Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Carlos V

May 212014

Brazil’s seasoned beat-maker NeguimBeats recently debuted a sultry new EP on Darker Than Wax titled ‘Six Days of Love’. The six track compilation has been catching speed throughout the week among downtempo, trip-hop, hip-hop and bass music listeners alike. ‘Side Classic’ is stand-out track from the EP with its priceless, enveloping vocal sample, jovial, bouncy piano riffs and polished beat. The release is up for free and if you’re left yearning more, delve into the full scope of the EP below. ‘Six Days of Love’ can be picked up for free of charge if you’d like to secure its place in your music library.

Download ‘Six Days of Love’ Here

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May 212014

Narrating one of the richest musical dialogues in the chambers of downtempo and trip-hop, The Moderator has returned to Cult Classic Records with a new, flooring LP, ‘As The Lights Fade‘. The album arrives as a new addition to his “MODulations” series and is packed with a deluxe assortment of remastered and reworked productions. From the melancholic guitar licks and soothing beat of ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘Feeling Blue’, to the seductively smooth and jazzy swing of ‘Soothing Night’ and ‘Mod’s Jazz’, The Moderator’s latest compilation offers an infallible cure for daily stresses with pacifying and psychologically uplifting vibrations. Courtesy of Cult Classic Records, ‘As The Lights Fade’ can be pick up for free or for a generous donation.

Download Here

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May 152014

Emerging out of The Lone Star state, Ben Garside, aka Shag, is rapidly evolving into a highly versatile and seasoned beatmaker. Garside has been steadily adding a number of projects to his already diverse and polished catalog of releases and if this is your first introduction to Shag, the Texan producer is a go-to source for well-crafted trip-hop, downtempo productions. ‘Really This Time’ is a thought-provoking auditory journey through some of Shag’s most recent musical works, traversing through soulful samples, smooth baselines, and gentle percussive elements. The album is just one of twenty-seven compilations cumulatively put together by Garside that originates from hip-hop, jazz, soul, and funk influences. If you’re introduction to Shag begins here, dive into the depths of this album and others to experience the musical riches of Shag’s tranquilizing and evocative compositions.

Download Here

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May 152014

While hip-hop instrumental productions are often short and sound simple to your ears, be careful not to underestimate the effect they can have on your mood; it is often paramount. Embedded in the simplicity of productions like Soulless’s ‘Just Chillin” is a reminder that music doesn’t always have to contain layers of mind-boggling musical complexities to be worth-while. Hailing from the Russian capital of Moscow, Soulless wields a sophisticated blade of musical knowledge that slice through the smallest traces of psychological unrest with uplifting floods of abstract, hip-hop styled productions. Ideal for almost every situation, Soulless productions ooze with a succulent arrangement of flavorful samples, pacifying beats, and hypnotic instrumentation – far from the mundane. ‘Just Chillin” is merely a small glance into the scope of the beatmaker’s talents and should not be omitted from any musical library. Download the release for free for continuous listening pleasure.

Free Download

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Apr 072014

In an effort to raise funds to release his first, official album, Canada’s JNL has compiled a compilation of some of his previously released material and rare musical gems, and has generously tossed them up in return for donations of any amount. For those not familiar with the name, JNL has garnered a dedicated following by providing a steady and consistent stream of priceless electronic compositions that seamlessly blend elements of French house, funk, and disco into eclectic and juicy productions. ‘From The Blog’ is the second “pre album release” compilation that cycles through twenty-three must have “refunks”, collaborations, and original productions that each and every funk, disco house aficionado should get their hands on.

Download & Donate Here

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Apr 072014

Lo and behold the latest installment to UK visionary LAXX’s fire starting catalog: ‘Step Two’. Out now via Never Say Die Records, ‘Step Two’ showcases LAXX’s impressive grasp of how to craft anthemic and ground-trembling electronic productions, which resonate with a flavor able to be consumed and savored across the wide spectrum of electronic music listeners. The four track compilation aptly rivals sounds filtering into and circulating within the realm of trap, though LAXX denominates his productions with a categorization of his own: “Twitch”. Categorize it as you wish, but LAXX tactfully delivers a complex and polished blend of heavy-hitting tracks that are crafted with an equal capacity to wreak havoc on any dance-floor they are set loose on. Pair one of these originals with the monstrous MUST DIE! remix of ‘Brainbug’, and you get a quaking eruption of bass cradled vibrations streamlined straight into your ears.

Download Here

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Apr 072014

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, Guillermo Gonzalez, who goes my the moniker of Pyramyth in the realm of electronic music, has breached the surfaced with his long-awaited EP, ‘Pharaoh’. Following up on his massive Simplify Recordings ‘Heavy EP’, ‘Pharaoh’ arrives on the shelves as Gonzalez’s longest solo compilation to date. Packed with a sultry and explosive blend of bass flavors from beginning to end, ‘Pharaoh’ calls out to the most ardent glitch-hop fanatics, and offers them a passage to traverse through a whirlwind of four monstrous and incendiary mid-tempo productions.

Download Here

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Apr 072014

From the brilliant mind that brought the intoxicating and uplifting remix of Les Loups’s ‘Change’ Vanilla shines through the electronic music filter again with an engulfing remix of French house artist Vallès’s ‘St. Lucia’. The remix debuted earlier this year on Neonized Records as part of a six track EP, which features this savory Vanilla ‘St. Lucia’ spin that will endlessly feed the needs of funk craving house, electronic music consumers and will without a prompt you to overindulge in its musical essence.

Download Here

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Apr 022014

The season for music to return to Colorado’s renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater is right around the corner and now is the time to start freeing up your calendar. One of Colorado’s most established music events, Global Dance Festival, is returning to the Centennial State for a three day run with some of the most high profile electronic music artists in the industry. The first phase of the line-up has been revealed, landing acts like Zedd, Adventure Club, and Destroid at the top of roster. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Global Dance has filled up the lower rows of the line-up with some top-tier acts like Wolfgang Gartner, Savant, Showtek, Andy C, ETC! ETC! and many more. The second phase of the line-up has yet to be revealed but don’t sleep on this. Tickets go on sale next week, Wednesday the 9th of April, at a starting price of $99 for 3-day GA passes and $250 for 3-day VIP passes, and they are bound to sell out fast.

Ticketing Info:

  • General Admission 3-Day Passes:
    Tier 1 – $99, Tier 2 – $120, Tier 3 – $150, Tier 4 – $180
  • VIP 3-Day Passes:
    Tier 1 – $250, Tier 2 – $300
  • Discounted Hotel Rates
  • Buy Tickets Here (Tickets on Sale April 9th 12PM MDT)

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