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2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Nov 072012

James Ruehlman, or better known under his alias of Mutrix, his been pretty busy over the past year. After dropping his first EP, he has been on a rise and gaining a lot of notoriety with the edm crowd, especially the Dubstep circles. One of the top guns of Dubstep, Datsik, has even dropped a few Mutrix tracks during his live sets.

Mutrix takes the already bass heavy Borgore track, that featured Miley Cyrus and turns it into another dubstep banger, that hits just as hard as the original. I might like this version a bit more because I can hear more of Miley in this one as well how more electroish this remix is. Give this track and listen, as well as the more recent release from Mutrix and you be the judge.


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