Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Feb 242014
The Noisy Freaks - Straight Life (Album) [Tasty Records]

This year we have been delivered a handful of album releases from some of electronic music’s top performers, from The Glitch Mob and Big Gigantic, to Gramatik and SAVOY. Yet in the midst of all those compilations, it should be argued that The Noisy Freaks‘s

Feb 242014
Klaypex - Sauce Boss (feat. Epic Meal Time)

Erupting out of their musical archives, Klaypex has updated their SoundCloud with their year old Epic Meal Time collaboration, ‘Sauce Boss’. Brace yourself as this is an energy-intensive track on every level, from beginning to end. Cycling through shuddering and explosive electro-house influences, ‘Sauce Boss’

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Feb 102014
Dirty Duck Audio - Migration Vol. 1 [Electro House Compilation]

Granted many of these songs are dated, Dirty Duck Audio job did a fantastic job of compiling some first-rate productions that filtered into the stream of electro-house last year. With some golden collaborations from Lazy Rich and Hirshee and some top-notch releases from artists like

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Feb 082014
The Geek x Vrv - Greece Sunrise [Free Download]

In celebration of reaching five-thousand likes on their recently founded Facebook, France’s magnificent electronic duo The Geek x Vrv have unleashed a new freebie onto the plates of their exponentially growing fan base. ‘Greece Sunrise’ once again showcases their capacity to create a finely tuned,

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Feb 052014
Wave Racer - Streamers [Future Classic]

Australia is currently capturing the attention and ears of the electronic music community with an eruption of hundreds of talented up-and-coming producers. In the midst of that flood of talent is an emerging prolific figure, Wave Racer. Gracing listeners with a truly eclectic blend of

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Jan 272014
Bone N Skin - 15k EP [Free Download]

Back in the fall of ’13 we had pleasure of sharing 15k, an original production that was released by Bone N Skin in celebration of Most Addictive Records reaching fifteen thousand fans on Facebook. If you missed it, now’s a good chance to check it

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