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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Dec 222014

Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf has had a big couple of months at the end of 2014. Beginning with his viral remix of Skrillex’s “Ease My Mind” and continuing with an incredible remix of Dirty South’s “With You,” NYC’s Jai Wolf has been making a good impression on EDM VIPs left and right. Whether it’s his Skrillex remix, a massive trap thumper, or his lighter futuristic touch on Dirty South, Jai Wolf is a master of his craft. Ultra-clean and incredibly detailed, each of his songs showcases some of the most intricate percussion you’ve ever heard in addition to glitchy and euphoric synth work, excellent use of the original track, and perfect additions of effects. Given his incredible amount of raw talent and his ability to please some serious tastemakers, don’t be surprised when start to see the name Jai Wolf everywhere in 2015. Check out his Soundcloud page for some free downloads and several awesome DJ mixes. Enjoy!

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Patrick Lee

Musical ADHD doesn’t even begin to describe the next artist in the Looking Forward series. Patrick Lee is a Denver-based musical “renaissance man” with more than 30 original albums in his portfolio. “Prolific” seems to fall short with a resume like that. Lee’s list of work is not only extensive, but it is by far one of the most diverse that we’ve ever seen. Whether it’s his latest LP The Limberlost, “a mix of intricate pianos, footwork-inspired hip-hop, and live taiko drumming,” or his EP Museum Ships, a glitchy futuristic gem, Lee rarely covers the same territory twice. Straight hip-hop, ambient, glitch, bass, footwork, techno, and (literally) everything in between seems to have a place in Lee’s music. It’s easy to assume that such a prolific artist who releases material so frequently would end up doing the same thing over and over (like plenty of the “artists” on festival stages), but Lee is in a league of his own as he releases material that is intricately detailed and masterfully produced. Oddly enough, his following is still pretty limited, so if you are a hipster and/or love the underground like we do, be sure to check out Patrick Lee because he won’t remain unknown for very long.

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Marvel Years

There are a lot of producers making electro-soul/jazz/hip-hop beats out there these days, but Vermont native Marvel Years is definitely one to keep your eye on in 2015. To date, Marvel Years, whose real name is Cory Wythe, has released two stellar EPs, Dream Big and Nowhere But Up, as well as a slew of groovy mash-ups, remixes, and singles. He was even commissioned by Pretty Lights, the Godfather of electro-soul, to remix the track “Where I’m Trying To Go,” for the Color Map of the Sun Remixes LP. Not only is Marvel Years a deft sampler with an ear of piecing together classic tunes with modern twists, but he is also a talented guitar player as you can hear in plenty of his productions. His most recent release, “Just Within Reach,” is a soulfully smooth groove that’s light on the bass, but heavy on the good vibes. Currently, Wythe is hard at work on a fresh new EP which he says “completely sample free and all original material,” and is “some of [his] best work yet.” Like plenty of others in the same musical arena, Marvel Years gives away all of his music for free on his Soundcloud page or website. Be on the lookout for more new music from Marvel Years in 2015, and spread the word about this up and coming talent. Enjoy!

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