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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Jan 092013

Ollie O or much better known as Hucci, is a 16 year old producer from the UK. Armed with only Fruity Loops, he has dropped 18 tracks in the past 6 months. Each sound has such a unique character and still has that definite Hucci trap sound. Along with the trap game, Hucci has experienced a meteoric rise during the last half of the year and getting acclaim from producers and other artists worldwide for his work. I really don’t see this kid stopping any time soon.

I already love The Weeknd (XO) and especially this original track, solely because of the falsetto vocals, otherwise the song would not be as great. This remix/re-work that Hucci did on this track, really gave it what it was missing. From the bumping bass to the added drums and a slight change of melody. If Hucci can do this for mainstream artists, there really is no telling as to what the future will hold for this kid. This has been bumping non-stop ever since I heard it last night.


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