will hopefully continue as they seem to be well welcomed here.


HT: Where do you see Péché Mignon going in the future?


Emmanuel : When I first joined Péché Mignon , I was really happy to discover some people that were the same age that had the same aspirations as me. There is a lot of talent and determination throughout the team. For my near future I wil be putting out an Ep that will be released at the end of August, so we’ll see what happens next.

Antoine : I think Péché Mignon has a real potential and good vibrations, but unfortunately the music industry is very saturated as we all know. So I try to stay focus on what I can do in the moment, and continue to produce music and be 100% involved.


HT: Why do people need things like Péché Mignon ?


Antoine : I think what people want is something that makes them a part of a community, they want to participate and interact with the artists. The challenge is to make them feel useful for us. For me this way of thinking can only bring good for the label.


HT: What is your ideal setting for production?


Lorenzo: I don’t think there is a specific time for producing, but for our last EP we would just meet in our schools studio and make music.

Ludwig: I really enjoy producing alone in my room with all my midi gear, I mean, I don’t have a particular setting where I like to produce but I find that the result is more powerful when I’m angry, but like (Laughs) I don’t know why.


HT: Then what is your ideal setting for DJing?


Lorenzo: I usually mix on vinyl

Ludwig: we have 2 DJ,s who mix on vinyl and 2 who work with CDJs. Our favorite setup is 2 CDJs, 2 turntables and a XONE mixer. Since we are all friends we don’t have to respect the time slots by the minute we can just play music and feel the vibe of the party and in terms of space and people, Ive had the most pleasure when it’s a group of our most loyal fans and friends that know us and our productions. But Lorenzo DJs in environments where people don’t know who the DJs are. Lorenzo what do you think?

Lorenzo: I think that they are good and at the same its good to have both kinds of people. Its nice to have people who know your work and are really in to your DJ set  and to see the reaction a new faces fond of the mix.

Ludwig: And most of the time its underground. As underground as it can be (Laugh). But we have some outside events in the works.


HT: Awesome guys. Thank you so much!


Make sure to keep up with all of Péché Mignon’s musical releases, urban art, and events.


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