Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Sep 132013
Chris Poirier - Do You (Original Mix)

Known for pulsing and destructive electro production, Canada’s Chris Poirier has switched it up a bit to bring us a spellbinding progressive house creation, ‘Do You’. Out via Audiophile Live, Poirier crafts a soothing production, one polished with tranquilizing drumwork, euphoric vocal cuts and celestial

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Jun 072013
Auvic - Voices Album (Remixes) [Free Download]

In celebration of their continued success, Audiophile Live, a presence that has become a steady source for first-rate electronic productions of all sorts, released a four track remix compilation of Auvic’s ‘Voices’ album. A diverse assortment of sounds, the remix album contains a treat for

Apr 172013
Tmare - Brainsoap EP [Free Download]

A prime example of how much young talent and potential there is floating around in the realm of electronic music, North Carolina’s Tmare continues to showcase a range of production skills that place him on a path to becoming a seasoned and sensational artist. Out

Mar 072013
Savant - Overkill (Album) [Free Download]

A true anomaly in the realm of electronic music, Norwegian musical mastermind Savant continues to defy all that was once thought possible by a producer. Earlier today he released a full length album, ‘Overkill’, and although it features many previously released single, the compilation contains

Feb 182013
Joe Garston & John Ross - I Can Do (Original Mix)

It is well known in the industry that the German based label known as Plasmapool, along with all its daughter labels, has released and continues to released some of the most pristine electronic productions from profoundly talented underground producers. Earlier today on TRXX, one of

Feb 142013
Krewella - Troll Mix Vol. 3: Makeout Edition [Free Download]

Out with the third addition to their ‘Troll Mix’ series, Krewella’s Vol. 3 mix is another massive onslaught of rowdy, hyped-up tracks; a blend of sounds from a multitude of genres delivering an explosive fifty-five minute torrent of some of hottest sounds circulating in electronic

Feb 082013
Deadmau5 - There Might Be Coffee (Tom Budin Remix) [Free Download]

A while back you might remember us sharing a scintillating progressive remix of Zedd’s ‘Clarity‘ from the youthful Australian prodigy, Tom Budin. If you missed it, be sure to check it out in addition to his latest release, a subtle yet dazzling progressive house remix

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