Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Jun 182013
MitiS - Open Window EP

One of the most musically driven electronic styles in the industry at the moment, MitiS has successful and indefinitely distinguished himself from his contemporaries. Flooding the market with melodically rich yet explosive productions, MitiS has cultivated a following with emotive, moving, and exhilarating compositions. While

Jun 172013
Brain Blast Creators - On The Verge (Original Mix)

Continuously synthesizing powerful productions, the Belarusian trio have surfaced once again to bring us another first rate electro-house original. Finding its way on Total Damage Records, ‘On The Verge’ is an exhilarating electro production lined symphonic, emotive melodic passages that compliment an undertone of growling,

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Jun 172013
Tomorrow's World - Drive (Dead Formant Remix) [Free Download]

Another prime example of how much talent is currently circulating in the realm of electronic music, Oakland’s Dead Formant showcases the impressive musical quality that is the underground stream of electronic music. A massive submission to the remix contest for Tomorrow’s World’s ‘Drive’, Dead Formant

Jun 132013
OVERWERK - Matter [Free Download]

One of the most exciting figures in realm of electronic music, OVERWERK has consistently delivered electro-house production of pristine quality. Stealing the spotlight once again after his tremendously successful, ‘After Hours EP‘, the dexterous Canadian producer has brought us another powerful freebie. Pounding with a

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Jun 102013
Nicolas S. - Complexus Album [Audiophile Live]

One of the many talented musical minds coming out France, Nicolas S. has been steadily pushing his sound further under the spotlight. With a train of recent releases that have been crafted in a diverse and phenomenal fashion, his forthcoming album on Audiophile Live only

Jun 102013
Rocket Pimp & Jaycen A'mour - Over Your Head (Original Mix)

Among some of the most explosive figures in electro-house, Rocket Pimp & Jaycen A’mour have both driven some incredible releases through the speakers. Teaming up together in their latest Burn The Fire Records collab, which hit the shelves earlier today, Jaycen A’mour & Rocket Pimp

Jun 072013
Auvic - Voices Album (Remixes) [Free Download]

In celebration of their continued success, Audiophile Live, a presence that has become a steady source for first-rate electronic productions of all sorts, released a four track remix compilation of Auvic’s ‘Voices’ album. A diverse assortment of sounds, the remix album contains a treat for