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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Foie Gras

Mar 302014

Reakte, AKA Max Schatz, a producer based in Berlin, Germany, has been producing with Ableton Live for two and a half years. Reakte’s musical scope is massive. His work as a whole is clean and endearing. Between his drum & bass and melodic house, rich savory rolling bass lines, pulsating syncopated keys and classic house percussive drive, Reakte persists in creating his own unique experience. For a producer to have such an extensive pallet and ability is inspirational and addictive. Berlin is a garden for brilliant and groundbreaking electronic music. Reakte is no exception; an artist who actively evolves the sound of todays most progressive genres.

Ice cold lemonade for the soul.

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Feb 092014

Boski AKA Tyler Casey, is an up and coming London based DJ and producer who has been pumping out progressively cleaner and tighter tracks as of late. Boski’s productions are characterized by big warping baselines, skippy garage percussion and clever vocal edits. With a keen interest in electronic music, Boski’s style takes influence from a variety of genres. An often dark, melodic and eclectic mix favoring techno elements, bouncy house and heavy bass make up Boski’s house sound. The combination of the classic synth lines, organic vocals and attentive percussive elements make for a well rounded and solid deep tech house sound if you will. Boski continues to impress, so keep an eye out for his new tracks such as ‘Can’t Stop’ in collaboration with Morri. Dank UK house tunes from a true lover of the craft.

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Nov 022013

Matrix & Futurebound from London and Liverpool, Britain, bring their intensely successful sound to listeners yet again. Not much needs to be said about these five star producers. They have been instrumental in crafting todays D&B sound and greatly inform the way the world hears and creates Drum & Bass. Jamie Quinn AKA “Matrix”, began his DJ and production life in the early 90’s in London, then starting in 2005 began collaborating with Brendan Collins AKA “Futurebound”. Since the beginning of their collaboration they have become one of the leading Drum & Bass producers and have reached massive mainstream success in the UK and across the world. This track brings a solid mix of deep bass sounds, intricate textural percussive bits, haunting vocals by Max Marshall and that classic Drum & Bass drum “sample” that makes the genre what it is. We’ll have to settle for this teaser until it’s released in late November. Big up to Matrix & Futurebound.

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Oct 222013

Dirtyphonics from Paris, take on Linkin Park’s track “Lies Greed Misery”. Dirtyphonics formed in 2004 and currently consists of 4 members: Charly, Thomas, Pho and Pitchin, who have been endowing the world of electro, dubstep and drum & bass with their massively filthy productions and remixes. Not enough can be said for the legendary California based, nu-metal and rap-rock group Linkin Park. They’ve been creating genre defying music since 1986. The combination of these two genre progressing collaborators bring forth something evil and equally delicious. This track is yet to be released. Thank you Soundcloud. Thank you Dirtyphonics.

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Oct 132013

Sub Focus time. Sub Focus, drum & bass, dub step & house producer from the UK, released this track on his debut album “Sub Focus” in 2009. This track is so timeless, hypnotic and driving, if anything its received with more respect now than at its release. We all know Sub Focus for his top notch work and this just hammers the nail back into the long buried coffin of respect for this producer. Timeless, deep and full on. All aspects a solid drum & bass track contains.


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Oct 092013

Not many words can describe the qualities of this remix, but one word comes to mind: Heavy. The original track “Sequenz” was produced by Neosignal from Hamburg, Germany, then remixed by Mefjus, who hails from Austria. The difference between the remix and original is exciting, to say the least. From the glitchy pop-esque original Mefjus transforms an already great track into a drum & bass high-speed chase. With high energy rises and glitchy and grungy drops, Mefjus’s take on this track is gold for any drum & bass connoisseur. Try not to enjoy too much…

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Oct 082013

Hailing from Gold Coast, Australia, Paces may be starting a new bass-music movement. With tracks combining the sounds of Trap, Future Garage, Future Bass, Trip Hop and Ghettotech, he is conceiving a brand new sound. His track, “Leave,” consists of, in his own words, “ukelele, 808 bass, garagey vibes and pitched down lady-vocals.” We’re not sure if this combination of music has ever been put together before, but if there’s one place that attempts it, it has got to be coming from an island in the pacific. Paces has incredible potential to create a new, original sound for the EDM and electronic music scene—something that many of us have been awaiting.

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Oct 082013

Sebastian Ahrenberg, AKA Seba, hails from the island of Ingarö in Sweden and brings with him some serious melodic and textural drum & bass with the help of Blu Mar Ten on this track. Seba’s first release, Sonic Winds, was released in ’95 while in collaboration with Lo-Tek, and in ’97 created the club and subsequent label “Secret Operations” in central Stockholm. Since then Seba has been producing and sharing his take on house and drum & bass with Scandinavia and the world. This track remixed by UK drum & bass monsters Blu Mar Ten, combines our notion of what drum & bass is and what it could be. Couldn’t ask for a better collaboration.


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Oct 082013

To launch us into the world of drum & bass we have for you a guttural gem from northern Estonia. “Insect”, a drum & bass producer, who from the age of 16 began exploring with electronic music production, has been creating dark pockets of etherial beats under the radar of most. Though this can be said, much less can be said other than his name is Vlad and he lives in a cold place on the Baltic sea. Drum & bass lies on the edge of chaos and control, bringing us on an uncertain journey closer to the unknown. This track is definitely up there with the freshest and cleanest drum & bass right now.

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Oct 072013

If you have not heard any of Claude VonStroke’s music by now, you are in for some fresh sounds. Before you go and listen to his latest album, Urban Animal, make sure you check out his sophomore, full-length album, Bird Brain, to set yourself up for an exciting first impression. Drawing liberally from people like Paul Kalkbrenner and Ellen Allien, the San Francisco based producer solders ascending vocoder bars over pumping kicks, sliding in a buzzer-beating nominee for freshest album of 2009.

Overall, this is an easy collection to love. VonStroke—Barclay Crenshaw to his notary public—has a clear agenda here: Put the 415 area code back on house’s speed dial. With track titles like “California” and “Bay Area” coupled with a kick-heavy kit and a playfully old-school sample arsenal, he’s also doffing his hat to the days when DJ Shadow was king.

Our personal favorite track on the album is “Bay Area.” In trying to define the genre of this track, we came up with “Deep-Trap,” because it has elements of deep-house sounds and progression, as well as chill 808 drums that we find common in trap. Only with further research we learned that “Bay Area” is actually defined as “Ghettotech” by Claude VonStroke himself. This opened up a whole new genre and world of sound for us—we cannot wait to share more! So, go listen to Bird Brain, and then you should be ready for some of the freshest sounds that Urban Animal provides.

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