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Oct 282014

Though he has definitely come a long way since the first time we heard him, Chicago-based producer Manic Focus (John McCarten) has been able to fly somewhat under the radar (and that’s a good thing). If you aren’t familiar yet, it’s about time you get acquainted; and there’s no better place to start than by checking out his latest—arguably freshest—release, Cerebral Eclipse. For those who are already down with Manic Focus, this album is another fine addition to his repertoire, maintaining his signature spacey style of electro-soul while bringing some spot-on collaborators like Griz, Dom Lalli, and Michal Menert (among others) into the mix. Like his previous releases, Cerebral Eclipse is heavy on the bass—putting it somewhere between dubstep and electro-soul—but it also highlights McCarten’s impeccable sampling skills and ear for layers and details in his music. Manic Focus glues together samples from the worlds of soul, blues, and hip-hop with funky, flowing beats and some well-placed instrumentation to take listeners on a journey through the past, present, and future of music. Even though it’s available for free (courtesy of Griz’s Liberated Music label), we suggest you show your support by purchasing the album on iTunes or by checking out Manic Focus the next time he rolls through your town. Listen below and enjoy!

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