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Dec 222014

Steez monks

One of the latest flavors of the week in the EDM world is tropical/melodic house. Guys like Thomas Jack and Kygo have taken the niche (almost novelty) genre to insane new heights. Although EDM’s resident dick, Deadmau5, compares the genre to elevator music, there is no denying that the exotic instrumentation, melodic beats, and fun-loving vibe of tropical house is infectious to say the least. Granted, some tropical house can get a bit repetitive at times, but the sounds coming from Paris-based duo Steezmonks are promising and uniquely funky. Their latest release, a remix of hip-hop classic “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugar Hill Gang, is a shining example of their sound as well as the groovy potential of tropical house in general. To be fair though, these guys aren’t just one-trick ponies making the same tropical beat each time they release something. Whether it’s a sax-infused melodic track or jazzy little number that is closer to electro-swing, each song has a unique flavor that is sure to keep listeners interested. Even though it’s in a growth phase at the moment, check out their Soundcloud page where you’ll find some excellent remixes, promising originals, and groovy DJ mixes to get your toes a-tappin’. Keep an eye on these guys as the tropical house scene continues to gain steam around the world.

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One of the easiest (and most commendable) ways to think outside the box when it comes to dance music is to simply think beyond the decks, and the South African live electronic duo Goldfish is doing just that. Made up of Dom Peters and David Poole, both talented instrumentalists and producers with long musical backgrounds, Goldfish is capitalizing on the surge in popularity of chill, vibey dance music (brought on by the tropical/melodic house boom) and pushing it several steps further by including live instrumentation in addition to their well-crafted beats. Listening to their music reveals influences from all kinds of house music (deep, tropical, melodic, etc.) as well as electro-swing, indie/pop and live jamtronica, all united by mellow vibes and infectious grooves. The addition of a smooth sax, lighthearted keys, and a jazzy double bass sets their sound apart from other tropical/melodic house producers and makes it uniquely theirs. Though they don’t visit the States very frequently, they will be joining Gramatik and super-stacked lineup for one of two gigs at the Best Buy Theater in NYC in Januray. If you’ve become a little bored with the tropical house thing, we suggest you give Goldfish a try to freshen things up.

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