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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Oct 212013
Noisia & Black Sun Empire - Hideous (Haywyre Remix)

With another incredible display of musical talent, Haywyre’s unleashes his submission for Noisia & Black Sun Empire’s ‘Hideous’ Beatport remix contest for their ’05 collab ‘Hideous’. Haywyre slows the drum n bass pace of the original to create quivering mid-tempo remix shuddering with explosive melodies

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Oct 142013
Protostar - Scorpion Pit (The Remixes EP) [Free Download]

Protostar’s ‘Scorpion Pit’ was a widely successful release for the rising producer from the UK. The original rapidly received tens of thousands of views and continues to receive support and praise form listeners across the globe. A recent Monstercat compilation was put together containing a

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Oct 022013
Serenity - Miasma / Elixer EP [Simplify Recordings]

An incredible outlet for the sounds of aspiring and greatly talented electronic producers, Simplify Recordings has brought a new artist under the spotlight for the release of a refined EP from Serenity. Available now on Beatport, Serenity’s ‘Miasma’ is a fascinating combination of melody and

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Sep 302013
Mantis On The Electric Dancefloor (Falcon Funk Mashup Remix) [Free Download]

Rising through the ranks as a multi-talented mid-tempo duo, Falcon Funk has elevated its presence in the industry with a series of impressive and staggering hits. Powering their releases with heavy, gut-wrenching beats, crunchy soundbites, and irresistible flood of funk-driven, dance-inducing basslines, the duo has

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Sep 292013
Televisor - Old Skool (The Remixes) (Album) [Monstercat]

With the culmination of the remix competition for Televisor’s ‘Old Skool’ Monstercat release, the remix compilation for the track has finally been released and boy it has greatly exceeded expectation. Featuring five remixes from a range of producers including Alex Mind, Different Heaven, Fractal, Nitro

Sep 172013
Aquaholic - 15th Street [NOIZE]

A true master of his craft, Aquaholic has brought an electrifying and melodic rich style to the glitch-hop arena. Constantly gracing NOIZE with superb and polished mid-tempo releases, the City of Angels producer has returned with a scintillating glitch-hop release, pulsing with bouncy drumwork and

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Sep 092013
Haywyre - Back and Forth

Armed with a peerless talent for creating engulfing and polished electronic productions, Haywyre continues to impress and amaze with each successive release. This track has been floating around for a bit, but officially hit the shelves earlier via Monstercat. Available via Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, the

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