Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Oct 082012
Figure - The Brink (Audiobotz Edit) [Free Download]

Since they joined forces to create Audiobotz in 2010, Mick Matias & Jay Whatley have been delivering some of the heaviest hitting electro sounds to the EDM community. This Australian duo has not only grabbed the attention of electronic music fans, but has made a

Oct 052012
Phrenik - The Impact EP

Massive EP coming from Phrenik, Mike Quiroz, one Southern California’s most established veteran DJ/producer. If you aren’t familiar with Phrenik, but the name sounds familiar at first glance, in past few years he has engineered release after release, singles, remixes, EP’s mixes, you name it

Oct 012012
BioBlitZ - Globe Warmer (Original Mix) | Free Download Package [12 Tracks]

I could not let the new week begin without throwing this one up. If you have not become an ardent and dedicated BioBlitZ fan, now is the time to get on board with one of the most creative, polished, and explosive sounds hitting the electro-house

Sep 302012
Caveat - Bring That Bass Back [Free Download]

So much talent coming from the young and dexterous, Caveat, a promising producer branching out of California. You might remember his name from his remix of Feed Me’s ‘Strange Behaviour’ and Dada Life’s ‘Happy Violence’, both incredible electro-house tunes that drove Caveat’s name into fame.

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Sep 292012
The Sour Djs feat. Neon Knights - Your Mum (FTampa Remix)

Can’t say I’ve ever heard an FTampa track and been completely dissatisfied. At most, he’ll remix a song and use vocals from the original that I don’t quite enjoy, but other than that, FTampa, short for Felipe Tampa, has had one of the most consistent

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Sep 262012
Alesso Ft. Dirty South - City Of Dreams (Spaveech Remix) [Free Download]

This isn’t your average remix. In fact, calling it a remix seems a little disingenuous. Spaveech uses Alesso’s ‘City of Dreams’ as a framework for weaving multiple tracks into one production, creating a harmonious mixture of some EDM favorites. Take your time with this one.

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Sep 242012
Shreddie Mercury - Mount Cleverest (Noobs United Remix)

While mainstream electro releases have their appeal, I will always have a deep appreciation for those underground tracks that hit with tremendous creativity, complexity, and musicality. This is the first official release from ‘Noobs United’, a duo group comprised of BioBlitZ and the WOBBLER. You