Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

May 132013
Aaron Wayne - I Hate Music (IDestiny Remix) [Free Download]

Delivering another ground shattering electronic production, English native IDestiny reworks Aaron Wayne’s ‘I Hate Music’ into an explosive mid-tempo remix. Luring the listener into the depths of the track with glistening introductory melodies and synths, IDestiny tactfully transitions the track into a grueling, bouncy, and

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May 012013
Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp

Another massive release to hit the shelves via Monstercat, Pegboard Nerds & Tristam’s latest collaboration is grueling production perfectly suited for the label. Available now on Beatport, ‘Razor Sharp’ hits with a sound true to its name. With explosive soundscapes and monstrous, grinding breakdowns, the

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Apr 252013
C2C - Happy (Skope Remix)

Profoundly talented in synthesizing hits within the spectrum of mid-tempo, UK based producer Skope has delivered an incredibly uplifting yet thrashing and pounding remix of C2C’s ‘Happy’. Flowing with an invigorating groove, Skope flawlessly weaves together bouncy and crunchy beats with growling, incendiary, and funk-driven

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Apr 242013
SirensCeol - Breakdown (Original Mix)

Another testament to his profound versatility as a producer, SirensCeol’s latest production showcases his capacity to delve into any genre of electronic music and synthesize an absolute gem. Executed with tactical precision, ‘Breakdown’ vibrates with ground-shattering frequencies delivering an explosive and destructive mid-tempo grind that

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Apr 222013
Matroda - Retroboost (Jp.Moa Remix)

Equipped with an arsenal of extremely diverse sounds, New Zealand’s Jp.Moa has refused to stay within the boundaries of a genre and continues to produce within all the sub-genres of electronic music imaginable. Making a name for himself on the various daughter labels of Plasmapool,

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