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Carlos V

Apr 022014

Lo and behold the initial line-up for New York’s premiere music and arts festival, The Hudson Project, which is set to take place on Winston Farm in Saugerties, against the scenic backdrop of the picturesque Catskill Mountains in NY between July 11-13, The Hudson Project is brought to you by MCP Presents and is conveniently located a short distance from New York City and adjacent, major metropolitan areas across the Northeast. What is even better? Hudson is one of the few festivals this year that gives you a good look at the line-up before you buy tickets, so feast your eyes on the initial line-up announcement that stormed the web today.

Sitting at the top of the billing is a diverse selection of headliners like Modest Mouse, Bassnectar, Flaming Lips, and Kendrick Lamar. But the goods don’t end there. Row after row of artists you’ll find that The Hudson Project has selected and scheduled some of the most seasoned performers and up-and-coming acts in the sphere of music to kick off the inaugural festival. From fast rising acts like Lindsay Lowend and Kygp to well-established veterans like Nightmares on Wax (Live) and Moby, Hudson Project is the ultimate amalgamation of rich musical diversity, culture, and experience.

Hudson has promised 85 “genre-defying musical acts on 4 stages”, an interactive performance area to supplement its main music stages, large scale art installations, an art village, an exquisite offering of gourmet foods, wine, craft beers, and specialty cocktails from the Hudson Valley area. Tickets go on sale Friday, April 4th at 11AM EST, and Hudson will be releasing a wide selection of ticketing options. With 85 artists confirmed for the line-up, the 65 announced should be more than enough to incentivize you to secure your spot in this year’s music festival history. Be sure to browse through the various ticketing options to find the one that is best for you. Vehicle passes and shuttle passes are available as listed. Earlier tiers always go fast to act quickly. Again, tickets go on sale Friday, April 4th at 11AM EST here.

UPDATED: Ticketing Info:

  • Innovator 3-Day General Admission: $185 SOLD OUT
    • Innovator 3-Day General Admission with camping: $215 SOLD OUT
  • Early Adapter 3-Day General Admission: $199 Buy Now (More Info)
    • Early Adapter 3-Day General Admission with camping: $229 Buy Now (More Info)
  • Mainstream 3-Day General Admission: $225 Coming Soon
    • Mainstream 3-Day General Admission with camping: $255 Coming Soon
  • 3-Day VIP with Camping Package Tier 1: $449 SOLD OUT
  • 3-Day VIP Platinum with Camping Package Tier 1: $749 SOLD OUT
  • Glamping Packages
  • Parking Passes: Buy Now
  • Shuttle Passes: Buy Now

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Apr 022014

From the duo that brought you the fiery remixes of James Brown’s ‘People Get U’ and Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Wish’, Canada’s WET PAINT returns with yet another tasty finger-lickin remix. Reworking Pharrell’s ‘Lost Queen’ track off his recent G I R L album, WET PAINT tactfully adds a new vibrance to the original with an uplifting flow of watery melodies that trickle over a stream of bouncy percussive elements and inventive and musical use of vocal samples from the original. In typical WET PAINT fashion, the remix is up for grabs and is the perfect release to lure you into the swing of spring time weather.

Download Here

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Apr 022014

Swiss producer Philipp Gerber, aka Kredo, has been catching speed within the electronic music community for a couple years now. Those familiar with Kredo know very well that the producer has expanded his following by creating a stream of free content fueled by his eclectic style and polished sound, which caters to electronic music listeners of all sorts. Earlier this month, Kredo revealed his new side project, Mother Brain, a project “dedicated to deliver free quality music”. The first release Gerber straps under his belt as Mother Brain is a hypnotizing electronic cover of atl-J’s ‘Breezeblocks’. Using no original samples, Gerber delivers an astonishing display of musicianship, playing all the instruments heard within the track, in addition to performing and recording the vocal sections. Snag it up for free and stay up to date with Mother Brain’s forthcoming release via SoundCloud and Facebook.

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Apr 022014

Just when you thought another act couldn’t emerge from France’s bubbling pool of talented electronic music producers, another name surfaces with an allure that can’t be resisted. Meet Asdek, a Montpellier based duo who has been steadily pumping out an array of savory house flavored remixes ripe for the picking. Their most recent remix takes the form of a twist on Aloe Blacc’s widely popular hit ‘I Need A Dollar’. If you thought you’ve heard enough remixes of Blacc’s original, what you have yet to hear is the deep and musically enveloping take on the track by Asdek. Soothing, thought-proving, and emotionally mesmerizing, Asdek reinvent the original with a rich and mouth-watering electronic feel.

Download Here

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Apr 022014

Simplify Recordings has remained at the forefront of electronic music labels, constantly uprooting new sounds and talent from the underground to be heard by the masses. The latest bass monstrosity to be unleashed by the label goes by the moniker The Monster, a recently formed duo comprised of Spain based producer Vendetta and D.Beam. Their latest single to be featured on Simplify will hit home for any mid-tempo connoisseur who revels in bouncy crisp beats, forceful breakdowns, and the tasteful interjection of melody within a gritty soundscape. The Monster’s self titled single is complimented by some equally staggering remixes from Jumo Daddy, Samples, and Beauty Brain.

Download Here

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Mar 312014

Rising the ranks with a fervent musical drive and a formidable sound, the collaborative efforts of kinsmen Christopher Lunde & Niklas Lunde has landed Lunde Bros. in the limelight of electronic music. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, the Scandinavian duo has quickly gained the support and recognition from some of electronic music’s most renowned figures like Pete Tong, Erick Morillo, and David Guetta.

With an all new compilation on John Dahlbäck’s Mutants Records under their belt, Lunde Bros. is posed to capture the attention and support of the electronic music’s most devout and new listeners with a surge of crisp, galvanizing, and shuddering 128bpm productions which they so tactfully craft in quick succession. Those new to the name, acquaint yourself with one of 2014’s most promising electronic music presences as the Lunde Bros. were kind enough to chat with us about their latest compilation on Mutants Records, deluxe Swedish dining, and their hopes for who picks up the World Cup trophy in Brazil this year.

HT: There are too many electronic music producers and DJs to name that have come from Sweden who have risen to stardom. Do you two ever attribute any of your success and influence to the fact that you grew up in a place that was bubbling with so much talent?

LB: No, we don’t think that we are so Swedish with our style. One thing that could be positive to be Swedish and producing in Sweden is the cold and dark weather. Then you have to do something fun and making music is one thing.

HT: Looking back, is there a specific, detailed moment or experience in your home country where both of you of realized that producing and DJing in the electronic music arena was the path you wanted to pursue?

LB: We realized quite fast during our first gigs that we got great reactions on the dancefloor, so it was almost like a “meant to be” moment. But of course with a lot of hard work, and we have never took a thing for granted.

HT: In regards to production, why did you two gravitate toward Logic and not a DAW like Ableton?

LB: We have tried all DAWs during our music education and we have felt that Logic is the most natural DAW to produce music.

HT: Beatport has time and time again miscategorized releases into genres that they really shouldn’t be in. There is so much genre overlap in electronic music it is almost irrelevant to dump releases into one genre, but do you two identify your sound with progressive house? The majority of your releases on Beatport fall into that category though a lot of them sound much too heavy to be labeled as such.

LB: Categorizing music today is really hard and we actually dont want to categorize our own productions. We try to be in between all genres so if we had to categorize our own music it should be to the Lunde Bros. genre.

How much planning went behind compiling the Mutants Records compilation? Can you to talk about what it represents, and how the selections and original productions reflect on your current standing as artists?

LB: It took about two weeks of planning and mixing the compilation. We wanted to make a different compilation with a new way of thinking and style. For us this compilation represent us as artists very well cause it is so wide in style and groovy.

Would you happily steer the reigns of Mutants Records if it was handed over to you guys?

LB: Mutants Records is a really cool label and if we would get the chance to work more with them we would take it for sure.

You two have gained support during performances from some major players in the industry like Hardwell, Guetta, and Romero. Do you two hope to get Lunde Bros. onto large international stages to play out your own tracks, and how do plan to attain that level of success?

LB: Of course! The plan is to work really hard and follow our own path to get there.

If you were speaking with someone who has never been to Sweden before but loves electronic music, what is the best club for someone to indulge in when visiting Stockholm for the first time?

LB: There is a bunch of cool clubs in Stockholm and it all depends on in what mood, taste and how drunk you are.

With Brazil coming around the corner so soon, who are you guys hoping picks up the FIFA World Cup Trophy in July?

LB: Zlatan!

Favorite and worst dinning experiences you two have had on the road thus far?

LB: We have had some really nice dinners and some bad. One of the best dinners we had was in Åre, in Sweden. We went to a restaurant called Supper which is just amazing!

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Photo Credit: Oskar Brewitz

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Mar 312014

New Zealand’s Jp.Moa never ceases to astonish us when his latest material sees the light of day. The Plasmapool represented artists sits on one of the most diverse electronic music catalog’s though he shines when it comes to electro-house. ‘Feel’s Like Heaven’ is a taste of electro gold, and Jp. Moa strikes the surface from above with a celestial explosion of glimmering melodies and a galvanizing breakdown that will put a stutter in your step. Those new to Jp. Moa, this is one of the many hidden gems in electronic music that should not be overlooked.

Download Here

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Mar 302014

A breath of fresh air in the current stream of electronic music, The Geek x Vrv have been steadily providing us with a balanced array of productions that fully embrace and tactfully blend funk, jazz, soul, hip-hop and electronic soundscapes. With an ever-growing catalog of polished and savory releases, the French duo is very soon set to release the third installment to their B.T.O.S series. If you missed ‘Volume 2‘, be sure to check it out as it’ll provide some insight as to what to expect when Volume 3 storm the web. For an even deeper look into what the new B.T.O.S compilation has in store, delve into ‘Midnight Thoughts’, a truly melodically uplifting hip-hop instrumental the highlights the sheer musical talent that The Geek x Vrv harbor and manifest into gems like this.

Download Here

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Mar 302014

Scandanavian beatmaker YLWFRND (pronounced “Yellowfriend”) recently compiled and released an EP of productions which he considers to be “forgotten beats, drafts and ideas.” Cycling through four instrumental productions, YLWFRND’s ‘We Still Reminisce’ masterfully merges gentle percussion with a romantic flood of melodies and creates a euphoric medley of harmonies and amalgamation of sounds that work effortlessly to quell nervous excitation and ease you into a sphere of unaltered musical bliss.

Download Here

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Mar 302014

Tributes to the legendary J.Dill will probably never cease to exist and as long as his impact and presence continues to circulate throughout the hip-hop instrumental community, there will always be musical eulogies erected in memoriam of the great beakmaker. Millennium Jazz Music recently compiled a short but sweet beatape made possible by the contributions of several talented producers, many of which have shared a spot on our thread in the past. The compilation is available for purchase via Bandcamp and is fitted to suit your everyday needs. When the body and mind call for a series productions that exert soothing and calming essence, ‘Ruff Graft’ will answer to that call in an exceptional fashion.

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