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2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Dec 222014

Champagne Drip

The mysterious producer (or producers?) Champagne Drip is the auditory equivalent of making love to a beautiful person on a tropical beach at sunset with a stiff frozen drink by your side. (I’ll let you take a moment to enjoy that image.) 2014 has been the year of low-profile, faceless producers. Zhu, Slow Magic, and now Champagne Drip have shown the world that you don’t need a face to make it in electronic music anymore. On the surface this emphasis on anonymity is just a cheeky way to subvert the DJ-centered world of big-room EDM, but beyond that it’s a powerful choice that removes the person/persona from the equation and forces the music to stand on its own and speak for itself. So not only is Champagne Drip thinking outside the box with his/her original brand of “Drip-hop,” but he/she is breaking down cultural conventions as well. Not to be overly analytical, let’s turn our attention to the music. Although Champagne Drip’s catalogue is relatively small at the moment, I have a feeling it could be doing some growing in the year(s) to come. The debut EP Radio Bikini, released by Mad Decent, features sounds that are tropical, trippy, and silky smooth making it right at home on Diplo’s label. More recently, the faceless artist was commissioned to remix the banging ‘You & Me ft. W. Darling” off of Bassnectar’s latest masterwork Noise vs. Beauty which was turned into a tasteful purple tune that maintains the feeling behind the original. Check it out below and grab the Radio Bikini EP below for free. Keep your ears out for more to come from this emerging talent. Enjoy!

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As the deep and tropical house and future bass genres continue to gain popularity, we are sure to hear plenty more quality work coming from the immensely talented and original producer WKND, whose crazy unique tracks are some of the freshest you’ll hear all year. Combining elements of tropical, deep and future house, trap, future bass, and just about everything else you can imagine, WKND’s productions often take a song that everyone knows and completely turns it on its ear—closer to covers that remixes. WKND is the definition of genre-defying; listen for yourself really. If you like eclectic covers and smooth, sexy future beats, then you’re ready for WKND. 2015 is going to be a big one for this guy as we head deeper into a genre-less era of electronic music. Check out his Soundcloud for plenty free downloads and well-crafted DJ mixes. Enjoy!

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It’s pretty tough to stand out in a genre that sounds more or less the same no matter who you’re listening to, but in the case of Chicago-based trio Autograf, standing out seems to be second nature. Putting their signature futuristic spin on tropical house has helped to set them apart from the rest of the tropical world—that and their always-funky remixes for the likes of Lorde, Christina Perri, and even Stevie Wonder. Whether they are putting out yet another impeccable remix or they’re on the road playing shows, these guys stay plenty busy, but their dedication to the craft is evident in the amazing sounds and vibes of each song and mix. If you’re a fan of the tropical sound, you can probably thank Autograf for singlehandedly making the marimba a cool instrument in other places besides the Bahamas. As the tropical niche continues to grow, you can expect to see Autograf at the forefront of it all in 2015. Check out Autograf’s Soundcloud page for tons of free remixes and DJ sets, and then commence the grooving. Enjoy!

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