Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

May 212014

Narrating one of the richest musical dialogues in the chambers of downtempo and trip-hop, The Moderator has returned to Cult Classic Records with a new, flooring LP, ‘As The Lights Fade‘. The album arrives as a new addition to his “MODulations” series and is packed with a deluxe assortment of remastered and reworked productions. From the melancholic guitar licks and soothing beat of ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘Feeling Blue’, to the seductively smooth and jazzy swing of ‘Soothing Night’ and ‘Mod’s Jazz’, The Moderator’s latest compilation offers an infallible cure for daily stresses with pacifying and psychologically uplifting vibrations. Courtesy of Cult Classic Records, ‘As The Lights Fade’ can be pick up for free or for a generous donation.

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