Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Mar 032014
Protohype & 12th Planet - Like This (EH!DE Remix) [Free Download]

Never deny the possibility of an up-and-coming dusbtep producer making a name for themselves in the genre. Even though dubstep may lack some ingenuity and originality in some respects, there are still producer putting out some top-notch productions like EH!DE. The solo producer based out

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Feb 102014
Dirty Duck Audio - Migration Vol. 1 [Electro House Compilation]

Granted many of these songs are dated, Dirty Duck Audio job did a fantastic job of compiling some first-rate productions that filtered into the stream of electro-house last year. With some golden collaborations from Lazy Rich and Hirshee and some top-notch releases from artists like

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Jan 272014
Bone N Skin - 15k EP [Free Download]

Back in the fall of ’13 we had pleasure of sharing 15k, an original production that was released by Bone N Skin in celebration of Most Addictive Records reaching fifteen thousand fans on Facebook. If you missed it, now’s a good chance to check it

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Jan 242014
Astronaut - Rain (Cormak Remix) [Contest Entry]

Earlier in the month we shared a splendid EP from Astronaut titled ‘Quantum‘, which hit the shelves via Monstercat. If you missed it and are an electro-house fanatic, it is highly advised that you check it out. The EP has received a ton of positive

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Jan 152014
James Egbert ft. Nina Sung - Exit Wounds (X5IGHT Remix) [Free Download]

We have previously noted that Chi-town duo X5IGHT, formed by Brandon Levinson and Jerry Kurty, is a presence to watch closely in 2014. The young and dexterous duo, with tremendous potential, has been rising the ranks with a continuous stream of first-rate 128bpm productions. The

Jan 142014
Albert King x DMX - Where The Hood At (Krooked Drivers Remix) [Free Download]

Coming off their incredibly sultry and finely-tuned EP, ‘Right Beneath Your Feet‘, Colorado’s Krooked Drivers has resurfaced in full force with a staggering new remix. Spanning over six minutes, the Denver based duo has created a enveloping release, mapping verses from DMX’s ‘Where The Hood

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