Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Aug 152013
Keys N Krates: Exclusive Interview

Moving up the ranks as one of the most formidable and compelling electronic trios in the industry, Canada’s Keys N Krates has brought a whole new feel to the experience of live electronic music. Birthed from the collaborative efforts of Adam Tune, David Matisse, &

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Jun 172013
Crizzly: Exclusive Interview

A highly decorated figure in the sphere of bass music, Texas native Chris Marshall, the brainchild behind the now infamous Crizzly, has become a towering presence in the electronic music community. Garnering widespread acclaim and stirring up waves of excitement by tactfully fusing dubstep and

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Jun 012013
Protohype: Exclusive Interview

The flourishing of electronic music has brought upon an influx of productions that often over-saturate the industry with repetitive sounds. In that crowded, overflowing sea of electronic producers, there are ones that elevate and distinguish themselves from the rest with originality and a progressive musical

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May 272013
Televisor: Exclusive Interview

At a time when electronic music is overflowing with wobbles, womps, untz, and 808 kick drums, it is refreshing to be reminded that there are still individuals injecting electronic productions with true musicality and giving life back to contemporary electronic music’s undying predecessor, disco. Birthed

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May 212013
Popeska: Exclusive Interview

Driving innovative and explosive sounds into the stream of electronic music, Atlanta’s Ralf Popescu, now widely known as Popeska, has become a rapidly growing presence in the industry. With a vast catalog of releases, showcasing his profound musical dexterity and versatility, the newly signed Kindergarten

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May 092013
Soulero: Exclusive Interview

Charting a path for inevitable success with a catalog of extremely polished productions, the young and dexterous Soulero has become a growing presence in the electronic music arena. Hailing from Trollhättan, Sweden, Soulero has made a name for himself by consistently driving incredibly emotive electro

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May 082013
Candyland: Exclusive Interview

Undoubtedly one of the most sensational duos to arise from The Golden State in the past year, Candyland has become a staple name in the realm electronic music. With a captivating list of productions, which lure electronic music listeners of all tastes, Josie Martin &

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May 062013
Pegboard Nerds: Exclusive Interview

One of the fastest rising sounds in the realm of electronic music, Pegboard Nerds, the musical vision pioneered by veteran producers Michael Parsberg and Alexander Odden, has become an unwavering source of unparalleled electronic productions. From ground-breaking remixes to revolutionary originals, Pegboard Nerds has undoubtedly

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May 032013
IndO: Exclusive Interview

A new but fast-rising presence in the electronic music arena, IndO is quickly storming through the ranks with a sound that is out to capture the attention of the masses. Equipped with the capacity to synthesize electronic productions of pristine quality, IndO has become a

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Apr 152013
Mutrix: Exclusive Interview

Delivering some of the heaviest, most powerful, and electrifying sounds to electronic music community, Mutrix has undoubtedly become one of the fastest rising names in the industry in recent times. Armed with an arsenal of explosive and bone-rattling productions, Mutrix continues to breach boundaries and

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