Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Feb 112014
trog'low - Late Night Travels EP [Free Download]

Cult Classic Records has steadily filled the stream of music with enveloping productions from some of the underground’s most talented musical minds. The latest compilation to hit the label comes from Canada’s gifted beatmaker, trog’low. ‘Late Night Travels’ embodies his experiences traversing through his city’s

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Feb 082014
The Geek x Vrv - Greece Sunrise [Free Download]

In celebration of reaching five-thousand likes on their recently founded Facebook, France’s magnificent electronic duo The Geek x Vrv have unleashed a new freebie onto the plates of their exponentially growing fan base. ‘Greece Sunrise’ once again showcases their capacity to create a finely tuned,

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Feb 022014
Shag - Somnus LP [Free Download]

We’ve had the pleasure of following the sounds of Texas’s talented music maker, Shag. The brainchild of Ben Garside, Shag has provided a steady stream of hip-hop, jazz, funk and soul infused instrumental creations that consistently elevate your state of being to a plateau of

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Feb 022014
Favor - Christmas Stories EP [Free Download]

Though the season is long gone, the passing of Christmas can’t prevent you from enjoying some savory treats from “your friendly neighborhood beatmaker’, Favor. ‘Christmas Stories’ is Favor’s debut EP, a small collection of well-crafted jazzy beats that can be cycled onto your playlist regardless

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Feb 022014
Monkey Marginal Art - Art Jacking (Album) [Free Download]

Belgium’s Monkey Marginal Art recently put together a twenty-two track beat tape of productions from beatmakers across the European continent and beyond. The compilation encompasses a range of releases from some sample-based acts who may have caught your eye in some of our previous threads,

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Jan 272014
Moderator - Escape LP [Free Download]

Erupting out of the Mediterranean country of Greece, twenty-one-year-old beatmaker Moderator is cultivating sounds that is turning head and drawing the attention of sample based, instrumental hip-hop connoisseurs. His latest EP stormed the web earlier in the month via Cult Classic Records, delivering an arrangement

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Jan 272014
Rezonate - Prelude EP [Monstercat]

Hailing from Southern Ontario, Canada’s Nick Rennie, who goes by the musical moniker of Rezonate, has delivered a new EP on Monstercat that is not to be overlooked under any circumstances. Spanning five tracks, Rennie crafts a chilling compilation, appropriately described by an enveloping and

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