Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Jun 132013

It’s been a while since we shared a Dilemn track, although you might remember when we shared his now dated freebie, ‘Two Points’, a while back. If you’re not familiar with the name, what the French virtuoso is putting forth in his latest EP, ‘Control Yourself’, will leave you with an everlasting impression of electronic greatness.

Hitting the shelves via AudioPorn Records on June 24th, Dilemn’s newest EP is sizing up to be one of the most polished, bass heavy EP to storm the industry this summer. Packed with tremendous musical diversity, Dilemn showcases his profound talents for crafting hits in a multitude of genres. Flavored with sounds and tempos for electronic music listeners of all tastes, Dilemn delivers an incredible assortment of explosive and gruesome productions, each pounding with an incendiary ferocity. So whether your in the mood for a trap delicatessen, a filth driven mid-tempo grind, some monstrous drumstep, or some bouncy electro-house, Dilemn has it all for you. Stream some of the EP below and be sure to pre-order a copy; this one will be worth every penny and more.

Dilemn: Facbeook | SoundCloud | Twitter