Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Aug 052013
Katy Perry vs. Chrizz Luvly- E.T. Iron Chain (Stiletto Mashup) [Free Download]

Gifted with a talent for crafting first-rate productions in the realm of electro-house, Stiletto, a staggering presence in the industry both in musical prowess and beauty, has been awarded the epithet “queen of electro” by her contemporaries and listeners alike as she, without fail, delivers

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Mar 032013
Throttle - Inspire (Mashup) [Free Download]

A prime example of how much young talent is circulating in the world of electronic music, Throttle, the youthful visionary from Australia, continues to showcase his tremendous potential with an arsenal of skills that elevate his presence into a top tier class of artists. You

Feb 142013
Zomboy & Knife Party - Centipede Vs. Deadweight (Tom Budin Mashup) [Free Download]

There’s literally no predicting what Tom Budin is going to throw at you next. One day it’s a hypnotizing progressive house track or a powerful electro-house tune, only to be followed shortly after by some monstrous dubstep or drum n bass production. The Aussie native

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Feb 132013
Moby vs Empire Of The Sun - After a Dream (Tommy Trash Bootleg) [FREE DL]

Out with another freebie, the infamous Tommy Trash has brought us another bootleg to revel in, a tasteful blending of his remix of Moby’s ‘After‘ with the vocals from Empire Of The Sun’s beloved track ‘Walking On A Dream’. If you’ve never heard Trash’s remix

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Feb 032013
SirensCeol Vs. Zedd (The Time of our Clarity) | Close Encounters [Free Download]

Time and time and again, we’ve capitalized on every opportunity in sharing a SirensCeol release as every one of his musical creations is of pristine quality. Evidenced by his diverse catalog of multi-genre productions, the Californian native is one of the most versatile talents infiltrating